FaST Club - Public Domain

Fast Club was one of the big public domain libraries from the UK. Just like the Floppyshop PDL, Fast Club created various collections (Applications, Education, Entertainment and others). The company was also the distributor for commercial products. Many British public domain programs are listed on both Fast Club and Floppyshop.

FaST Club Entertainment 100
  • Air to Air Combat
    A two player game in which you aim to score 5 points before your opponent does. Take off, try to avoid crashing or stalling and fire at your opponent or shoot down a barrage balloon.
  • Air Warrior 0.0a
    Air Warrior is a multiplayer aerial combat simulation. Using sophisticated software on both the user's microprocessor and the GEnie system, Air Warrior provides the level of graphical detail and responsiveness expected from a video game, yet at the same time the scope and large number of participants of an online game.
  • England Team Manager
    Another football management game similar to Football'88 by Budgie UK. This time you are manager of the English National side trying to achieve international glory. Involves a degree of tactical thought. A must for Football Manager addicts.
  • Football
    Football, is a medium resolution football program written in Alcyon C using the DRI developer kit.
  • Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels is a fast action car racing game in which you take the wheel of a spanking new Ferrari 348. One player can practice a track on their own or race against two computer-controlled drones. Alternatively, two players can compete at the same time using a split-screen display (a la Super Cars 2). In two player mode one drone can be added to the race.
  • Smash-Hit
    A tennis game by Peter Zetterberg. Choose the level of difficulty and the number of sets, then compete against the computer using the joystick for control. The game defaults to 60HZ, but a few clicks of the fire button takes you to the game menu where you can swap to 50hz.
  • Tennis/Match Point
FaST Club Entertainment 110
  • Cadenza Bog
    The player finds as many words as possible in the grid. Words must be formed from adjacent cubes, and no cube can be used more than once (a letter can be used more than once if it is on more than one cube). A cube can have up to eight adjacent cubes: one above, one below, one on the right, one on the left, and four along the diagonals.
  • Fruit Machine v1.5
    Addictive and well written one armed bandit game.
  • Fruity
  • Hang Man
    When the screen comes up, a popular song title from the 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's will be displayed in the bottom box in the familiar line and dashes Hang Man format. To choose a letter, just click on the appropriate letter in the alphabet box. If you have already had that letter as a guess then the computer will ignore it.
  • Keno
  • Oh Craps!
    Yes it's another of those Casino dice games. This one is graphically more appealing, has impressive animated dice and higher valued chips to offer! It also has various options like the ability to replay the last 40 throws and much more besides. It even includes a doc which explains the rules of the game! 
  • Poker Night
  • Quizz
  • Roll 'n Nudge
  • Roulette!
    Do you care to match wits with lady luck? Roulette will test your fortitude and resolve. This game features all of the standard American casino bets and rules, and a wheel spinning sequence demonstrates the STs 3-D graphics capabilities.
  • Sliding Puzzler
    Load a Degas or Neo picture file. The file is then jumbled up and you have to reconstruct it.
  • ST-Vegas
    An excellent combination of games here. Roulette, Poker, Black Jack or Slot Machine can be selected from the menu screen. All four games are very well designed and will give hours of fun. The slot machine will not run on machines with more than 1 Meg.
  • STrivia!
  • The 68000 Fruit Machine: Goldrush
  • The Quizzer
  • Trivia Master
    An educational game which can be put to many uses. In addition to the supplied questions, you can create your own.
  • Trivia Quiz
    Similar to Trivial Pursuit.
    Mixture of wheel of fortune and hangman, you have to guess terms.
  • X-Trivia
FaST Club Entertainment 120
    Another Columns clone
  • Breakout (ACC)
  • Chain Reaction
    A Shareware game for one or two players. Different coloured blocks fall down the screen and you must make horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of three or more of the same colour, which then disappear. Stop the blocks from reaching the top.
