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The Atari Up-to-Date list is a versiontracker and software database for all Atari 16/32 bit compatible systems: Atari ST, TT, Falcon, Hades, Milan, Firebee and emulators. It is one of the largest Atari-related databases with over 15000 listed applications.

New Atari applications released in the last 12 months

Program Version Date Category
Next generation FTP client. STinG or MiNTnet+Gluestick TCP/IP layer needed.
Cresus 1.2I2024-05-06Office
Joe 1.5D2024-05-06Internet
Meg 1.5D2024-05-06Internet
Teenage Queen Reloaded 2.2C2024-05-06Games
Hatari (Mac) 2.5.02024-04-19Emulators
Hatari (PC) 2.5.02024-04-19Emulators
HD-Driver 12.042024-04-03System
VDI Effects 2024-03-27Demos
Endless Summer Surfing 2.52024-03-25Games
Keyboard Tweaks 2024-03-24Utility
Taskbar 5.0Beta2024-03-24Utility
Videl Term Beta 12024-03-24Utility
EmuTOS 1.32024-03-17System
ImgView 1.312024-02-27Image editing
Tenebra 2024-02-23Games
Wordle Unbound 1.0.22024-02-18Games
Alice Sisters 2024-02-11Games
freddemo 2024-02-11Demos
Shipfunk 2024-02-04Demos
Rusty Van 2024-01-28Demos
Miracle Boy in Dragon Land 0.412024-01-27Games
Rickdemo 2024-01-20Demos
Motosu 0.92 Beta2024-01-19Utility
GFA-Basic Editor (GBE) 3.742024-01-01Programming languages
MyAES 0.99 beta 12023-12-31System
ScummVM 2.8.02023-12-30Games
Freecraft 2023-12-13Games
Cave Story 2023-12-12Games
Jetpac - The Return 0.2.52023-12-12Games
Pegs 2023-12-12Games
HDmenu 2023-12-11Utility
LTris 1.2.72023-12-11Games
sz81 2.1.72023-12-11Emulators
Randominer 1.32023-12-10Games
Alive and Twisting 2023-12-09Demos
Cookie Monster Is Back! 2023-12-09Demos
Detonator 2023-12-09Games
Dotummin Vitsei 2023-12-09Demos
Fern 256b 2023-12-09Demos
Georgedemo 2023-12-09Demos
Going Through The Bins. 2023-12-09Demos
JOULU23 2023-12-09Demos
OVR Color Full 2023-12-09Demos
Frogs 1.32023-12-07Games
Omira 2023-12-07Games
Randomazer 1.32023-12-06Games
Amphetamine 2023-11-30Games
Circus Linux! 2023-11-30Games
Gem Drop X 2023-11-30Games
LBreakout2 2023-11-30Games
LMarbles 1.0.82023-11-29Games
Mega Mario 2023-11-29Games
Starfighter 2023-11-29Games
Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid 2023-11-20Games
Alien Blaster 2023-11-19Games
Fish Fillets NG 2023-11-19Games
Hydra Castle Labyrinth 2023-11-19Games
The Griffon Legend 2023-11-19Games
GNU Robbo 2023-11-15Games
Digger 2023-11-13Games
Kobo Deluxe 0.5.12023-11-13Games
Xpired 2023-11-13Games
Zelda - Navi's Quest 2023-11-13Games
Zelda - Return of the Hylian 2023-11-13Games
Airball (SDL) 2023-11-12Games
Mini Slug 2023-11-12Games
Tetris SDL 2023-11-12Games
Breaker 2023-11-11Games
2048 (SDL) 2023-11-08Games
Deathris (Tetris) 2023-11-08Games
Symphyla 2023-11-08Games
Hocoslamfy 2023-11-07Games
XGalaga (SDL) 2023-11-07Games
OpenSSL 1.1.1p2023-09-18Programming languages
Quick'n'Filla 2023-09-09Demos
Pre-Sweety 2023-09-08Demos
Compofiller Onescreen 2023-08-19Demos
CornellBoxFC 2023-08-19Demos
IHNTTFAN (I Have No Time To Find A Name) 2023-08-19Demos
Indecision 2023-08-19Demos
Last Minute Compofiller For Fun 2023-08-19Demos
Matka Natura 2023-08-19Demos
My School Is Old 2023-08-19Demos
Ready Steady Bang! 0.92023-08-19Games
Return Of The Devil's Show (XXX/18+) 2023-08-19Demos
Space Zot 2023-08-19Games
The Incantation #1 2023-08-19Demos
256WATER 2023-07-08Demos
Across The Borders 2023-07-08Demos
Adam Is Me 2023-07-08Games
Algorift 2023-07-08Demos
Chiaroscuro 2023-07-08Demos
Circuitry of Desire 2023-07-08Demos
Lostmax 2023-07-08Demos
M O N I S M 2023-07-08Demos
Make More Short Demos 2023-07-08Demos
OVeRclocked Remix 2023-07-08Demos
Rise of the Triad 2023-06-19Games
Final Fight (Falcon 030) 2023-06-07Games
Program Version / Date Added Category
YBS Star Catalog Reader 09/05/2024Science & Education
JADE 1988-01-01 08/04/2024Programming languages
The M1 Toolkit 29/03/2024Music/MIDI
LXP-1 29/03/2024Music/MIDI
Lizard 29/03/2024Music/MIDI
Live Teaching System 29/03/2024Music/MIDI
Keyboard Tutor 29/03/2024Music/MIDI
Keyboard Namegame 26/03/2024Music/MIDI
Keyboard Kapers 26/03/2024Music/MIDI
Keyboard Tweaks 2024-03-24 26/03/2024Utility
Standard support
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