Mario's Quest

Silly Software

Program Role Version Date
Gin Rummy Publisher/Developer 1996-01-01
Grannie's Garden Developers 1994-01-01
Major Bumsore And His Dancing Teeth Developers 1994-01-01
Mobsters City Developers 1994-01-01
Murder On The Dairy Express Developers 1994-01-01
Silly Games Developers 1994-01-01
Silly Reels Developers 1994-01-01
STOS Graphic Adventure Creator Developers 1994-01-01
Beer Monster Developers 1993-01-01
Mario's Quest Developers 1993-01-01
STOS Adventure Creator Developers 1992-01-01
The Heavy Bunch Developers 1.031992-01-01
Bangman Developers
Chase the Troll Developers
Choo Choo Shoe Shoot Developers
Go Troll Developers
Mummy's Playtime Developers
Grafix Art Developers
Haunted House Developers
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Puree C