CAB is capable of reading HTML format documents. CAB 2.8 supports HTML 3.2, all HTML extensions of Netscape Navigator 3.0 (including Frames) and many extensions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Version: 2.8
Systems: TOS compatible
License: Commercial
Programmer Alexander Clauss
Distributor Application Systems Heidelberg
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◈ STETTFalconCT60
HadesMilan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: all
Supports: OLGA, GEMJing, GEMScript, GDOS
File formats: HTML
Language German, English


Availability: Atari Inside PD 055 (CAB 1.5), Atari Inside PD 109 (CAB 2.0), FaST Club Applications & Comms 405 (CAB 2.0 Working demo), FaST Club Applications & Comms 406 (CAB 2.0 Working demo), Floppyshop Communication 5551 (COOL ATARI BROWSER v1.5), Floppyshop Communication 5552 (COOL ATARI BROWSER v1.5), ST Format Magazine Coverdisk 81 (Crystal Atari Browser CAB 1.0), ST-Computer/Atari-Inside Spezial-Disk 06/97 (CAB030)
CD-ROMs: ST-Computer Leser CD 7/2001 (CAB 2.7)
Articles: CAB 2.0 (ST-Computer 07/1997)
CAB 2.7 (ST-Computer 09/1998)
CAB 2.6: Taxi online (ST-Computer 03/1998)
ATOS 04/97
ATOS 01/97
Links: Alexander Clauss
Application Systems Heidelberg