  • Collapse 1.0
    A Columns type puzzle game where you must arrange the falling blocks to create lines of three or more of the same colour and prevent the blocks from reaching the top of the screen.
  • Klatrix
    KLATRIX is a Columns type clone create using STOS. In this game groups of three colored tiles fall from the top of the screen. By pressing the fire button on your joystick you rotate the tiles so that you end up with the color order you wish, top to bottom (you hope). By aligning three of the same color, in any direction, you cause them to vanish
  • Kubis 88
    Tetris variant developed by Julian Reschke.
  • Mr. Dice
    A puzzle game. Rows of dice move down the screen and you must shoot them in the required order if you are to survive.
  • STocks & Bonds 3.0
    This is the game for you Yuppies out there! For up to eight players. You buy and sell stock on the US stock market. Be careful, you might cause another Black Monday!
  • Teserae
    A Tetris variation with rasters behind the falling blocks. The usual rules apply in this colourful game which is played over six different levels.
  • Tetris (van der Steen)
    Tetris is a game involving dropping shapes. While a shape drops, the player can move it to the left, right, and turn it (anti-clockwise). If a shape can't drop any further, it will be fixed and a new shape will enter the playing field. If the entrance of a new shape is blocked the game is over.
FaST Club Entertainment 121
  • Blokdrop
  • Blox 2.0
    Place pieces in the centre of the screen to make rings, completed rings disappear. A similar idea to Tetris but with a number of differences. Very addictive.
  • Kubes
    A puzzle game that bears a passing resemblance to Tetris. You must clear the screen of falling blocks, however you can't move the current blocks but you can move the rows of previously collected blocks. Addictive with some original concepts.
  • Valgus 2.0
  • Warzone (artillery game)
FaST Club Entertainment 130
  • ABC Jumble
    A great game where the computer jumbles up the letters of the alphabet and the child must put them back in order. Includes a help option if the child gets stuck.
  • Alpha: The Name Generator
    'Alpha' (The Name Generator) does only one thing. It creates lists of names, thousands of them, using your own custom parameters.
  • Frustration
    Word search game for two people. The players take turns in trying to put words from a combination of letters in an 11 x 11 square playing field. The scores achieved depend on the word length. Three different time limits. Runs only in the high resolution.
  • Mumbo Jumbo
    An anagram designer and solver. Up to 12 characters may be selected. Ask the computer to do it for you and then try to solve the anagram by typing in the word. This is really excellent entertainment due to the massive dictionary used. Change the number of words via mouse click and keyboard entry and let the computer insert the jumbled words. A quality 'thinking program'.
  • Search Me
    This puzzle generator creates word searches just like the ones in the newspaper! You can use the dbWRITER dictionary (available on all the major online systems), your own custom dictionary or your own list of words. You can save and load puzzles to disk, print them out, save them as DEGAS pictures or play them right on the ST! You will need a monochrome monitor.
  • Spider Spell
    A Hangman clone. Creepie crawlies, webs, a spider and ladybugs all combine to make this version of Hangman different. The sprites are active and entertaining and there are six levels of play.
  • Wordbid
    An educational game for children which is similar in style to hangman.
FaST Club Entertainment 140
  • Air Traffic Controller
    Test your resilience as an air traffic controller. In the battle against the clock, you have to land and take off safely plane after plane
  • Bridge-it!
  • Caesar 1.1
    The year 200 before Christ is written. The struggle for supremacy in the Mediterranean and Europe is in full swing. Six different powers are trying to decide the game for power for themselves. As one of five players you are Lord of Rome, Carthage, Macedonia, Persia or the Celts; the computer embodies the Germanic tribes. By skilful use of the army, espionage, building of fortresses, 'development aid', sabotage but also negotiations it is possible to expand your own sphere of power. Of course, external factors such as the grain harvest or the population also play a role.
