4U - Public Domain

Another German series, but one that didn’t originate from a magazine. Other than that there is not much known about 4U. Due to the age of the programs, it must’ve been released some time in the 90’s. Distinctive features of the 4U series is a comparatively large number of data disks with MOD files or clipart and demo versions of commercial programs.

4U 001
  • TeamWorks
    TeamWorks is the combination of word processing and database - the two most important applications of your computer. The package consists of the word processor TeamWorks Script and the database TeamWorks Base. These two programs are spin-offs of the bestselling Script and 1st Base.
4U 002
  • Discothek
    The! Music management from Tigersoft in version 4.1. Works in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, and a driver for the HP Deskjet has been integrated. With Discothek you can easily manage even the largest music collection. The program offers all conceivable search functions with logging option and additionally a special function to print lists. Your specifications can range from the name of the artist to the maximum and minimum length of a track (useful for scoring movies and filling gaps on cassettes).
4U 003
  • Videothek
    Video management of Tigersoft in version 1.2. Runs also in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, also a driver for the HP Deskjet was integrated. With Videothek you manage your video collection very comfortably. The program meets all requirements. From simple archiving with search functions and label printing, to ambitious management with information about director, actors, year and country of production, etc. The program also comes with many useful extras. For example, you can see on which cassette the movie you want to record tonight still fits in time. At the touch of a button you can display defaulting borrowers of your video cassettes or get interesting statistical data about your collection.
4U 004
  • Calligrapher lite
    Fully functional version of the word processor without limitations. Vector fonts up to 120 pt are used.
4U 005
  • Vektorgrafiken 4
    Trial disk for our package vector graphics 4. 31 professional vector graphics in CVG format. The complete package contains over 420 professional vector graphics on 12 disks, plus a bound catalog with an overview of all graphics (25 pages) and is available either in CVG format or in EPS format (for DOS computers).
4U 006
4U 007
  • Shocker - Mad Martin's Revenge
    Follow-up to Thriller. In the PD version only the first 10 levels are playable. 4U-exclusive version of the top game freely playable up to level 22.
4U 008
  • Dreams
    Sound and graphic demo by Animal Mine.
4U 009
  • Paula
    Amiga MOD file player for STEs and TTs with DMA sound
  • Petra
    Allows the use of Paula also on normal STs. Petra should run on any Atari without DMA sound hardware and under any TOS version 1.0 or higher. However, Petra will not install if the TOS is older than v1.4 *and* the 'FSEL'-Cookie (installed by Selectric or BoxKite for example) is not present.
  • Top-Mod 1
    Great music on your Atari! Depending on your computer in stereo and up to 50 KHz. Incl. playback programs Paula and Petra for all STs. With the files Amiga hate, Annie, Mean and Unit5.
4U 010
  • Top-Mod 2
    MOD files. Great music on your Atari! Depending on your computer in stereo and up to 50 KHz. Incl. playback programs Paula and Petra for all STs. With the files Memory Dust, Metal, Mod4, Musicx, May way to the stars and Sarcophaser.
4U 011
  • Fossilien
    16 scanned graphics about fossils / fossilizations.
4U 012
4U 013
  • Puzzle (Klotz)
    To reassemble the fragmented image, you can exchange the individual parts. To do this, place the mouse pointer on the desired part and press the left mouse button. The puzzle piece is now displayed inverted (activated). Then move the mouse pointer to the position where you want to place the piece. Pressing the right mouse button exchanges the selected piece with the one in the target position.
  • Roulette (Zupp)
    Roulette game with a lot of features.
4U 014
  • CieLab 1.4
    Colorimetry program, deals with the numerical acquisition of body colors. Its purpose is to evaluate the data supplied by so-called reflectance spectrophotometers according to the formula developed by the CIE (Commission International de Eclairage), which culminates in the representation of the measured body colors in the three-dimensional LAB color space. With explanation of the theory of colorimetry, which includes a derivation and presentation of the formula material used, and a series of reflectance spectra of various body colors as sample files.
  • Guck 1.8
    Read and display any files in text, graphic or hex dump mode. Also ideal for displaying images without a graphics program, many image formats are supported.
  • LZH 2.01i
  • ZOO 2.1 Release 4
4U 015
4U 016
  • ST-Formular 4.14
    Good program for filling out all kinds of forms, e.g. checks, bank transfers, tax returns, certificates, etc.
4U 017
  • Multrix
    Tetris variant that runs simultaneously with other programs! Shortens e.g. the waiting time when formatting or copying.
