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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 11000 listed applications.

Program Version Date Category
GFA-Basic Editor
GBE is short for 'GFA-Basic Editor'. It's fully compatible with v3.x tokenized files and offers many new features, most importantly multi-tasking. Work on documentation, resource files, or whatever without ever having to exit the editor. It's a full IDE, meaning there's no need for the old MENU.PRG shell that was used for compiling. Everything can be done from GBE. It supports building 68K and Coldfire V4E binaries regardless of the host machine. This is accomplished via two separate libraries. The entire GFA manual is included and GBE provides context sensitive help via ST-Guide.
3.712021-05-17Programming languages
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge STe 1.02021-04-10Games
Voc! 0.62PL12021-04-10Science & Education
BALLSHMD 2021-04-07Demos
STE Slides Volume 1 2021-04-05Demos
Dragon 1K 2021-04-04Demos
Square V2 2021-04-03Demos
Kronos 2.502021-03-31Utility
Bitch, I'm flashy! 2021-03-13Demos
Chess64hi 2021-03-13Demos
Pink Chopper 2021-03-13Demos
HD-Driver 11.062021-02-27System
Silk Dust 0.3.32021-02-25Games
The Queen's Footsteps 1.1.12021-02-25Games
M_Player 4.092021-02-09Image editing
The Star Wars Demo 2021-01-17Demos
Happy New Year from HMD 2021-01-01Demos
Hatari (Mac) 2.3.12020-12-27Emulators
Hatari (PC) 2.3.12020-12-27Emulators
Done and Dusted 2020-12-24Demos
Vision 4.8a12020-12-11Image editing
L'Abbaye des Morts 1.0.02020-12-09Games
EmuTOS 1.0.12020-12-06System
AHCC 6.02020-11-27Programming languages
Athanor II - The Legend of The Birdmen 2020-11-16Games
Randomazer 1.012020-11-14Games
PH PDF beta Beta 42020-11-13Office
TTrak Beta 1.022020-11-08Music/MIDI
Zamboozal Poker Dice 1.22020-11-04Games
Steem SSE 4.0.22020-10-11Emulators
Compo512WashDryRepeatFiller 2020-10-10Demos
Kako Milo 2020-10-10Demos
Trans D-Bug Express 1.052020-10-09Utility
ymphibian 2020-08-23Demos
Toop 2020-08-22Games
ORCS 2.182020-08-13Programming languages
ORCS (Windows) 2.182020-08-13Programming languages
Even Worse Intro 2020-08-11Demos
Music Collection 2020-08-11Demos
The Interview 2020-08-11Demos
JOY 1.12020-08-03Demos
ARAnymmulti 2020-07-15System
Fast Bobs 2020-07-14Demos
Darwins Dilemma 1.12020-07-04Demos
Fullast Vinner 2020-07-04Demos
It's That Time Of The Year Again 2020-07-04Demos
MindBender 2020-07-04Demos
MonaST 2020-07-04Demos
Police Quest 2 Cracktro 2020-07-04Demos
Pulse (Final Version) 2020-07-04Demos
Serial 2020-07-04Demos
She Danced To Tainted Love 2020-07-04Demos
Unstatik 2020-07-04Demos
Program Version / Date Added Category
A Fraction Better 13/06/2021Science & Education
Cloze In 13/06/2021Science & Education
PLOT (University of Kent) 5.1 13/06/2021Science & Education
Math Calc 13/06/2021Science & Education
Maths Test 13/06/2021Science & Education
Learn your Times Tables 1989-07-01 13/06/2021Science & Education
Let's Spell 1st 500 Intro 1992-11-10 13/06/2021Science & Education
Dizzy Fun Time 1 & 2 1991-01-01 13/06/2021Science & Education
Word Extract 1.20 13/06/2021Science & Education
Anagrams 13/06/2021Science & Education
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