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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 11000 listed applications.

Program Version Date Category
Hatari (Mac)
The only Atari emulator for OS X emulating the whole ST family: ST, E, TT, Mega ST, Falcon. Flexible RAM configuration, support for Pasti (STX) disk images, MIDI (since 2.1.0).
Hatari (PC) 2.3.12020-12-27Emulators
Done and Dusted 2020-12-24Demos
Vision 4.8a12020-12-11Image editing
GFA-Basic Editor 3.702020-12-09Programming languages
L'Abbaye des Morts 1.0.02020-12-09Games
EmuTOS 1.0.12020-12-06System
AHCC 6.02020-11-27Programming languages
HD-Driver 11.042020-11-17System
Athanor II - The Legend of The Birdmen 2020-11-16Games
Randomazer 1.012020-11-14Games
PH PDF beta Beta 42020-11-13Office
TTrak Beta 1.022020-11-08Music/MIDI
Steem SSE 4.0.22020-10-11Emulators
Compo512WashDryRepeatFiller 2020-10-10Demos
Kako Milo 2020-10-10Demos
Trans D-Bug Express 1.052020-10-09Utility
ymphibian 2020-08-23Demos
Toop 2020-08-22Games
ORCS 2.182020-08-13Programming languages
ORCS (Windows) 2.182020-08-13Programming languages
Even Worse Intro 2020-08-11Demos
Music Collection 2020-08-11Demos
The Interview 2020-08-11Demos
JOY 1.12020-08-03Demos
ARAnymmulti 2020-07-15System
Darwins Dilemma 1.12020-07-04Demos
Fullast Vinner 2020-07-04Demos
It's That Time Of The Year Again 2020-07-04Demos
MindBender 2020-07-04Demos
MonaST 2020-07-04Demos
Police Quest 2 Cracktro 2020-07-04Demos
Pulse (Final Version) 2020-07-04Demos
Serial 2020-07-04Demos
She Danced To Tainted Love 2020-07-04Demos
Unstatik 2020-07-04Demos
Dark Fortress 2020-06-04Games
PH Weather 2.72020-05-25Internet
The 50Hz Stare 1.012020-05-24Demos
NyanCat GEM 0.982020-05-23Demos
PHF Rally 2020-05-23Games
Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur 2020-04-29Games
CPX-Basic 1.202020-04-05Programming languages
En Vogue 1.102020-03-27Internet
HomePage Penguin 3.062020-03-27Internet
HTML-Help 2.602020-03-24Internet
The Curse of Rabenstein 2020-03-19Games
Coffee 6.242020-03-16Hobby
Enhanced Character Interpreter 2.402020-03-16Hobby
Eliza 1.512020-03-15Hobby
Milanopoly 0.612020-03-15Games
VTrainer 1.012020-03-15Science & Education
Kon-ton 1.012020-03-12Hobby
Alert Help 2.2.12020-03-11Programming languages
Caveman Translator 1.012020-03-11Hobby
Equation Calculation 1.612020-03-11Science & Education
NervBox 1.012020-03-11Hobby
spareCALC 1.152020-03-07Utility
Kronos 2.032020-03-01Utility
Program Version / Date Added Category
FALCON.BOS 31/01/2021System
Sandrine 4.5 1999-10-15 31/01/2021System
GFA Expert 31/01/2021Programming languages
Nostram 31/01/2021Games
MiNT Source 1.04 31/01/2021System
Mouse Trap (Falcon) 31/01/2021Games
355 Vektorgrafiken 31/01/2021
Deutsche Gesetze als ASCII-Texte 30/01/2021
StarPlayer 3.42 30/01/2021Music/MIDI
GFA GDOS 30/01/2021Programming languages
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