Document History Protocol

The Document History Protocol is used to manage a list of recently used documents. To do this, the DHST clients report their documents to a DHST server (e.g. task bar). The protocol was developed in the late 90s and is intended for multitasking systems.

Taskbar 5.0Beta Taskbar/Start button 2024-03-24
Integrated taskbar/startmenu/DHST-server for N.AES and XaAES.
Atmenu 1.6 Taskbar/Start button 2001-07-25
AtMenu is a utility which implements the functionality of the Apple Menu of MacOS for Atari systems.
StartMeUp! 8 Taskbar/Start button 1998-10-02
SMU offers the functionality of the start button for the Atari as known from Windows95/98/NT. It uses everything that characterises a modern Atari program. GEMScript, Bubble Help, Document History Server, timer starts of programs are supported among others.
Program Version Date
Follow Me! XP 1.02002-07-22
 Image editing 
PhotoTip 3.102001-11-21
ST-CAD 1.632000-10-21
Everest 3.6beta1999-01-23
Luna 2.10b45292002-09-25
qed 5.0.52014-11-12
Quarx 1.30o2011-01-04
Fiffi 1.50B
Joe 1.5D2024-05-06
Light of Adamas 1.8pre242013-08-03
 Programming languages 
ergo!pro 3.2
GFA-Basic Editor (GBE) 3.742024-01-01
KLed 0.802003-06-22
ResourceMaster 3.6512014-10-05
Atmenu 1.62001-07-25
InterRSC 0.08
JAY MSA archiver 1.082015-08-30
RSC-View 1.142003-07-30
ShutUp 1.02010-03-04
StartMeUp! 81998-10-02
Taskbar 5.0Beta2024-03-24
UDO-Shell 0.462011-01-30
Aniplayer 2.23.12013-08-01
24 applications.
Program Version Date Added
Follow Me! XP 1.0 2002-07-22 24/06/2024
KLed 0.80 2003-06-22 24/06/2024
UDO-Shell 0.46 2011-01-30 24/06/2024
Taskbar 5.0Beta 2024-03-24 24/06/2024
StartMeUp! 8 1998-10-02 24/06/2024
ShutUp 1.0 2010-03-04 24/06/2024
RSC-View 1.14 2003-07-30 24/06/2024
JAY MSA archiver 1.08 2015-08-30 24/06/2024
InterRSC 0.08 24/06/2024
Atmenu 1.6 2001-07-25 24/06/2024
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