It displays the current running processes and offers the possibilty to change process priority and to send a signal to the process. If there are GEM process, the AES id will be display too. Under MTOS the kernel and der acc's will be displayed too.


Version: 1.02
Systems: TOS compatible
License: Freeware
Programmer Markus Pristovsek
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◆ STE ◆ TTFalcon ◈ CT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: all
Requirements MiNT
Type: CPX module


Availability: ST Computer PD 800, FaST Club Wordprocessing & DTP 201 (PS), Floppyshop Utility 0185 (PS), Vi 147 (PS)