GFA Club - Public Domain

GFA Club was the PD series of the official GFA club established by GFA Systemtechnik. Contents include GFA tools as well as programs written in GFA Basic for Atari computers.

GFA 001
  • Bridge it
  • Mastermind
    The well-known Mastermind game in a GEM version. The interface was created with an application construction set, the result is impressive. (all resolutions from ST-High)
  • Super Sensori
    An adaption of the electronic game "Simon".
  • Triple Yahtzee 1.0F8
    Dice game for 1-6 persons. Completely mouse-controlled. With source code of the old version 1.0 and the new 2.0 in GfA-Basic.
  • Eamon
    Mixture of role play and text adventure. A total of five different dungeons (adventure games) are available. You have to pass hundreds of battles against monsters and soldiers to reach the riches of the caves.
GFA 002
  • Monopoly
    Beautiful version of the well-known board game. Scores can be saved
GFA 003
  • Learn The States 1.0
  • Pac Man
  • Score Four
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
GFA 004
  • Format
    A CPX module that enables disks to be formatted in the background.
  • Speech
  • Plotfit
  • ARC
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
  • ED-Sprite
  • Dir
  • CLR-Demo
  • CH-Time.
GFA 005
  • NumConvert
  • Split
  • PIC-Clip
  • System Map Utility
  • MicroCAD
  • Kalender.
  • Globe
  • GFA-Mice
GFA 006
  • Fractals
GFA 007
  • ARC
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
  • MiniTerm
  • UniTerm
    UniTerm version 2.0c by Simon Poole is one of the classic term programs for the ST. This version offers the following improvements over previous versions: Remote Macro commands can now be disabled, an error message is displayed if this feature is used while turned off. VT52 cursor keys and PF1 to PF4 work again.
  • XModem
GFA 008
  • Kalender
  • Sterne
GFA 009
  • Mausi
  • Noten
GFA 010
  • TempMas
  • Sterne
  • Globus
GFA 011
  • Haushalt
  • Kaufmann
  • Manager
  • Merker
GFA 012
  • DegaSTar
  • Diskmon
  • High-End
    Helps with calculations when building your own loudspeaker boxes. A large data collection is included
  • Msk-Gen
GFA 013
  • Spanisch
GFA 014
  • Fractals
  • Henon/Life
GFA 015
  • Proteus
    This program can be used to effectively editor all the available parameters in the Proteus 1 and XR, store presets and master settings, and created configuration files which can be easily uploaded to the Proteus. A mini sequencer is also included in the application which can be run while parameters are being edited.
  • Graph-V1
  • Metamorphose
  • Grafik
GFA 016
  • DED/DI-Label
  • Etikett.ZWF
  • Label3-2
  • Etikett
GFA 017
  • Itoh
  • NEC-Utilities von NEC Deutschland
  • P6-Utils
GFA 018
  • Joystick
  • TOS-Test
  • Thermometer
  • MCommand
  • Lister
  • Dialogbo
  • GfaTip04
  • GFA-Call
  • Director
  • Anschrift
  • Abfrage
  • Copy.LST
GFA 019
  • Solo
    If you have played enough solitaire and want to do something else, you can play SOLO.PRG. It is similar in principle, except that here, as in the game of checkers, you jump diagonally over the stones to remove them. The goal of the game is to have as few stones left as possible at the end.
  • Spekulant
    Enter the world of the stock market and walk the narrow path between success and bankruptcy.
  • Solit
  • IQ-Test
    Indicates your calculated intelligence factor after many graphical and mathematical tests.
GFA 020
  • Durchbruch
    Sophisticated breakout version. The editor allows free creation and saving of own levels.
GFA 021
  • Hotelier
    Manage a hotel. Your task is to supervise the staff, acquisitions and advertising.
  • Kombi
    "Combination" by Dietmar Kraus is a combination game for masterminds. There are 5 boxes hidden on a chessboard, which have to be found by clever combination. By clicking on a box you can find out how many boxes are visible from it. Additionally you work against time.
