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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 14000 listed applications.

New Atari applications released in the last 12 months

Program Version Date Category
For every Atari. FORTH language with interpreter, compiler Assembler can be included
0.5.42023-01-28Programming languages
The Old Farts From The Past 2023-01-02Demos
Basilisk II 2022-12-20Emulators
Frotz 2.442022-12-17Games
dMagnetic 0.302022-12-14Games
mengerMarcherFC 2022-12-10Demos
Miracle Boy in Dragon Land 2022-12-10Games
Oldschool Invaders 2022-12-10Demos
The Rise Of Love 2022-12-10Demos
Unextreme 2022-12-10Demos
TTF-GDOS 2.3c2022-12-01System
Hypothesis 2022-11-15Demos
68k Inside Announcement 2022-11-13Demos
Shadow of the Beast Title Sequence 2022-11-11Demos
HD-Driver 11.132022-11-05System
Atari800 5.0.02022-10-15Emulators
Star Wars I 2022-09-16Demos
MyAeS 0.982022-09-08System
Crime City Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Elvira Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Hatari (Mac) 2.4.12022-08-17Emulators
Hillsfar Character Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Imperium Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Motor Massacre Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Roadwar Europa Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Sim City Money Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Star Command Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
EmuTOS 1.2.12022-08-16System
Diskus 3.99.42022-08-14Utility
4K-MegaScroller 2022-08-13Demos
Atari Loves Bombs 2022-08-13Demos
Boing3D 2022-08-13Demos
Downtempo Dalarna 2022-08-13Demos
edtro 2022-08-13Demos
Greenbeard 2022-08-13Demos
RGB Scroll 2022-08-13Demos
SV2022Winter 2022-08-13Demos
The Party 2022-08-13Demos
ultraBooST 2022-08-13Demos
Venturo 2022-08-13Demos
Retrospection 2022-08-12Demos
BlitZwav 2022-08-06Demos
Hatari (PC) 2.4.12022-08-03Emulators
Curse of the High Coast 2022-07-30Demos
Mossery 2022-07-30Demos
MP_STE 3.022022-07-19Video
256B Fullscreen Scroller 2022-07-09Demos
Fluffy Clouds 2022-07-09Demos
Froggies? Oh! no offense... 2022-07-09Demos
In Waves 2022-07-09Demos
M_Player 4.282022-07-09Video
Monofillah 2022-07-09Demos
MonoSlide 2022-07-09Demos
Monscape 2022-07-09Demos
Scene? Ay, Mamba! 2022-07-09Demos
Shiraz 2022-07-09Demos
Snygve and Floke Ruuuuullleees!!!!!!!! 2022-07-09Demos
Speechless 2022-07-09Demos
Uninspiral 2022-07-09Demos
UNTITLED (in 256 bytes) 2022-07-09Demos
We Are The Fish 'n' Chip Basterds! 2022-07-09Demos
zoomRotatorST 2022-07-09Demos
ZygyFem6 2022-07-09Demos
Demoscene Logo Gallery Cover - a tribute to Atari 8bits 2022-05-01Demos
PH News Feed 1.52022-05-01Internet
4K-Memories 2022-04-17Demos
Gubbdata Invitro 2022-04-02Demos
The (Fucking) (Complex) Art of Profanity 2022-04-02Demos
Program Version / Date Added Category
Drop-Out 17/02/2023Games
Rumble 17/02/2023Games
The Esprit Editor 1.07 16/02/2023Games
Home Casino Poker 3b 1988-01-01 16/02/2023Games
PH News Feed 1.5 2022-05-01 15/02/2023Internet
Tape Squeezer 15/02/2023Music/MIDI
DrumKitz 1992-01-01 15/02/2023Music/MIDI
Time is Money 15/02/2023Music/MIDI
Background Music Utility 15/02/2023Demos
Music File Conversion 1.25 14/02/2023Music/MIDI
Standard support
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