  • Celestial Ceasars
    Strategy game for 1-4 space cadets in which you explore space, conquer planets, build spaceships and fight the enemy fleets
  • Cube Maze
    The object of the game is to find a hidden chalice in the maze, which is a cube of 3 to 8 squares: up to 512 locations. You can move forward, turn left, right, around, up and down. Using these in combination can get you standing on your head, so take care. The only indications of your whereabouts is the distance and level. The rest is up to your spatial memory.
  • Mile Game
    You aim to travel 1000 miles before the opponent does. On the way you can inflict problems on the computer as it can on you. Only selecting the correct menu options will get you out of trouble. Both player and computer get awarded points at the end of each stage.
  • Napoleon
    Strategy game similar to Risk. The aim is to interact with neighbouring countries on a non-peaceful basis
  • Öl-Imperium
    Defeat your opponents and rise to become an oil baron by producing and selling oil at a profit. Of course, sabotage is also the order of the day, because the competition never sleeps
  • Rubik's Clock Emulator
    If you haven't noticed, good old Rubik (of Rubik's Cube fame) has come up with another dastardly device to frustrate people the world over. It's called "Rubik's Clock" and it's a "device" with two faces with 9 "clocks" on each side, 4 buttons and 4 "wheels" that you can move to move various combinations of clocks on both sides of the device, depending on which wheel is turned and the positions of the buttons. The object of all this is to get all clocks on BOTH sides to point to 12 (the "clocks" are really dials and only have 1 "hand") all at the same time. It's even harder than it sounds.
  • Superhirn
    Mastermind game
  • Tunnel Vision
    Maze game created using GFA Basic. You can leave trails, gain needed energy to keep seaching, see maps and more.
  • Twixt
    The Board: is a square matrix, 24 * 24 of holes. In each hole may be placed a peg. The holes along the edges of the board are 'Home Territory' holes. Each player controls two sides, designated by lines of his color marking off his territory. The Object: for one player to connect an unbroken line of Twixes from one of his Home Territories to the other.
FaST Club Entertainment 141
  • Color Clash
    A puzzle game with a platform element involved. You play the part of a lizard character who must eat flies. Collecting coloured icons during the game allows you to change colour. Each colour has special skills, all of which are needed if you wish to make it very far into the game.
  • Fighting Sail
    Fighting Sail faithfully recreates classic ship-to-ship battles from the golden age of sail.
  • Minesweeper (Harvey)
  • Space War 3.1
    Shooting game for two players with many variations.
  • The Computer Coarse Angler
    A computer simulation based on the popular hobby of course fishing. The game tries to be as accurate as possible, providing a variety of sites from which to fish, a full range of equipment and baits from which to choose, and differing weather conditions to endure. A challenging game, but not for those requiring a quick result. It is certainly more comfortable than sitting by a riverbank on a cold, wet winter's day!
  • Trust or Impulse
FaST Club Entertainment 150
  • Aerius
    A French puzzle game where you must move coloured cubes into boxes to form lines of the same colour, which then disappear.
  • Bang!
    The idea of the game is to mark the position of mines on a grid without uncovering them. The size of the grid varies depending on the level of play, as does the number of mines to be found. The game is played against the clock (displayed top left of the grid). The game finishes when either you uncover a mine, or you have correctly marked all the mines in the grid.
  • Block X
    BLOCK-X is a game consisting of 200 screens of logic puzzles. The game is divided into 20 rounds of 10 screens. Each screen is divided into 2 halves and the basic aim is to manipulate the blocks on the left-hand side so that they match the pattern of blocks on the right-hand side.
  • Horror-Puzzel
    Sliding puzzle CPX game on a 7 by 7 grid.
  • MAZE
  • Minos (GEM)
    Labyrinth as an accessory.
  • Nosco
    A rather complicated puzzle game in which your aim is to position all the balls in a straight line. This is complicated by the presence of blocks which move each time you click onto a ball. Unfortunately the docs are in French.
