Alta Lista

Alta Lista

Alta Lista is an image and HTML database for CAB. Alta Lista indexes HTML files and creates a HTML document that lists the files sorted. Furthermore Alta Lista is able to create a list of all GIF, JPEG and PNG files and display them in a reduced version (thumbnail) on a page. This can also be used to archive graphics CD-ROMs.


Version/Release date: 2.6 08/10/1999
Systems: TOS compatible
Status: Freeware
Programmer Mia Jaap
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◈ STE ◈ TT ◆ Falcon ◈ CT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: all
Supports: BubbleGEM GEMScript
Type: Program (GEM)
Programming Language: GFA-Basic
Language: German, English


Availability: FaST Club Utilities 690 (Alta Lista 1.5), Floppyshop Communication 6099[?] (Alta Lista 1.5) , Atari Inside PD 193[?] (Alta Lista)
CD-ROMs: The Very Best of Atari Inside II (Alta Lista 1.1)
Articles: Alta Lista - Neue Software für CAB und Co. (ST-Computer 03/1997)

Links: Mia Jaap - Jaapan
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