  • Slalom
    Downhill ski run on the computer in vector graphics. Five courses with different levels of difficulty
GFA 022
  • Zahlen
  • Verschiedene GFA-BASIC 2.0-Routinen.
  • Turtle
    TURTLE is a fast hard disk backup utility program. It requires no special hardware, and the floppies written are standard TOS disks. To accomplish this speed, certain simple steps must be taken. TURTLE requires just about all the RAM you have (for double sided disks).
  • Tracebas
  • REMex
  • Recover
  • Primzahl
  • NL-10
  • Krypto
  • Icon32
  • HC File
  • GFA-Pub
  • Format
    A CPX module that enables disks to be formatted in the background.
  • Fliess
  • Crossref
GFA 023
  • Graficut
  • Isegraph
  • StadFont
  • StadRSC
GFA 024
GFA 025
  • ChemieTest
GFA 026
  • 38 neue Souns zu Digi Drum.
GFA 027
  • Musik Writer/Editor
GFA 028
  • DataDisk
  • Film
  • Milotto
GFA 029
  • Dreissig
  • Scribble
    Scrabble version. 1-2 people try to build as many words as possible from single random letters.
  • The Sea
    Conversion of the well-known game Battle Ships. Opponent is the computer.
GFA 030
  • Mörderjagd
GFA 031
  • SpriteEdit
  • Diskkatalog
  • Basic
GFA 032
GFA 033
  • Austausch
  • Pauk
    Training file with comfortable control, own file input, repetition of wrong questions according to the learning concept
GFA 034
  • TapKey
  • Termin
  • KHB
  • Skilang
  • Hardcopy
GFA 035
  • Cubus
  • Grafik
  • History
    For each female or male first name, lists known historical and modern persons of the same name. More than a thousand historical events and birthdays of well-known personalities are also stored.
  • Sternzeit
GFA 036
  • Mensch
  • Trucking
GFA 037
  • Rename
  • Zahlwort
  • Xmal-RSC
  • Utilities in GFA-Basic 2.0
  • Sorty
  • Form
  • Konvert
  • GFA-Proc
  • Fenster
  • Copy
  • Basic.LST
GFA 038
  • Wissen Sie es?
    Quiz game for 1 - 4 players including question editor.
GFA 039
GFA 040
  • Vokabel
  • Spekulant
    Enter the world of the stock market and walk the narrow path between success and bankruptcy.
  • Fly-a-Jet
GFA 041
  • MicroCAD
  • Patience
    Patience variant in which you use two packs of 52 cards. The rules as similar to those for patience except that you have to make the cards up into eight suits (two of each type) rather than four. The game is very well structured with built-in on-line Help, hint and take back options and so on. Very addictive and challenging gameplay.
  • Trickfilm
    With this program you can produce cartoons with up to 100 pictures. This program is mainly a painting program limited to the essential GEM functions. The individual images can be created quickly by modifying the previous images. Afterwards the sequence of images can be presented as a film forwards, backwards or in alternating directions. Including source code in GFA-Basic.
  • Fileselect
GFA 042
  • Maxidisk
    MaxiDisk installs a resetproof ramdisk, which compresses the files stored on it. It is usually possible, to store about 750 kB in a 500 kB ramdisk
  • Ramdisk
    Ramdisk with source in Assembler.
  • Shell
GFA 043
  • P-Paint
  • Monochrome
  • Diagramm
  • IconEditor.
GFA 044
  • Adressen
  • Buchführung
  • Gegenkonto
  • Kraftstoff
GFA 045
  • MEditor
  • Vit.Test
  • Texteditor
  • Night
  • Shells
  • Make Icon
  • IBM Drive
    Format your disks to MS-DOS spec.
  • Duck
  • Datum
  • Checkfiles
  • Loader
GFA 046
  • Etigraph
GFA 047
  • Shell
  • Z-Code11
  • Show.ST
  • Z-ChefV12
  • Koordnet
  • F-Format
  • Animat
  • ACC-Desk
  • Fenster
GFA 048
  • HD-Kapa
  • Utilities
  • Diverse Programme in GFA-Basic 2.0
  • Box
GFA 049
  • Datalyt
GFA 050
GFA 051
  • Platten ST
  • Std-Plan
  • Videodat
    Video management. Calculation of remaining playing time and creation of rental lists

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