XEST PD - Public Domain

From Austria comes the XEST or also XE series, which is more popular than its publisher: The XEST magazine from Austria, which covered both the Atari 8-bit and 16/32-bit computers in the first years. XEST debuted about the same time as the ST-Computer and lasted until 1993. The PD series is therefore characterized by the early public domain programs and the typical separation between color and b/w. The series does not have a special focus, only rarely is reference made to the magazine. The "gap" of 50 disks is intentional: 8 bit disks were part of the numbering scheme.

XE 001
  • Dr Doodle (Color)
    This is the most recent version of Digital Research's paint program. Doodle will work in any of the three screen resolutions. When the program is run, you will see the Doodle window, and your screen pointer. To draw, just hold down the left mouse button, and drag the pointer across the screen. To select a different color, point your marker to the drop down menu marked "COLOR", when the menu appears, click on the color that you wish to draw in, and exit the menu. You may also choose from different pen sizes.
  • Megaroids
    Asteroids clone
  • Murray
    The cartoon conversation partner in your computer. In German and with animated graphics.
  • Dr Doodle
XE 002
  • CP/M-Z80-Emulator
  • MIDI-Demo
  • Kartei-Kasten
    This program is used to sort your addresses, video films, records, stamp collection, etc. and to find them again quickly if necessary. It generates optional lists, which can be read and processed by a word processor.
  • Parasound
  • The Orchestrator (Piano)
  • Sound
  • ST AY-3-8910 Sound Demo
    Experiment with noises and sounds
  • Basicprogramme
  • Modula-2-Demo
XE 003
XE 004
  • Dalace 2
  • Atari ST Softwareübersicht
    Description of 244 ST programs, accessible via a user-friendly database, which you can also use for your program collection
XE 005
  • Joshua
    Disk monitor
  • ST Writer
  • Diskmonitor
  • Diskinfo
  • ChangeHz
XE 007
XE 008
  • Neochrome-Bilder
XE 009
XE 012
XE 013
XE 014
  • Krabat Schach
    Chess program with all important features: 9 levels, positions, save openings and games, change of pieces. A supplied icon editor allows to design your own pieces.
  • PuzzlePuzzle
    The computer generates random jigsaw puzzles on screen which you have to fit together.
XE 015
XE 016
  • GEM-Lehrgang
  • ST Writer
    On the 8-bit Ataris the Atari Writer was a very popular editor. Less known is its ST counterpart, the ST Writer Elite. Never commercially distributed, the full-screen text editor has been updated several times.
  • RSI Command Facility
  • Grape Stomper
XE 017
  • XLisp
    AI language (artificial intelligence) for creating programs that are capable of learning. With detailed instructions in English.
  • Life
    Life variant.
  • MemoryTest
  • Assembler
  • Forth 83
XE 018
  • Cluster
    Simulation of the distribution of stars in a star cluster.
  • FreeRAM
  • Clock
  • Black
  • Puzzle etc.
XE 019
XE 020
  • GEM-Kermit (Nebel)
    GEM-Kermit, an implementation of the kermit file-transfer protocol, which makes use of the GEM-capabilities to present a friendlier user-interface than "the other" kermit. Besides of that, GEM-Kermit can interact with IBM mainframes, a skill which the dev.-kit kermit lacks.
  • Farbedit
  • Eliza, the Computer Psychiatrist
    The psychologist in the pocket.
  • Moses-Terminal 1.5
  • Word400
    WORD400 is a mini-text editor which operates as a desk accessory
  • Tempelmon
    Monitor/debugger. Also for STE/TT. The latest version 2.01 of the Monitor/Debugger by Thomas Tempelmann. Highly recommended for all developers.
  • Latin
  • Compose
  • Color 512
  • MS-DOS-Kommandoebene mit Dokumentation.
  • SCI-Calc
  • Filledit
XE 021
  • Basic-Programme
  • Coder
    With Coder you can encrypt and decrypt complete disks and files. The program also works as an accessory and is able to encode optionally only FAT and directory, but this makes unauthorized access to your data impossible.
  • San-Leandro-Utilities
  • VT-52/S-Terminal
XE 022
  • Sound-Digitizer
XE 023
XE 024
  • Mauslupe
  • Hypnose
  • Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator by M. Weller. This public domain calculator offers a vast array of features that make it an extremely powerful and useful tool.
  • Calculator
    CALC.PRG is a simple desktop calculator in the style of the TI Programmer. The program is primarily an example of C programming and only secondarily really intended as a desktop calculator.
  • MMCopy
    Filecopy as an accessory.
  • PascalShell
    Shell for ST-Pascal.
  • PictureSwitch, Tiny-View u. Stuff
  • Trackkopierer
  • FreeRAM
  • Square
    Changes the mouse cursor
  • Mad
    Your computer develops a life of its own.
XE 025
  • Basic-Prg.
XE 026
  • Disklibrary
  • GEM-Programmierung
  • Symbolische Differenzierung
  • Deluxe Piano
XE 027
  • Harddisk-Treiber
XE 028
XE 029
XE 030
XE 031
  • Minos
    Labyrinth as an accessory.
  • Tauris
    TAURIS_ST is a strategy game for 1-8 players. Every missing player is replaced by the computer. All players are divided into 4 groups of 2 players each. Each group controls one city and plays together. The purpose of the game is to be the last city left.
XE 032
XE 033
XE 034
  • Toy Prolog
    The programming language of the new generation. Incl. 95 KB manual.
XE 035
XE 036
XE 037
  • MausPaint
  • AutoRAM
  • Druck
XE 038
XE 039
  • Emacs-Forth
XE 040
  • Calc
  • ST-Editor
  • Adress
  • 12A
