Sonderdisk - Public Domain

Special disks are a series of commercial programs which were distributed by Maxon Computer GmbH at a price of less than 100 Deutschmarks. Unlike the Special-Line-Disks of the Heim Verlag, the special disks were never published on CD. Whoever owns such a disk should archive it immediately. A database with descriptions and screenshots of the programs was published with the public domain database of Maxon.

Sonderdisk 051
  • Ordne HDB
    After frequent writing and deleting on hard disk, the related parts of a file (cluster) are often widely scattered, which leads to considerable delays. The program completely rearranges the structure so that all clusters of a file are directly adjacent to each other. Further functions: rescue or regenerate deleted files, restructuring of directory entries, FAT analysis, occupy defective sectors, show folder structure, change names (disk/folder) and others. ORDNE HDB supports the drivers AHDI, CHDH, ICD, Eickmann-HDplus and Vortex.
Sonderdisk 053
  • Chip-Copy
    Extremely flexible file utility as program and accessory. With Chipcopy you can copy, move or delete files and complete folders at any time according to numerous selection criteria. By logical connection of several filters you can create optimal selection criteria and thus e.g. quickly make backup copies of all texts of the last week and the corresponding text program. Each filter consists of several wildcards and can additionally be limited to the time period of creation. CHIPCOPY can copy and format complete disks and print directories according to the same selection criteria.
Sonderdisk 055
  • Fatspeed II
    FATSPEED II accelerates hard disks under TOS 1.0 and TOS 1.2 by up to 1000%, making each disk as fast as with TOS 1.4. With the old TOS versions, time is wasted when writing to disk mainly by organizing the FAT, less by writing itself. Especially with full disks (which disk is already empty?) write accesses became a real test of patience. FATSPEED II optimizes this and achieves amazing write times. A restore for backup files takes not 2 hours but 20 minutes, saving the desktop info 2 instead of 7 seconds, a full folder one instead of ten minutes (only useful for TOS 1.0 or TOS 1.2).
Sonderdisk 059
  • Steuerlotse 92
Sonderdisk 060
  • Textractor
    Have you ever looked for a file whose name you can't remember? But you know words from the content and that's where Textractor comes in. Textractor searches for keywords within texts, letters or source code on your hard disk or disk, also as an Accessory, because mostly during a text editing a text has to be searched for. Textractor extracts a list and immediately shows the name of the file with the found keywords, including context. At the push of a button, the entire file is loaded and displayed (ASCII or Wordplus format). You can choose to jump to the terms found in the entire file, or you can view only the text group around your keywords to condense the information. Individual partitions, up to three file filters, a maximum of three path specifications and date specifications can be used to limit each search. Textractor also offers... - allows the use of synonym lists (e.g. printer=printer=plotter) - saving and loading of complete searches and/or settings - every character can be converted via an ASCII filter table
Sonderdisk 061
  • E-Feld
    E-Field is dedicated to all those who deal with electrostatic fields. You can comfortably place positive and negative charges with the mouse and then have the corresponding field images with their equipotential and lines of force displayed graphically (flexible image size) or calculate the electric potential such as the field strength or the electric potential at any point. But it can also be used to solve concrete problems. Driver for 8/9 and 24-needle printers.
Sonderdisk 063
  • R2D2
    Resource to C-Source (short RSC2CSRC, even shorter R2D2) generates a C source code from an existing resource file, which can be directly integrated into the program, and you can easily integrate self-defined buttons, which makes every program look much more professional (e.g. with Macintosh buttons) and also gives it a personal touch. Included is a button editor and many examples, sample buttons and source codes. R2D2 generates pure ANSI-C, so it can be processed by any compiler.
Sonderdisk 065
  • Problemschachtrainer
    As the name suggests, this game is about chess problems and solving them. The program allows to enter, output and replay chess problems. All moves are allowed, which are also allowed in normal chess. The program now contains 800 chess problems and a piece editor.
Sonderdisk 066
  • Public Painter 2
    Painting program with many features. Processes packed format or images from Snapshot. Has lasso function, block manipulations, rotate, bend, distort, overlap, resize.