  • Pin Game
    An ACC version of the board game Solitaire.
  • Push Box
    Guide the storeman around pushing boxes as he goes, in an attempt to get all the boxes into the store room. However, you must work out which boxes to move and where to move them to or you will be unable to complete the level. A great logic puzzle with several levels.
  • Take Two/Match
    Take Two is a Match-It type tile game. There are various different tile sets, different grid sizes and several difficulty levels. Your aim is simple, to remove all tiles from the playing area before your time runs out. This is done by removing pairs of tiles which can be linked by a straight line, this must change direction no more than twice on its route. Time limits are tight and this game presents a real challenge. As well as the game itself, there is a level editor and a solver program (to ensure that the new levels you create are solvable!). Needs 1 Mb, STE enhanced.
  • Triples
    Parlour game for 1-3 persons with a mixture of memory and picture puzzle
FaST Club Entertainment 160
  • Cribbage
    The card game.
  • Die Harfe
  • Draw Poker/Double Down
    A well implemented simulation of a Casino poker mackine.
  • Galerie
    A German card game which runs in high or medium resolution.
  • La Belle Lucie
    La Belle Lucie (sometimes called Alexander the Great, Clover Leaf, Fair Lucy or Midnight Oil) is a patience program played with one pack of ordinary playing cards. La Belle Lucie runs on an Atari with colour monitor (or television) in medium resolution.
  • R AND N
  • Solitaer
  • Solitaire Game Pak
  • Spider (Doucet)
    Computer solitaire using two packs of playing cards.
FaST Club Entertainment 170
  • 3-D Labyrinth
    A three-dimensional maze game. The size and thus the difficulty level can be changed. The aim of the game is to leave the garden with as few steps as possible. You can use different aids, such as compass, aiming pillar, position and maze display. With Source
  • CPX Reversi
    The initial game allows you to go first. You have the 'O' pieces. You place a piece opposite a piece of the opposing player. This causes all opposing pieces between your newly placed piece and a previously placed friendly piece to 'flip' over to your type. This works both horizontally, vertically and diagonally (all at once). The player with the most pieces at the end wins.
  • Dominoes
    Requires a lot of concentration if you want to  place the different color tiles correctly on the playing field.
  • Gilbert's Challenge
  • GNU GO
  • Go! Board 3.0
    Implementation of the popular board game on the computer
  • Mastermind.CPX
  • Othello (BC)
  • Reversi (ACC)
    The popular game as an accessory.
  • Risky Construction Set 1.5 - English
    Risky is a beautiful variation of the popular conquest game, from which it clearly stands out - thanks to new cards. The fact that the author of the program makes the Canary Islands the scene of the conflict makes the player think of tourist crowds and sandcastles. More maps can be created with the built-in editor, but Dutch language skills are required of the player.
FaST Club Entertainment 200
  • Llamatron
    LLAMATRON: a shareware game designed and coded (in assembler) by Jeff Minter, with 100 levels and some *wicked* sampled sound FX. LLAMATRON is controlled by a joystick. It is a shoot-'em-up based on the Williams Electronics classic ROBOTRON. The game can be played alone, with a computer-controlled 'droid helping you, or with a second player simultaneously.
  • Revenge of the Mutant Camels
    Fast-paced shooting game, conversion of the 8-bit game.
FaST Club Entertainment 210
  • Argon
    Fly through caverns in your spaceship, collecting coins and magic balls
  • Disc Hunt
    Run around platforms collecting floppy disks
  • Out
    Maze game - collect gems from within the caverns
  • Picker
    Try to pick the yellow points as you steer a ball around a grid using the joystick. Other squares on the grid can help or hinder your progress. The level of difficulty increases as you progress.
  • Planet Man
    A lunar lander game. Try to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of the planet, using the keyboard to move left and right and fire thrusters. Gravity brings the craft closer to the ground.
  • Plumber
    A pipeline clone. Try to build complete pipelines before the water starts to flow.
