Poker Machine

The best ever computer implementation of the card game Poker. It comes complete with stereo soundtrack and effects throughout. You start off with 10 credits and place a bet of 1 to 5 credits per deal (can be changed between deals). Assuming you get three (or more) of a kind , two pairs or a flush, you gain points which vary dependent on your chosen stake. Each time you achieve a score, you get the chance to gamble your winnings, double or nothing. If you achieve a high enough score you get to "buy stuff". This allows you to gain access to an encrypted archive of the author's other programs! Each program has a "price" tag in points. Assuming you achieve a high enough score, you can even purchase the program which creates the archive and pass on your own software to your friends as "prizes" for achieving high scores in TPM. You are given 10 accounts, each with 10 credits. Different players can use different accounts and you can abort a game at any point, saving your account credits for later use. This lets you build up enough points to buy stuff over a period of time. The Poker Machine needs 2Mb of RAM and almost 3Mb of hard drive space. STE ONLY.


Version/Release date: 01/01/1997
Systems: Atari STE/Falcon
Status: Freeware
Programmer Thomas Sahlin
Compatibility: ◇ ST ◆ STE ◈ TT ◆ Falcon ◈ CT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: ST-Low
Requirements: 2 MB RAM


Availability: Floppyshop Game 6287[?] (Poker Machine 1.0) , Floppyshop Game 6288[?] (Poker Machine 1.0)
Standard support
Programs written in...
Pure C