Sonderdisk 067
  • Shorty
    Drawing program as program and accessory. SHORTY is compact, fast and has numerous drawing operations, so that besides the standard operations, extensive block commands (lasso, contour, rotate, mirror, light/dark, small/large, Rambo), a turbo fast magnifying glass, snap, grid, splines and various coordinate systems are available. SHORTY can handle various image formats, supports handy scanners, where it also allows to put an image in the background as a template, and loads SIGNUM! fonts (screen and printer). Thus it is also suitable for quick insertion of large headlines. A virtual large screen (up to 2560*1600 pixels)
Sonderdisk 068
  • SAM 4.7
Sonderdisk 070
  • Fotolab 3
    FOTOLAB processes images with 256 gray levels. It is used to process scanned photos, especially to prepare (rasterize) them for high-quality printing on conventional monochrome dot matrix and laser printers. So you can print scanned grayscale photos in good quality or prepare them for other programs (e.g. Signum, 1stWord, ...)FOTOLAB offers: Digital filters (increase sharpness, enhance contours, smoothing, anti-aliasing, blurring), grayscale manipulations (brightness, contrast, lookup-tabels), as well as rasterizing (flexible rasterizing for various output devices [laser, matrix, photo platesetter]). Absolute image size processing, comfortable user interface, TIFF format, any size of planes during export, e.g. for imagesetters with 2400 dpi.
Sonderdisk 071
  • Indexer
    Flexible INDEX program. Enables the creation of a page index from all ASCII texts (1st Word, Script, Signum, ...). To select a word, simply click on it or specify an index list. INDEXER automatically creates an index, which is essential for books, manuals, presentations, etc. Easy to use, interface to external programs.
Sonderdisk 074
  • Mühle
    Strong playing mill program, which represents a tough opponent that you have to trick first. Different playing strengths and 5 different mill variants provide for ever new play joy.
Sonderdisk 076
  • GEMPlot
    Mathematical function plotter and drawing program with high-resolution print output. Haven't you always been looking for a drawing program or a function plotter that offers not only the resolution of the screen but also the full printer resolution? With GEMPLOT you have found it - finally clean high quality printouts. Image format up to 32000*32000, drawing functions, BGI vector fonts, reading of IMG, STAD, HPGL and GEM-meta. The function plotter works with symbolic derivation, automatic scaling, zero and integral calculation.printout on 8/9 needle (max. 240*216 dpi), 24 needle (max. 360*360 dpi) and HP-DeskJet/LaserJet (max. 300*300 dpi) or compatible printers.
Sonderdisk 077
  • Haushalt-Manager
    The Haushalt-Manager is a program for managing private finances. All income and expenses are under control. Quickly know how much you have spent on the car or how much money you still have in your savings or checking account. Fixed cost management, accounting, sorting by category (eg car, computer, food), searching for amounts and much more makes the Haushalt-Manager your private financial manager. From TOS 1.02
Sonderdisk 078
  • MultiTeX
    TeX is internationally recognized as a top-class typesetting system. For complicated tables or mathematical formulas, automatic content and keyword indexing and optimal printing results. MultiTeX 5.1 is the logical further development of the popular Atari PD TeX 2.0: even more convenience thanks to a completely new shell. Extensive new graphic possibilities with CSG Level 2, fully adapted to MultiGEM (see picture): Under MultiGEM now simultaneously edit, view, print, etc. (MultiTeX of course also runs without MultiGEM). MultiTeX 5.2 runs on all Atari ST/STE/TT and all known graphics cards and large screens, color or b/w. Support for all common printers: 8/9 and 24-needle, Atari Laser, HP DeskJet and LaserJet, CANON and IBM inkjet printers, and of course, to top it all off, PostScript. The package contents are enormous: PLAIN TeX, LaTeX, BibTeX, MakeIndex, Large TeX (now configurable), MetaFont: Everything is there. Special TT versions with FPU support are included. Useful additions like editor and RAM disk complete the package.
Sonderdisk 079
  • Little Boot
    You know the situation - you use several programs that either do not understand each other or simply need to run in a different environment. Changing the names of the autostart programs, accessories, desktop infos and Assign SYSs manually is extremely impractical. LittleBoot makes this a breeze. Certain settings can be defined as a set and activated with a click. LittleBoot is activated in the auto folder and runs (nevertheless) in an attractive GEM environment. Optionally, a welcome screen is displayed or a password is requested when starting the computer.
Sonderdisk 080
Sonderdisk 081
  • Needles & Pins
    Font editor for download fonts. Almost all matrix printers offer to load and print with self defined fonts. Needles and Pins now allows the comfortable creation of these fonts and helps your printer to create new typefaces. Works for example with WordPlus, Edison, Tempus or Harlekin. Download fonts are printed with maximum speed. A given font can be automatically sent to the printer when the computer is started.