  • StarCall
    Recommended terminal program. Features: GEM, terminal full screen or window, any fonts, status and fee display, full ANSI colour/ANSI greyscale, all attributes such as blinking text! Function keys, text editor, buffer, quote, citation, mini mail box, full screen chat, protocols as modules, password protection, large number memory with initstring and baud, batches for autologin, accounting, protocols, updates via mail box.
4U 018
  • Mega Depack 1.991
    Depack program for various archive files (4pak, happy, jam, thunder)
  • Tel 0130
  • Grundgesetz
  • PC-Sysop
  • ASCII-Texte
4U 019
  • REW
  • Weltfussball 1.6
    This program is not meant to be a Bundesliga simulation, it is more of an ADVENTURE. You have to try to become German Champion, German Cup Winner, European Cup Winner and World Cup Winner in one season with the right TACTIC.
4U 020
  • BKF
    Learning program for professional drivers. The present version contains only a part of the 160 questions of the full version.
  • BW-Audio
    Program for calculation and optimization of complete loudspeaker systems including simulation.
  • Game Help
  • HD Info
  • Quantum / Seagate Info
4U 021
  • Top-Mod 3
    Great music on your Atari. New Order, Nissen hut, N.S. beat, Paranoid, Poseidon, Shit, Show. With playback programs.
4U 022
  • Top-Mod 4
    Great music on your Atari. Pump up the jam, Round one, RSI hard, Runaway, SLL11, Space Journey. With player programs.
4U 023
  • That's Adress 2
    Professional address database by Compo. Printing of envelopes, labels, lists, serial printing. Future-oriented zip code and telephone number management and much more.
4U 024
  • Formel-X 2.0
    Formula-X allows the comfortable writing of formulas for word processing or DTP programs. The operation is optimized for entering mathematical formulas.
4U 025
  • Top-Mod 5
    More MOD files with good music. Show, Snowman, Srlive, Syncope, Technology, Tronic, VCC and Yummball.
  • Esprit Level
4U 026
  • Steuer Profi
    Professional program for calculating wage and income tax. The program is also available in a DOS version. Tests in various magazines. Shareware, cheap update possibility for following years.
4U 027
  • Stock Profit PD 1.80
    Professional stock exchange program for stock analysis and portfolio management, released as PD.
4U 028
  • DaBa 2.0
    Small database for various applications, because any masks can be created.
4U 029
  • Memory
    Implementation of the well-known board game. Several card packs included. Own games can be created with any drawing program. Field size and number of cards freely selectable.
4U 030
  • Memory
    Implementation of the well-known board game. Several card packs included. Own games can be created with any drawing program. Field size and number of cards freely selectable.
4U 031
4U 032
  • Mines 1.0
    Mines is a GEM-Clone of the well-known Minesweeper game with a german user-interface
  • Note off 1.2
    MIDI Reference. Once started as an accessory or application, Note Off is available to answer your questions about MIDI. New features in the current version include a copy function, full Falcon support and a variety of new synthesizers.
4U 033
  • Kassa 4.01
    Small financial accounting for private and small companies with completely revised user interface. Many new functions, e.g. automatic dunning process or creation of invoices. Shareware. A manual is available for registered users, and there is the possibility to get samples (approx. 2.1 MB) for CrazySounds for an additional charge, to make it even easier to use.
4U 034
4U 035
4U 036
  • PhotoChrome 2.01
    Image viewer and converter with support for more than 16 colours on screen. It's basic specification is the ability to load many IFF formats, 24-Bit True colour screens (16 million colours), GIF files and VidiChrome digitised 'RGB' colour separations (4096 colours) before converting to one of six powerful screen modes.
  • FischFang
    Phoenix application for fishing enthusiasts to collect all the important data of a fishing day. Be it the location or the weather conditions, which bait was used and which fishing gear was used, the fish species with size and weight and the total weight of a whole day can be entered and managed. Also the output of the data to a printer is possible, for each table separately or for a complete data set.
  • LP-CD 1.01
    Phoenix application to manage CDs or LPs. Phoenix version 2 or higher and 2 MB memory are required, a hard disk is recommended. Shareware, registration 35 DM.
  • Little Net 1.3
    With the LITT_NET.ACC you can connect two ATARI ST via MIDI. To do this, you must either connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the two computers using two ready-made stereo cables, or make a suitable cable yourself. Connect pin 4 and 5 of MIDI OUT with pin 4 and 5 (i.e. 4 to 4 and 5 to 5) of MIDI IN of the other computer.