  • Sirtet
    Yet another version of Tetris. Different shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen. Using the joystick you must stop the piles of blocks from reaching the top of the playing area by making complete horizontal lines.
  • Turbo
    You control a destroyer and using depth charges you attempt to bomb the enemy submarines beneath you. But beware, they can fire missiles back at you and you have only a limited number of lives.
FaST Club Entertainment 211
  • Airfleet Woodlouse Game
    On the screen there are lots of little symbols, each of which represents an object. You control the woodlouse, which is a small armoured creature with two red antenna on the front end and a stripy body. The aim of the game is to eat up all of Farmer Browns little green seedlings.
  • Codename Bomb
    Fly around a maze in your ship, collecting the bombs
  • Companion I
    Classic space shooter game. However, it stands out positively from the other representatives of this genre by its unusual presentation. With a background story, which can be displayed on the screen via a mission briefing. Graphically and soundwise above average
  • Gold Seeker
    The object of Gold Seeker is to recover gold from pirates which has been scattered throughout their dungeons. To do this you must maneuver your gold seeker (yellow) while avoiding the pirates (blue) and other hazards. Pirates will move the gold, you must get it from them. If you are caught by a pirate, you die.
  • Pyramid
    Puzzle game - place coloured tiles so that the colours on the edges match up with adjacent tiles
  • Rockfall
    Rockfall is a game based on the classics Boulderdash and the Repton series. Therefore, you should have a fairly good idea of what the game involves, but there are some differences. The basic idea of the game is to collect all of the diamonds in each level. You do this by simply walking over them with your character.
  • Sno-Fite
    A fun two player game where you score points for hitting each other with snowballs. The better the hit, the higher the score! Don't forget to build up your barricades by building a snowman first!
  • Space War 3.1
    Shooting game for two players with many variations.
  • STOS Path Editor (Demo)
    STOS path editor. Creates sprite paths for STOS games. Demo game included
  • War Jeep
    Shoot down planes and helicopters with your jeep mounted cannon
  • Ypsilon
    Tron style game for 2 players
FaST Club Entertainment 212
  • Astro Tunnel
    This is a game created using sprites developed in Sprite Master which is also written by Chris.
  • Bermuda Race II
    Game for all hobby sailors, sail from Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda in the shortest time possible. Sailing beginners can take a small theoretical quick course in sailing before the race starts.
  • Bingo (Tufft)
    A variant of the popular game. Ten cards, each having 15 numbers, can be printed out for use with the game.
  • Breakanoid
    ST Breakanoid is a full-screen, full-colour game that is actually a cross between Breakout and Arkanoid*, hence its name.
  • D-Fission
    Board game for two players.
  • Duck Rogers of the 20th Century
    An original shoot 'em up!
  • EPD
  • Haunted House
  • Illusion (Arkanoid clone)
    Another good Arkanoid clone. This one even includes its own construction kit. Create your own levels.
  • Jitterbugs
  • Jumpster
    Another Q-Bert game. Colour only.
  • Master Break
    Breakout variant in colour. A ball must be used to hit stones, which contain numerous bonus items.
  • Ms.Pac.
    A fast action multi-level Pacman clone. Great graphics, animation and sound but you have to be quick with the joystick! Great fun.
  • Space Invaders (Leong)
    This one will take you back a bit. Two versions in one game (modern and classic) plus three levels.
  • ST Invaders
  • Super Break-Out (PD)
    Super Break-Out by Mark Overmars. It contains most of the good ideas of the existing breakout games and many new features. There are over 40 different types of stones, all with special features. There are many different types of bonusses, many types of monsters, 5 different types of levels, etc.
  • Trifide
    A Galaxians clone.
  • Zxym
    Shoot'em up style game with nice smooth colourful graphics
FaST Club Entertainment 213
  • Alien Blockade
    A cross between the games Tron and Qix. Cut out larger pieces of the screen without the alien touching your strokes.
