Role playing games

Many popular role-playing series (Ultima, AD&D) were released for the Atari ST. The most popular RPG however was ST exclusive for a while: Dungeon Master was one of the most popular ST games.

Program Version Date
Abandoned Places 1: A Time for
Amberstar 1992
Annex 1995
Bann von Doodebroode I 1992
Bann von Doodebroode II 1993
BattleTech 1988
Champions of Krynn
Corporation 1990
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Death Knights of Krynn 1991
Dragonflight 1990
Dragons of Flame 1989
Dungeon Lord
Dweabys Quest 1988
Fate Master
Hard Nova
Hero Quest 1991-01-01
Hillsfar 1.1
Kalawaum 2.01992-10-25
Lands of Fantasy 1996-04-15
Lap of the Gods 1993
Legend of Fairghail 1990
Let Sleeping Gods Lie 1989-01-01
Mythos 1.11993
Paths of Glory
Projekt Terra 1991
Robinsons Requiem
Sandor 1989
Secret of the Silver Blades 1991
Seven Little Horrors 1988
Shadow Sorcerer 1991
Space 1889
Star Command 1988
Sword of Kadash 1985
The Bloody Blade 1989
The Curse of Azriel
The World of Quest 1993
Times of Lore 1988
Towers II 1.2c1995
Wiliness 1.0b
 RPG (2D) 
Angband 1989
Asgard 1987
Autoduel 1986
Demon's Winter 1.01989
Disciples of Steel 1991
Eden Blues
Gold of the Realm 1988
Lords of Chaos 1990
Paladin 1989
Phantasie I
Phantasie II
Phantasie III 1987-01-01
Questron II 1988
Rings of Medusa 1990-01-01
Rings of Zilfin 1987
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress 1985-09-25
Ultima III: Exodus 1986
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar 1987
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny 1990
Ultima VI: The False Prophet 1990
Universe II 1986
Universe III 1989
Wizard Warz 1987-01-01
Wizard's Crown 1987
Ynis Witrin - Isle of Glass 1991
 RPG (3D) 
Adventures of Robin Hood 1991
Alien Fires 2199 AD 1987
Alternate Reality: The City 1986
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
Anoraks of Doom 1.011995
Arcan 1993
Chaos Strikes Back
Crystals of Arborea 1990
Dark Stone Ritual 1992
DGEM 1.22016-01-31
Dungeon Master
Fate - Gates of Dawn
Galdregon's Domain 1988
Ishar I - Legend of the Fortress
Ishar II - Messengers of Doom
Ishar III - The Seven Gates of Infinity
Legends of Valour 1992
Midwinter 1989
Midwinter II - Flames of Freedom 1991
Nishiran 1995
Realm of Reality
Shadowlands 1992
The Bard's Tale I 1987
The Bard's Tale II 1988
The Dark Wars
The Mystic Well
Walls of Illusion 1993
Xenomorph 1990
Alien 1990
Allein in Eritra
Anderwelten 1.3
Ararnyn 1990
Ararnyn II 1990
Das Geheimnis von Midgard 1991
Das gläserne Schwert
Das Taschentuch
Die große Flut 1.01
Die Meister der Dimensionen
Die Stadt der Dichter
Die Wiederkehr des Zauberers
Eine fast wahre Geschichte 1991
Expedition nach Vartoria
Fürsten der Finsternis
Grab von Manuelos
Jenseits des Flusses
Rat der Weisen
Schatten über Rhodin
Über Nedimor
 RPG - Rogue-like 
Hack ST 1.03
Hero 1.01988
NetHack 3.4.1
Rogue 1986
Rogue II - Return to the Dungeon 1986
Unix Moria 5.22
134 Programs total.