Atari Emulators

Atari ST emulators are available for almost every system. Some are optimized for games and demos (SainT, STeem), while others are portable (Hatari) or developed to run applications (Aranym).

Program Version Date
 Atari ST emulators for Amiga 
Hatari (Amiga OS) 1.8.02015-02-16
STonX 1.02004-01-13
 Atari ST emulators for Android 
Hataroid 1.8502018-09-13
SToid 1.52013-01-29
 Atari ST emulators for BeOS 
ARAnyM 0.8.0b1
Hatari (BeOS) 0.50
 Atari ST emulators for DoPE/Drops 
 Atari ST emulators for Dreamcast 
DCaSTaway 2015-03-15
 Atari ST emulators for GP32 
CaSTaway/GP 132013-08-12
 Atari ST emulators for Java 
 Atari ST emulators for JavaScript 
EstyJs 2013-01-01
 Atari ST emulators for Macs 
ARAnyM/Mac 1.1.02019-04-14
AtariX 2018-03-04
Hatari (Mac) 2.2.12019-02-09
MagiCMac 6.1.52011-02-27
MagiCMac X 2.0
NoSTalgia 1.522015-06-03
Power ST 0.3
 Atari ST emulators for Nintendo consoles 
STYXDS 0.2a2007-03-20
 Atari ST emulators for Palm OS 
CaSTaway/Palm 1.1.22014-01-04
 Atari ST emulators for PlayStation 
CaSTaway/PSP 006
Hatari/PlayStation 3 1.6.12012-03-11
 Atari ST emulators for Raspberry PI 
ARAnyM/PI 1.0.22014-10-17
RaspARI 0.32014-05-25
 Atari ST emulators for RiscPC 
Hatari (RiscOS) 0.90
STem 2.022012-10-13
 Atari ST emulators for Sharp Zaurus 
Hatari (Zaurus) 0.502014-07-25
 Atari ST emulators for Unix 
ARAnyM 1.1.02019-04-14
CaSTaway 0.9.22012-12-04
Hatari 0.95
XSTeem 3.22014-10-24
 Atari ST emulators for DOS-PCs 
Echo 0.6b
FAST 0.41a2011-06-23
PaCifiST 0.49b2011-10-18
TOSBOX 1.10a2010-09-26
 Atari ST emulators for Windows CE 
CaSTaway CE 1.012013-02-01
 Atari ST emulators for Windows PCs 
ARAnyM 1.1.02019-04-14
CaSTaway 0.9.22012-12-04
Gemulator 2000 9.02008-11-30
Hatari (PC) 2.2.12019-02-09
MagiCPC 6.11999-10-07
SainT 2.402015-12-12
STeem 3.22014-10-24
Steem SSE 3.7.32015-12-11
STEmulator 1.67
STew 1.02010-10-12
TOS2WIN 2.0sp2.5
WinSTon 0.5
 Atari ST emulators - Tools 
FloImg 1.01
50 Programs total.