  • Ammotrack
    Action game (glider)
  • Boing
    You guide a bouncing ball around the screen collecting fruit. You must collect all the fruit on one level within a specified time limit, to progress to the next. There are walls to penetrate, bonus levels, hazzards to avoid, bonuses to collect and many levels to complete. Great platform game with lots to do.
  • DC Snowball Fight
    A two player game that simulates all the trills of this popular winter pastime. The aim is to scare away your opponent by bombarding him with snowballs and so deplete his health rating. Contains digitised sound samples. Extra features if you have 1 Meg.
  • Demolition Man 1.3
    Game, written in C. Your task as an explosives specialist is to find 15 bombs in a 100-square playing field without blowing yourself up
  • Diablo 1.0
    Sliding puzzle game similar to Pipemania - slide tiles so that a ball always has a path to follow
  • Droid
  • Entombed
    A platform game with plenty of objects to collect and traps to avoid. Find the exit on each level to progress to the next. This is made even more difficult as the layout of the level changes from time to time.
  • Fuzzball
    An excellent adaption of Q-Bert from the 8-bit.
  • Gridway
    Move around a grid avoiding opponents and crossing bonus squares.
  • Light Cycles (Brechin)
    Nice version of this classic game. Race against a maximum of 12 opponents - 6 Human, and 6 computer controlled. Keyboard controlled. Adjustable speed and a variety of obstacle
FaST Club Entertainment 214
  • Lost Treasure
    Variant of the 8-bit classic Lode Runner. With level editor.
  • Luna Lander 1.1
    This is a version of the classic ATARI arcade game "LUNA LANDER" and runs on any ST in both colour and mono.
  • Mercy Mission
    A text only adventure game from the author of Darkness Is Forever. Your mission is to rescue the five princes and princesses of Kayn from the evil Kargz, who has imprisoned them in the Place of Heaven.
  • Mountain
    Patience style game - build up a mountain of cards so that the cards match the cards either side of them by suit or value
  • Pulse-Rider
    Another light cycles game, similar to Fulltron.
  • ROCM
  • SLUG
  • Stoneage Deluxe
    • Snake: A snake in search for food. Beware of your own tail.
    • Qix: You must surround 75% of the screen without getting caught (similar to STIX).
    • Nibbler: A snake winds its way through a labyrinth.
    • Pacman: Comment superfluous.
    • Robot: The playing field must be cleared without touching the rather intrusive robots.
FaST Club Entertainment 215
  • Fate Master
    Role-playing game in the year 2636: The planet Tafoi is to be reconquered by UN troops. Before the allied landing, Commander Tsin-Fei is transferred to Tafoi to get an idea of the strategic situation. Armed only with a pistol and his clear mind, Tsin-Fei mingles with the people, i.e. the alien beings and beasts that populate the planet. Fate Master is characterized by its graphic design and simulation depth. In German language.
  • Penguin
    A Shareware game from B.Bytes which was originally sold for £20. Register with the author for £5 and you will get, an instruction sheet and other special offers. The game itself involves moving a variety of objects, arrows and bridges, around the screen in order to guide your penguins safely through a multitude of levels. With four penguins to guide at a time, it can become a bit of a challenge.
  • Rabbit Jump
    Further development of Clowns & Balloons. A rabbit has allied itself with the fox to get as many carrots as possible over the fox's back. These fly in 3 rows over the animals and can be 'eaten' by touching them.
FaST Club Entertainment 216
FaST Club Entertainment 217
FaST Club Entertainment 280

FaST Club Entertainment 281

FaST Club Entertainment 301
  • Atari Tetris
  • Backgammon
  • DGDB
    Drachen version 2.0 by Dirk Woitha. A good adaptation of Mahjong Solitaire
  • GNU CHESS v3.15e
  • GO-UP
  • Kreuz As
    Conversion of the slot machine
    Patience variant in which you use two packs of 52 cards. The rules as similar to those for patience except that you have to make the cards up into eight suits (two of each type) rather than four. The game is very well structured with built-in on-line Help, hint and take back options and so on. Very addictive and challenging gameplay.