Sonderdisk 082
  • Schlagdame
    The counterpart to DAME. Here the one who loses all the stones wins. A very interesting variation. The pieces are selected by mouse, the moves are logged and analyzed. Different playing strengths, move suggestions, training mode, as well as loading and saving a game. Different board sizes.
Sonderdisk 083
  • DPE
    DPE is used to display measurement series.The program, which is fully integrated into GEM, allows various display modes, logarithmic scale, automatic scaling, range selection by mouse, regression (Lin, Pot, Exp, Log), display of error bars, as well as the additional display of a function f(x). The editor is used for manual input of the measured values, respectively for changing the imported data, which is especially comfortable due to the block functions (Cut, Copy, Paste). DPE supports the import of measured values via measuring instruments connected to the serial interface (RS 232) and is therefore well equipped for use in laboratories of all kinds. Of course, data can also be entered manually or read from an ASCII file...A calculator with the functions "LN, SIN, COS, TAN, COT, SQR, EXP, INT, ABS, FAK, SGN, DEG, RAD, RND,..." and the constants "PI, NA, k, Vm, e, me, u, h, G" is also helpful. GDOS is necessary for this.
Sonderdisk 084
  • Delite
    With Delite there is finally a real GEM shell available for GFA-BASIC developers. A menu bar, which offers the most important file and setting functions, is available as well as an own desktop with icons for GFA sources, RSC files, finished compilates, text files. Even the obligatory trash can has its place. Of course, all installed accessories (as you would expect from a GEM program) can be used without any restrictions: Every GFA-BASIC project can be placed as an icon on the desktop and loaded into the interpreter with a double kick. For each GFA source an individual setting of parameters, compiler/linker options and environment variables can be defined and automatically saved. This ensures that you will always find the Delite desktop with all your projects as you left it. The compile and link process can be started by pressing a key. Finished compilations appear automatically as icons on the desktop and can be started directly. With an appropriate resource construction set, the popular GEM resources can also be loaded and edited directly with a double click. Switching between the GEM interpreter and RCS is thus reduced to just a few mouse clicks, without tedious searching for the appropriate files. Also ASCII text can be loaded comfortably by double-click into an external text editor, or be transferred to a "View" program (e.g. GUCK). If you program smaller and larger projects (especially GEM programs) in GFA-BASIC, Delite is the ideal development environment.
Sonderdisk 085
  • Karteye
    Manages data of all kinds. Featuring macro functions, mask editor, mailing lists and numerous data masks
Sonderdisk 087
  • EMU-65x02
    Fast emulator and development system for the processors 6502, 65C02 and 65SC02. The processors can be emulated within a GEM window. The EMU 65x02 is perfectly suited for programming the 65x02. A program can be developed, assembled and generated as finished code e.g. for an EPROM of a single chip card. But before you burn an EPROM, you better try out the program. No problem for the 65x02 emulator. The assembled program runs on the ST/TT in a virtual screen (25*80 GEM window). A debugger makes it possible to trace the program, to stop it at a certain address or at a breakpoint, to trigger single stepping and IRQs, or NMIs. There the state of the CPU can be displayed and changed. A help system gives information about assembler directives and operating system functions, which are available to the assembler in the ST (screen clear, read/set cursor position, keyboard query, character output, register display, string output, ...). 65x02 runs as GEM program or as an accessory.
Sonderdisk 088
  • DarkStar
    Animated screensaver. A screen saver is used to protect the screen (oh what?!). But screen savers that darken the image are obsolete, so now there is DARKSTAR. After an adjustable time, it offers either a flight through space with animated stars or calculated characters whose shapes are constantly varying. DARKSTAR is multitasking capable, i.e. it lets GEM programs continue to run when the image is switched to dark. DARKSTAR runs in all original resolutions.
Sonderdisk 089
  • SDISK 1.51
Sonderdisk 090
  • 1st Sign
    Sophisticated text system with highest print quality. Pixel accurate (1/90") text positioning, automatic pagination, tabs, indents, block functions, chapter hierarchy, page overview, table of contents.1st_Sign supports graphic integration (IMG) and offers graphic objects (lines and boxes with fill patterns). Printing is done in maximum printer resolution on 24-pin dot matrix and HP Laser (Deskjet)-compatible printers. 1st Sign works with up to ten fonts per document and supports SIGNUM! fonts. An integrated macro processor and a keyboard editor create a comfortable and personal working environment. Clean GEM integration, online help, spooler.
