Cornelius Bode wrote the program that helps you to keep track of all running costs of your car from now on. The program runs under all TOS versions in the high resolution and is a pure GEM application. Great importance was placed on comfort and simple operation as well as on comprehensive and correct evaluation possibilities. Among other things, costs for fuel, oil, workshop stays, financing (leasing, credit or similar) are taken into account. A recording of the trips with the possibility to divide them into private and business trips also makes this program an interesting tool for keeping a logbook. In addition, fixed dates such as regular inspections can be entered into the program, which will remind you later of upcoming appointments. Extensive statistical functions allow the output of corresponding graphical evaluations on screen and printer.


Version/Release date: 2.7
Systems: TOS compatible
Status: Freeware
Programmer Cornelius Bode
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◆ STE ◆ TT ◈ Falcon ◈ CT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: ST-High
Language: German


Availability: Journal 096 (AutoKost 2.6) , Kontrast 17[?] (Autokosten 2.7) , PD-Pool 2215 (AutoKost 2.5) , PD-Pool 2267 (AutoKost 2.6) , PD-Pool 2325 (AutoKosten 2.7) , ST-Computer PD 387[?] (Autokosten)
Standard support
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