  • Pentimo
    Different puzzle pieces must be placed in a field of any size. Pieces can be turned and rotated. Field size adjustable.
  • Poker Squared
    If you enjoy solitaire, and you like poker, then you're gonna love this game! Twenty five cards are dealt, one at a time into a square on the right side of the game board. You must decide where to place each card on a grid of twenty five squares.
  • Tic Tac Toe (TTT) 1.5
    Mixture of Four Wins and Tic Tac Toe. Pieces are placed in four levels. Strong computer opponent.
  • TRIO
    In a matrix, the player and the computer place three stones each, which each tries to move into one row.
  • YAGC
FaST Club Entertainment 302
  • Anduril
    Move your character through a large labyrinth without hitting a corner
  • Arka
    A good Arkanoid type game. Very well implemented. Won't run on machines with more than 1 Meg of memory!
  • Ballerburg
    It's the classic scenario of two armies battling it out with cannon balls firing at each other over a mountain. However, this is one of the better implementations in which you have to purchase ammunition with funds (which often run out!) from the Royal coffers. You can select the fortress type prior to commencement and quite a few other options are user definable. Can be played against the computer or a friend.
  • Bolo (Demo)
    Arkanoid variant.
  • Break It!
    A Chinese puzzle game with 10 levels of difficulty. It's not the same as the Drachen type games. This one is played on a much smaller two dimensional board and tiles must lie at 90 degrees to each other before you can remove them. A real brain teaser.
  • ChessBase
    Chess database, complicated interface.
  • El Bozo's Window-Puzzle
  • Get It There
    Guide your man around, pushing the blocks into place. A sort of puzzle game.
  • Gilgalad
    Arcade adventure with 224 rooms.
  • Horror-Schloß
    You have to move through different corridors, but beware: ghosts and trapdoors will hinder you. Also included are beam walls, roller conveyors, ladders, sliding bars, important keys and transporters.
  • Invaders
    Game classic. Alien spaceships attack the earth
  • Inversi
    Implementation of the board game Reversi.
  • Kalah (Christen)
  • Konzentration (.BAS)
  • Laserschach/LaserChess
    Laser Chess, as the name implies, is a chesslike strategy game for 2 players. The goal is to manipulate a laser-firing piece and various reflective objects to eliminate your opponent's King. As in traditional chess, there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish this.
  • Mac-Pan
    Fast Pacman version.
  • Minenfeld (Keller)
    Guide your man through an unseen minefield and through numerous levels.
  • Minesweeper (Harvey)
  • Missile
    Destroy the incoming missiles and save six big cities from destruction. Variant of Missile Command
  • OPUS No. 1
    OPUS No. 1 is a game where two remote controlled space glider has to find and destroy each other. The first glider is controlled by the player whereas the second one is controlled by the computer. For every hit you'll get one point to your personal point account.
  • Pool
    Using the mouse, position the cross on the table, in the direction that you want the cue ball (the plain one) to go. Then, when the speed indicator at the bottom of the screen, has got to the required value, press the left mouse button. This will cause the cue ball to go in the required direction.
  • Shanghei
    Tricky puzzle game for the clever ones
  • Tri Hex
    Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe (3x3x3)
  • Vector Invasion
    Space shooter game with vector graphics.
  • Zarge
    An image is divided into many parts, mixed and must now be sorted again.
FaST Club Entertainment 303
FaST Club Entertainment 304
FaST Club Entertainment 400
FaST Club Entertainment 401
FaST Club Entertainment 801
  • Adventure
  • Around the World in 80 Days
    What we would like you to do is, Travel the world in 80 days or less. This is not so easy as there are slight risks involved. The risks are not so drastic that you will be killed but could be diverted to far away places. On your travels we would like you to pick up 17 souvenirs (one from each major city) and return back to London.