Sonderdisk 091
  • Black & White
    Beautifully designed board game with animated figure movement. The aim is to trap the opponent's stones, whereby these then change to your own color. Black & White offers a 2D and a 3D view, shows possible moves on demand and offers a computer opponent with six different skill levels (from beginner to master).
Sonderdisk 092
  • Lazyshell III
    You surely know it. Again and again you have trouble with packed files. LAZYSHELL II is finally an easy to use shell for all unpackers. One push of a button is enough - there is no need to enter annoying parameters. LAZYSHELL supports all packers because it is freely configurable. LZH, ZOO and ARC are included, and under MultiTOS you can continue packing or unpacking in the background, so that you can continue working with another program during this time.
Sonderdisk 093
  • DSP-Kit 1.09
    Since the release of the FALCON series, digital signal processing has been on everyone's lips. Although the DSP-Kit is not (yet) based on the FALCON-DSP, it allows a wide range of simulations of digital signal processing systems - even on "normal" ST/TT's. An ingenious graphical representation of signal processing components and their signal flow circuitry allows (besides more abstract topics like control engineering) also the audible (!) reproduction of sounds (e.g. sound synthesis) on the monitor speaker, a D/A converter on the parallel port (building instructions included), or the DMA sound unit of the STE/TT. Filters of first and second order, characteristic curves, rectifier, sample & hold, signal and spectral display (FFT) incl. optional distortion calculation, delay, integrator, differentiator, subsystems and many more are available. Everything is fully GEM compliant (with WINX max. 31 windows) and very easy to use. The ideal tool (or even the ideal playground) for communications and control engineers who want to "try it out" themselves.
Sonderdisk 095
  • Toolbox
    Toolbox runs as a program and an accessory and is therefore always there when you need to draw something quickly. Toolbox runs fully in GEM (up to 11 windows), offers selected functions, is fast, scrolls when reaching the edge of the window, and has a super-fast magnifying glass function that allows all drawing operations in 4 zoom levels. Snapshot function, clipboard. Printing on 8/9, 24 needle and HP laser, HP Deskjet.
Sonderdisk 096
  • Spielesammlung 1
    Five selected super board games: Turkish Checkers: a strategic checkers variation. Babylonian Queen: a highly tactical checkers game. Qui perd gagne: Polish checkers. Four wins: with 6 boards. Riversi: with 3 game boards. In all 5 games, the computer provides a strong opponent, with different game boards, playing strengths. Mouse control, GEM.
Sonderdisk 097
  • Exotic
    Exotic has nothing to do with distant countries. It is rather a game of skill, which demands dexterity as well as strategy. 55 levels await every motivated player. You will usually only notice after midnight that these are evening-filling tasks. Exotic shines with detailed pictures, which are animated in real time. The ball guided by the mouse only has to follow all the paths of a picture, it's that simple - isn't it?
Sonderdisk 098
  • TeX-Mail 2.0
    Program for comfortable creation of serial letters with TeX. Works with all common databases (e.g. TWIST, Phönix, ...). Ideal for cover letters or just sophisticated address labels. Can be easily integrated into MultiTeX and other TeX systems.
Sonderdisk 099
  • Mali-Fakt
    Simple invoicing program for writing invoices, delivery bills and reminders. MaLi-Fakt offers three databases containing invoices, customers and articles. Necessary things like different VAT rates, discounts are included as well as the preparation of the balance sheet for one month, quarter and year. Special versions are available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Sonderdisk 100
  • Arrow 1.1
    Raytracer. A hot topic on the ATARI. With ARROW, the way into three-dimensional space is open. Objects can be easily designed in the comfortable 3D editor, scenes can be put together, light sources can be defined and then transformed into an image in 24-bit quality with the raytracer. The screen display is converted into the respective existing color resolution, whether 256, 16 colors or monochrome. 3D editor: 1-sided, 4-sided and vanishing point display, predefined figures (spheres, ellipses, polygon and rotation bodies); surfaces: diffuse, specular, luminous. The raytracer generates images in IMG, TIFF, IFF, BMP format, can independently swap to disk/hard drive in case of memory shortage, works in the background with MultiTOS and also supports an existing FPU.

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