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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 14000 listed applications.

New Atari applications released in the last 12 months

Program Version Date Category
The Old Farts From The Past
Basilisk II 2022-12-20Emulators
Frotz 2.442022-12-17Games
dMagnetic 0.302022-12-14Games
mengerMarcherFC 2022-12-10Demos
Miracle Boy in Dragon Land 2022-12-10Games
Oldschool Invaders 2022-12-10Demos
The Rise Of Love 2022-12-10Demos
Unextreme 2022-12-10Demos
Forth 0.5.22022-12-02Programming languages
TTF-GDOS 2.3c2022-12-01System
Hypothesis 2022-11-15Demos
68k Inside Announcement 2022-11-13Demos
Shadow of the Beast Title Sequence 2022-11-11Demos
HD-Driver 11.132022-11-05System
Atari800 5.0.02022-10-15Emulators
Star Wars I 2022-09-16Demos
MyAeS 0.982022-09-08System
Crime City Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Elvira Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Hatari (Mac) 2.4.12022-08-17Emulators
Hillsfar Character Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Imperium Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Motor Massacre Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Roadwar Europa Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Sim City Money Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
Star Command Hack 2.02022-08-17Games
EmuTOS 1.2.12022-08-16System
Diskus 3.99.42022-08-14Utility
4K-MegaScroller 2022-08-13Demos
Atari Loves Bombs 2022-08-13Demos
Boing3D 2022-08-13Demos
Downtempo Dalarna 2022-08-13Demos
edtro 2022-08-13Demos
Greenbeard 2022-08-13Demos
RGB Scroll 2022-08-13Demos
SV2022Winter 2022-08-13Demos
The Party 2022-08-13Demos
ultraBooST 2022-08-13Demos
Venturo 2022-08-13Demos
Retrospection 2022-08-12Demos
BlitZwav 2022-08-06Demos
Hatari (PC) 2.4.12022-08-03Emulators
Curse of the High Coast 2022-07-30Demos
Mossery 2022-07-30Demos
256B Fullscreen Scroller 2022-07-09Demos
Fluffy Clouds 2022-07-09Demos
Froggies? Oh! no offense... 2022-07-09Demos
In Waves 2022-07-09Demos
M_Player 4.282022-07-09Video
Monofillah 2022-07-09Demos
MonoSlide 2022-07-09Demos
Monscape 2022-07-09Demos
Scene? Ay, Mamba! 2022-07-09Demos
Shiraz 2022-07-09Demos
Snygve and Floke Ruuuuullleees!!!!!!!! 2022-07-09Demos
Speechless 2022-07-09Demos
Uninspiral 2022-07-09Demos
UNTITLED (in 256 bytes) 2022-07-09Demos
We Are The Fish 'n' Chip Basterds! 2022-07-09Demos
zoomRotatorST 2022-07-09Demos
ZygyFem6 2022-07-09Demos
Demoscene Logo Gallery Cover - a tribute to Atari 8bits 2022-05-01Demos
4K-Memories 2022-04-17Demos
Gubbdata Invitro 2022-04-02Demos
The (Fucking) (Complex) Art of Profanity 2022-04-02Demos
Randominer 2022-03-05Games
PH gCalendar 1.02022-02-20Office
Colorful Boxes 2022-02-13Demos
Frames per byte 2022-02-12Demos
Mini Tridi Demo 2022-02-12Demos
Fantasy Elders - Book Two 2022-02-02Demos
Program Version / Date Added Category
Cab-FTP 0.24 1997-11-20 30/01/2023Internet
VN-Reader 0.15 1997-12-30 30/01/2023Internet
NOVA-Scan 30/01/2023Image editing
Rendite 1.04 30/01/2023Office
Net2net 3.690 1997-12-14 30/01/2023Internet
CLA-FSMedit 1.2 1994-03-31 30/01/2023Science & Education
Dtaus 29/01/2023Office
CLA-FSMedit 1.2 1994-03-31 29/01/2023Science & Education
Vokabel-Trainer (Luidl) 2.62 1988-01-01 28/01/2023Science & Education
Adressen-Aufkleber 26/01/2023Utility
Standard support
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