  • Dudley Dilemma
    Another text adventure created with the Adventure Game Toolkit. This adventure won first prize in a competition run by the authors of AGT. You are a student living in Dudley House. You begin your quest for knowledge, adventure and a diploma.
  • Enchanted Realm
    A text adventure set in a medieval forest by John Ure.
    Invasion is an adventure set on a huge spacecraft, lurking behind the dark side of the moon.
    Good variation of Cluedo. The player has to interrogate suspicious persons and solve a murder.
  • TARK
  • Traffic
FaST Club Entertainment 802
  • The Obscure Naturalist
  • Wizard's Tower
    This is a well written and illustrated graphic adventure by Chris Lloyd using STAC. New updated version. Well worth getting. Also included are over 100K of help files for playing Ultima IV.
FaST Club Entertainment 803
  • Psycho Pig II
    A platform game which takes place over four locations i.e. jungle, desert, mountainous and underwater. Some baby crocs have been kidnapped and it is your job to mount a rescue mission! You control the Pyscho Pig of the title, and a mean brute he turns out to be. There are lots of baddies to dispose of and objects to collect to acquire bonuses. Successfully complete the four locations and progress to a fifth level to finish your mission.
FaST Club Entertainment 804
FaST Club Entertainment 805
  • Magic Mansion
  • PORK 1
  • PORK 2
  • Quest for the Holy Grail
  • Star Portal
  • The Pyramid of Muna
    Explore the ancient Mayan Pyramid in Mexico as you attempt to discover its hidden secrets.
FaST Club Entertainment 806
  • Oklib's Revenge
    In this role playing game you play the part of a palace guard. A volunteer is needed to discover the whereabouts of King Arcon's missing staff, and the sinister Sergeant Oklib has got his eye on you for the job. Soon the victim of one of Oklib's tricks, you find yourself being propelled through blackness as the result of a spell. Can you succeed in your task? An impressive text only adventure, definitely one for fans of the genre.
  • STOS Adventure Creator
    The STOS Adventure Creator (SAC) is a programming tool for STOS Basic users. It allows you to create your own text and picture adventure games in STOS. A Creator program helps you to set up all your locations, objects and special events.
  • SynTax
FaST Club Entertainment 807
  • Elven Crystals
  • The Pilot
  • Wish You Were Here
FaST Club Entertainment 808
FaST Club Entertainment 815
  • Grandad II - In Search of Sandwiches
    Grandad 2 : The Search for Sandwiches! YES, Grandad is back! Grandad 2 is one great adventure game. Anyway, this game is slightly different from the first one. First difference, Grandad has lost his pants. Second difference, he is on a three-wheeler. As bizarre and hilarious (or more) as the first one, this is a pretty cool game.
FaST Club Entertainment 840
  • Michael's Big Adventure
    Written using Talespin for his son Michael. This is a very simple adventure, essentially designed for children. Control the action using the mouse, no typing is required. Plenty of puzzles and lots of characters to meet. Suitable for children of eight years and above.
FaST Club Entertainment 861
  • Everyday Adventure
  • HERO II v1.31
  • KING
  • LARN12
  • Unix Moria
    A game which was originally written for UNIX machines before being ported to the ST. It has a similar feel to Hack and Larn
FaST Club Entertainment 862
  • NETHACK v3.0
  • Unix Moria
    A game which was originally written for UNIX machines before being ported to the ST. It has a similar feel to Hack and Larn
FaST Club Entertainment 871
  • Adventure Game Help #1
FaST Club Entertainment 872
  • Dungeon Master Solutions
  • King's Quest solutions
FaST Club Entertainment 890
  • CHEAT! Issues 1, 2 and 3
FaST Club Entertainment 903

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