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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 14000 listed applications.

New Atari applications released in the last 12 months

Program Version Date Category
When it is about a driver for hard disk drives, removable media drives or memory cards, for more than 20 years Atari users have relied on HDDRIVER. HDDRIVER supports all fully Atari compatibles and numerous software emulators. With HDDRIVER you can use any hard disk drive, removable media drive or memory card that can be connected to the Atari. With many optical drives DVD-RAM, DVD+RW or BD-RE media can also be used for storing data.
Demoscene Logo Gallery Cover - a tribute to Atari 8bits 2022-05-01Demos
4K-Memories 2022-04-17Demos
Basilisk II 2022-04-08Emulators
Gubbdata Invitro 2022-04-02Demos
The (Fucking) (Complex) Art of Profanity 2022-04-02Demos
Randominer 2022-03-05Games
PH gCalendar 1.02022-02-20Office
Forth 0.2.12022-02-14Programming languages
Colorful Boxes 2022-02-13Demos
Frames per byte 2022-02-12Demos
Mini Tridi Demo 2022-02-12Demos
Fantasy Elders - Book Two 2022-02-02Demos
Fantasy Elders - Book One 2022-01-30Demos
OpenWeather 0.82022-01-10Internet
Dangerous Mission 2022-01-09Games
Vision 4.9b22022-01-03Image editing
Happy New Year 2022 2022-01-01Demos
Synth Sweeps and MPC Beats 2022-01-01Demos
ImgView 1.02021-12-25Image editing
Old Towers 0.382021-12-25Games
Buddingh 0.72021-12-23Hobby
Merry Christmas - VCCC2021 2021-12-23Demos
The Errand Boy 2021-12-19Games
128 Bytes Fullscreen 2021-12-11Demos
128-Full 2021-12-11Demos
Already Five 2021-12-11Demos
Dune_255 2021-12-11Demos
Game On 2021-12-11Demos
Hong Kong 97 2021-12-11Games
Julio 1kleasis 2021-12-11Demos
Lapamato 2021-12-11Demos
Little -ME- Demo 2021-12-11Demos
Silly Invaders 2021-12-11Games
The First Twist 2021-12-11Demos
GFA-Basic Editor 3.722021-12-09Programming languages
TTF-GDOS 2.32021-09-16System
Fantasy Masters - 0x0A - Jim Burns 2021-09-08Demos
More 1.12021-08-26Demos
2149 2021-08-21Demos
3NPLUS1 2021-08-21Demos
FirST Love 2021-08-21Demos
Game Over 2021-08-21Demos
ifsST 2021-08-21Demos
Love1985 2021-08-21Demos
M_Player 4.232021-08-21Video
MPC In Dalarna 2021-08-21Demos
Ninja Trap (Ninja Torappu) 2021-08-21Games
Treasure In Cave 2021-08-21Games
unlimitedST 2021-08-21Demos
MyAeS 0.982021-08-19System
miniPack 2021-07-22System
EmuTOS 1.1.12021-07-19System
Steem SSE 4.12021-07-16Emulators
A Link Between Worlds 2021-07-10Demos
Bread and Circuses 2021-07-10Demos
Crowd Teaser 2021-07-10Demos
dragonST 2021-07-10Demos
Flexiscroll 2021 2021-07-10Demos
Fruit is Great! 2021-07-10Demos
Helvetin HyttysiƤ 2021-07-10Demos
No Signal 2021-07-10Demos
Pause 2021-07-10Demos
Renegade Breakdown 2021-07-10Demos
Shades of Circuits 2021-07-10Demos
Sommarhack 1991 Best Of 2021-07-10Demos
Spin176 2021-07-10Demos
The Truth Hurts 2021-07-10Demos
twiSTy 2021-07-10Demos
Unbelievable 2021-07-10Demos
Program Version / Date Added Category
Who's That Girl 21/06/2022Demos
La Isla Bonita 1988-07-04 21/06/2022Demos
Axel F. 1988-03-18 21/06/2022Demos
Pet Shop Boys Remix 1988-01-26 21/06/2022Demos
Everlasting Love 1988-01-26 21/06/2022Demos
Austausch 2.0 1988-03-19 17/06/2022Office
Testbild (Brenzinger) 17/06/2022System
Trickkiste 1987-01-01 17/06/2022Programming languages
Public Domain Format 1987-01-01 17/06/2022Utility
RS_Speed 1.4 1993-07-01 16/06/2022System
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