  • ST Blackjack
    Another variation on the theme. This one's not as visually appealing but it gives you a running total so its easier for the novice to pick up the scoring. This one's a bit tougher as the dealer wins if the hand is drawn!
  • Snapshot Facility/Snapshot Saver
    The 3 programs found on this diskette allow the software developer to "photograph" the 520 ST screen while his/her application is running and save the resulting images digitally to be reproduced later in manuals, box art, etc. This saves the application writer the expense of photography when creating reproductions of the monitor screen.
  • Cadenza
    A GEM based version of the board game Draughts. Standard rules apply (explained in the doc). You play against the computer. Both PRG and ACC versions are supplied.
  • Othello!
XE 041
XE 042
  • FontAcc
  • Verify Off
  • Recover
  • AutoRAM
  • 20 Basic-Programme
  • Strings
XE 043
  • Helper
  • Dragon Maze
    The dragon strikes back. Escape from the dark labyrinth before the dragon eats you
  • Score Four
    Score Four is based on the commercial game Connect Four. In Connect Four, two players drop checkers into an 8x8-square board which stands upright. The checkers fall to the bottom of whatever row they were dropped into. Each player tries to get four of his checkers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. In the preliminary version of Score Four, the computer will be your opponent.
  • Casio CZ-101 Preset Transporter
  • ST Color Palette 512
    Here's a short program, written in Digital Research C and 68000 assembly language, which displays all the ST's 512 colors on your computer screen at once. The ST Color Palette (STCP) also allows you to determine the color register settings needed to use that color in your own programs, by simply moving the mouse.
  • Directory Print
  • Joust
    PD adaptation of the classic Atari arcade game where you fly around on an ostrich carrying a lance. The aim is to gain height as when two players collide, the highest one wins the joust. When a player is eliminated, it lays an egg. Collect all of these before they hatch to clear the screen and progress to the next level. Fast furious action for one or two players.
  • Tiny Basic
    A new basic to try. Fully documented with a game thrown in.
  • Breakout (ACC)
  • Change Pallete
    This program and pallete.dat will eliminate the need for Control.acc on your boot-up disk in order to set your colors. When you click this accessory it will look for Pallete.dat and use the info to set up your screen. If it doesn't find the file it will default to my blue screen.
  • ST/Chart
XE 044
  • PicSwitch
    Very good graphics converter program that can read images in many formats. Printing on dot matrix printers and HP Laserjet. With dithering etc.
  • Printdir in GEM.
  • Accessory Loader
    Create an AUTO folder on your accessory disk and copy ACC_LOAD.PRG to this folder. Then rename all your accessories to either *.ACC or *.ACX (it does not matter, and you only have to do this the first time you use this program). The Re-boot with this disk in the drive and when it displays the files enter what files you want loaded.
  • C-Printer samt Source.
  • Dvorak
    An .ACC that lets you use the efficient Dvorak keyboard layout. Originally written by Alex Stevens, it has been modified by Mike Bales.
  • Printhelp
XE 045
  • Atari ST Command Processor
  • Battleship (ST Battle)
  • Robots
    Robots is a display-based game which must be played on an ST. The object of the game is to avoid the robots: causing them to collide with each other, creating a scrap heap.  Robots are also destroyed if they run into a scrap heap.
  • FDI
  • Celestial Caesars
    Strategy game for 1-4 space cadets in which you explore space, conquer planets, build spaceships and fight the enemy fleets
  • Eliza, the Computer Psychiatrist
    The psychologist in the pocket.
  • C-Programme
  • ST Blackjack
    Another variation on the theme. This one's not as visually appealing but it gives you a running total so its easier for the novice to pick up the scoring. This one's a bit tougher as the dealer wins if the hand is drawn!
  • ScreenSaver!
    This .ACC will shut down your screen automatically after 5 minutes if you don't touch the keyboard or mouse. You can also activate it from the desk menu as well.
XE 046
  • Krabat-Schach 1.0b
    Chess program with all important features: 9 levels, positions, save openings and games, change of pieces. A supplied icon editor allows to design your own pieces.
XE 047
XE 048
  • Ratte
  • Piano
  • Window
  • Spacewar
  • Megablit
    MegaBlit is a hi-res paint program that works in all resolutions on all STs. It is window based, and uses the scroll bars to move around the work area, which is many times bigger than the actual screen.
  • Grafikdemo
  • Autoboot
  • Kalender
  • Formater
XE 049
  • Diskettenbibliothek
  • Video
  • Cassettenbeschriftung
XE 050
  • GFA-Paint
  • 3D-Irrgarten (Basic)
    3D maze in ST-Basic 1.0.
  • Patience 1.1
    Patience variant in which you use two packs of 52 cards. The rules as similar to those for patience except that you have to make the cards up into eight suits (two of each type) rather than four. The game is very well structured with built-in on-line Help, hint and take back options and so on. Very addictive and challenging gameplay.
  • Avalun
    You govern a kingdom
  • YAGC
  • Graphik-Demonstrationsprogramm 2.0

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