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The Cobra series remains somewhat a mystery. Not attached to any Atari magazine, it was likely a series compiled by a user group or Atari dealer. Due to the program selection, it originated in a German-speaking country, around the first half of the 90’s.

CO 001
  • Bitte ein Bit 3.7
    Fast copy program, also as an accessory. Ignore empty tracks, automatic format detection, copying from HD disks.
  • FastCopy 3
    Powerful and fast copy program. Copy only used sectors, change format when copying, repair defective disks, copy certain tracks, multiple copy, copy Spectre format, create MS-DOS format and much more.
  • Sagrotan 4.17
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
  • Turtle 3.20
    TURTLE is a fast hard disk backup utility program. It requires no special hardware, and the floppies written are standard TOS disks. To accomplish this speed, certain simple steps must be taken. TURTLE requires just about all the RAM you have (for double sided disks).
CO 002
  • The Printing Press 3.16
    Print program. Features: Full keyboard control, loading and saving of many image formats, e.g. IFF, IMG etc., extended drawing functions, loading of external modules. Many graphics and character sets are included with the software.
CO 003
  • Van Gogh 3.5
    Painting, drawing and animation program for all three resolutions with many features. Fast conversion of an image to the current resolution. Processing of three images simultaneously, integrated sprite editor, possibility to create animation sequences and 3D part with rotation and translation bodies.
CO 004

CO 005

CO 006

CO 007

CO 008

CO 009

CO 010

CO 011

CO 012

CO 013

CO 014

CO 015

CO 016

CO 017

CO 018

CO 019

CO 020

CO 021

CO 022

CO 023

CO 024

CO 025
  • Buchus 1.2
    Journal accounting that can manage up to 99 accounts. 1000 entries per month are possible. Input tax, VAT and private accounts are created automatically
  • Tribu 1.3
    Accounting program that allows, for example, all the income and expenses in the budget to be clearly recorded. With a program part for the management and profit calculation of a stock portfolio
    Financial accounting program in ST Base III (with Run Only version)
  • Kaufmann
    Commercial calculations from small loans to self-made houses up to break-even analysis.
CO 026

CO 027

CO 028

CO 029

CO 030

CO 031

CO 032

CO 033

CO 034
  • Thinx 2.44
    Shell for most programming languages. Control manually via keyboard or menus or automated process via batch files. Runs in (C) and (M), together with OverScan and also on the TT.

  • XLISP-Shell
    Easy to use, simplified operation of XLISP (Disk S 7), with source code in C
CO 035

CO 036

CO 037

CO 038

CO 039

CO 040
  • WPlusTeX 1.72
    Program that converts Wordplus texts to TeX (S 250-254). In addition to all attributes, footnotes and graphics are also transferred. The program offers an easy introduction to TeX, because old texts are taken over and can now be printed with the great font quality of TeX. Diploma or examination papers or presentations or dissertations can still be written in 1st Word and then converted to TeX. Formatting commands, justification, page ends, etc. are taken over, and TeX takes care of automatic separation.
  • WP-Pack
    Extensive and powerful conversion program written in SPC Modula for printing Wordplus documents, converting ASCII to WP documents, converting WP to ASCII documents, reformatting WP documents (WP to WP), converting WP 3.15 in WP 2.1 Documents, creating a scientific index (the lines with leading numbers, such as '3.1.5 The Index System', are extracted from the document), creating a general index (e.g. all words longer than 3 characters) with inclusion or exclusion list...
  • 1st Konvert
    Converts ASCII files to 1st Word format. The different types of spaces are taken into account, so that the documents can be formatted in 1st Word. MS-DOS text files can also be transferred correctly by the 'ß' conversion.
CO 041

CO 042

CO 043

CO 044

CO 045

CO 046

CO 048

CO 049

CO 050

CO 051
  • Filebox (FSEL_BOX) 1.3
    File selector box, which automatically hooks in and replaces the original file selector box. Occupies only 7 KByte memory. Drive icons directly to click on, display of program length, time and date, Up to 16 drives.
  • IdeaList 3.01
    IdeaList is a versatile tool used to print out ASCII files and files in Wordplus format or RTF. This when used can save up to 80% of paper consumption. Also when you use this program because it has a printer driver exclusive to your own printer you can control all of your printer functions and you can also print the files in better quality. In other words it takes all the hard work out of printing files.
  • Little Net
    With the LITT_NET.ACC you can connect two ATARI ST via MIDI. To do this, you must either connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the two computers using two ready-made stereo cables, or make a suitable cable yourself. Connect pin 4 and 5 of MIDI OUT with pin 4 and 5 (i.e. 4 to 4 and 5 to 5) of MIDI IN of the other computer.
  • Super-File-Copy 2.5
    File copy program, ideal for one drive. Copies first to buffer, then to new disk.

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