4U 037
  • ARROWFIX 1.3
    This program fixes some bugs that have cropped up around the AES management of WM_ARROWED messages in TOS 2.06/3.06.
  • Diskmon
    DISKMON is a utility program, a so-called disk monitor. With this tool the data and structures on a disk drive can be examined. For those who are not so familiar with this, please refer to further literature (e.g. Sybex : ST Profibuch).
  • HD_FDC
    This program belongs in the auto folder. It removes the steprate of 6 ms which is not suitable for normal drives and sets the steprate to 3 ms. Among other things, this removes the noticeably loud floppy noise.
  • ORCS 1.00
    Otto's Resource Construction Set was the first RCS as shareware. All dialogs run in windows, so the program is MultiTOS compatible. With icon editor etc.
  • PATCHX06
    PATCHX06.PRG is a bugfix program for the unfortunately very abundant errors in the BIOS diskette routines of the new TOS2.06 (TOS creation date is 14.11.91) and TOS3.06.
  • VOICE Manager light
    The VOICE Manager (light) turns your ZyXEL U-1496 modem into an answering machine. It is designed to run in all resolutions and under multi-tasking TOS versions/extensions, as a program or accessory.
4U 038
  • Mod-Katalog 0.32
  • Top-Mod 6
    A number of new mod files. Chopin (I like Chopin), Eurovisi (the Eurovision anthem a bit more rocking), Lonely (a sound module for dreaming), Stardust (an ingenious module by Jester of Sanity).
4U 039
  • STarSaver 0.5
    STarSaver is an animated screen saver program that works in all standard ST, STe, and TT screen modes, mono and color. While blanking the screen, it displays a moving 3D perspective starfield.
  • Liedertexte
  • Flirt
  • Displayer 1.0
  • Dark Ahh
    The Dark Aaah darkens the monitor when it is not in use. The screen saver is simply copied to the auto folder: Turn up the volume, so that the digitized sounds are shown to their full advantage!
4U 040
  • Before Dawn 1.11
    Before Dawn by Arne Rudolph is a screen saver that can use external animation modules.
  • Moviepac
4U 041
  • Top-Mod 7
    More MOD files with great music: HourHouse, Stunrunner, Vogue Mix, Warhead, WHouse.
4U 042
  • Cass 1.0
    Phoenix application to manage music cassettes. All input masks have been visually enhanced. Printing of cassette labels is also possible.
  • Diabetiker-Tagebuch 1.0
    Diabetic diary for type I diabetics as Phoenix application.
  • Diskette
    Phoenix application for archiving disks.
  • Magazine
    Phoenix application for managing magazine articles.
  • Sparverein 1.2
    Savings club management. The author D. Klotz writes: "I myself have been a cashier in a savings club for a while and therefore know the problem of the end of year accounting well. I was really tired of the endless back and forth calculation and all the trouble with the payout amounts and finally I decided to write this program, not least because of my interest in programming. If you are also a cashier or secretary in a savings club, this little program will hopefully serve you well.
  • Überblick
    Housekeeping manager to collect all important data related to income and expenditure for a private household. Phoenix application.
4U 043
  • Vital 2
    Contains nutritional values from about 80 different foods. In addition to calories, proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids are also listed, the minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron and also vitamins A, E, B1, B2, niacin and C.
4U 044
  • I-APL
    APL is the suitable programming language for beginners, fast to learn, powerful and runs everywhere. Even simulations and large programs can be written quickly. The port to the ST was done by Jim Peters.
4U 045
  • Clip Art
4U 046
  • BlowUp 030 (Demo)
    Enhanced resolution for the Falcon 030
  • Clip Art
  • DSP-Fraktalprogramm
  • Orphan
    Disk utility. Searches and removes lost clusters on the floppy or hard disk.
  • RS_Speed 1.4
  • Smiley
  • Super78
    An auto folder program that is supposed to put your Falcon into 78hz mode, assuming your monitor can handle it.  All docs for this are in German.
4U 047
  • Jokes
  • Origins
  • Murphy
  • Mailbox
  • Faust
  • HP-Deskjet 3.5
  • Hackfax 0.60
    Fully functional fax program for Zyxel modems.
  • Dinner
  • Booklet
    Prints ASCII texts on HP Laserjets and compatibles in booklet format (DIN A 5)
  • Blondine
4U 048
  • Sounds
4U 049
4U 050
  • Bludrume
  • Grafiken im IMG-Format
4U 051
  • PLZ-Accessory
  • Utility.LIB
    Library for Omikron Basic 3.6

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