Vision - Public Domain

Vision is another public domain series from Germany released by an Atari magazine. The magazine ST Vision isn't widely known however, while the Vision PD disks were fully preserved. Unlike other series, ST Vision also put demos and English language software on their disks.

Vi 001
Vi 002
  • XLisp 1.4
    AI language (artificial intelligence) for creating programs that are capable of learning. With detailed instructions in English.
Vi 003
Vi 004
  • Toy Prolog
    The programming language of the new generation. Incl. 95 KB manual.
Vi 005
Vi 006
  • Druckeranpassung für NEC P6/7-Hardcopy.
  • NEC-Emu
    Hardcopy driver for the NEC Px series. Creates hardcopies in 12 different sizes and contrasts and contains a printer spooler.
Vi 007
  • Power
    Special character set
  • Smooth
    Scrolls a 64 Kb Doodle image.
  • Datum
  • Kbug
    There are bugs running around on the screen.
  • Doodle+
    Painting program incl. pictures.
Vi 008
  • Toram
  • Vokabel.GFA
  • VKT
    Vocabulary trainer
  • Uhr
  • Plot
  • MyTerm
    Terminal program in GfA
  • Etikett
  • Drahtmod
  • Adressen.
Vi 009
  • Fractals
  • Tauris
    TAURIS_ST is a strategy game for 1-8 players. Every missing player is replaced by the computer. All players are divided into 4 groups of 2 players each. Each group controls one city and plays together. The purpose of the game is to be the last city left.
Vi 011
Vi 012
  • Diskutility
  • Adress-Pas
Vi 014
  • 3D-Irrgarten (Basic)
    3D maze in ST-Basic 1.0.
  • Finanzmathematik
    Calculation of interest rates, terms, maturities, repayment schedules, etc.
  • Free RAM
    Indicates free RAM (ACC or PRG).
  • MathLib
    Extensive mathematics library for Pascal. Trigonometric, matrix algebra and much more, ready to use.
  • Patience
    Patience variant in which you use two packs of 52 cards. The rules as similar to those for patience except that you have to make the cards up into eight suits (two of each type) rather than four. The game is very well structured with built-in on-line Help, hint and take back options and so on. Very addictive and challenging gameplay.
  • Ramdisk (Articulate Software)
    RAM disk of any size.
  • Recover
    This is a program to help recover files that have been accidentally deleted. It is primarily effective for finding files that contain text, rather than programs. This is because it will display the contents of a "cluster" (two sectors) on the disk, and you must look at it and determine whether that is part of your lost file; programs will usually look like garbage on the screen.
  • STerm
    VT52 terminal including source in Assembler.
Vi 015
Vi 016
  • CLI
  • IBM Drive
    Format your disks to MS-DOS spec.
Vi 017
  • Check
  • Convert
    Convert is only useful for those who works with Polish text on Atari. It converts Polish sign created on other platforms (Mac, pc, Amiga,...) to AtariPL.
  • Scientific
  • ST-Computer-Kalenderwettbewerb
    All pictures of the ST calendar competition published in issue 1/87 ST, including Pic-Compactor.
Vi 018
  • Türme von Hanoi
  • Jackpot
  • Lucky Star
    Slot machine
  • Deluxe Fontmaster ST
    This package allows you to design, edit and print a number of fonts. If your printer is Epson compatible then set the IBM option on! Then load up your desired font from disk. Load in any ASCII file and it will print out in the desired font.
Vi 019
  • Fram 77
    Static calculations for constructors.
  • Kalender (Roth)
    Calculate with the date. holidays, annual calendar on your printer, half-yearly calendar on screen, monthly overview, weekday to date, date minus number of days, date plus number of days, calculation of days between dates, conversion of calendar date to Julian date and vice versa.
  • Magic Painter 1.2
    Simple painting program
  • Meßwert
  • Vika-Etikett
    VIKA prints video and audio cassette sleeves.
Vi 020
  • Auto-Börse
  • Kalah
    Well known board game.
  • Konzentration (.BAS)
  • Snaphelp
    Allows you to load in files in Degas, Doodle or Mandelbrot formats and save them back as Degas files
  • Solitär
    Solitaire is an old classic board game for one player. You have a game board in front of you, on which there are a certain amount of stones. In the middle there is a free field. If you skip a stone with another one, you may remove the skipped stone, no other way of movement is allowed. The player's task now is to keep as few of the stones as possible by cleverly placing them.
  • System-Dialog
    Accessory similar to Control Panel. Special features: Clock and 4 alarm times, printer settings (margin, font etc.), incl. source in Pascal.
  • Tic Tac Toe (TTT)
    Mixture of Four Wins and Tic Tac Toe. Pieces are placed in four levels. Strong computer opponent.
  • Tri Hex
    Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe (3x3x3)
  • El Bozo's Window-Puzzle
Vi 021
  • ST-Phone (Telefonnachweis)
    Calculation of telephone costs
  • Memory.
  • Termin.ACC (M)
  • Pegasus
  • Lager
    Inventory management
  • Master
    A mastermind clone. The unique feature: The level of difficulty can be increased almost at will. Up to 18 different colours and up to 18 rows make the puzzle almost unsolvable.
  • Con_ST
    Terminal program
  • Complex
  • KFZ-Statistik
    Statistics application for your car
Vi 022
Vi 023
Vi 024
  • Moleküle 3D 2.01
    Calculates 3D single images and image sequences of molecules, with up to 256 atomic coordinates and 256 bonds. Finished animations are displayed in the color version with stereo effect. After numerous improvements, the final PD version has been reached with this version.
  • Volks Forth
Vi 025
  • LIB
    Collection of ST-Pascal libraries, including source and instructions, string conversion, date and time calculations, text formatting (left, right and centered)
  • Matrix
    Matrices calculation program in GEM. Max. 16x16 matrices, double precision (64 bit).
Vi 026
  • Trio
    In a matrix, the player and the computer place three stones each, which each tries to move into one row.
  • Tosedit
    TOS editor, simultaneous editing of two texts, rich commands.
  • Domino
    A variation of this game has been known everywhere since the movie "Tron" was shown on national television. The gladiators race with their vehicles over an area and pull a barrier behind them. Whoever drives into such a wall has lost. In our game "Domino" the computer takes over the role of one player. You are the white barrier approaching from above. With the joystick you can change your driving direction.
  • Edimax
    EDIMAX is an ascii editor with two separately editable main buffers. These buffers are used for all kinds of work and have a third buffer, the copy buffer, which is essential for reasonable work.
  • Disc
    Slot machine
  • Bouncing Bubbles
    A fast action shoot 'em up. It starts up with just a few balls needing shot down. By level 7 you've got some aliens to dispose of and by level 40 there's so many on screen you don't have a clue what you're shooting at! Good fast action game.
Vi 027
  • Ausland
    Foreign language trainer English with vocabulary for advanced
  • Die Fugger
    The game begins in the Middle Ages, in 1650 to be precise, when you take over the Fugger house, which is already in ruins. There are no more ships, factories and gold supplies, everything was used up by your predecessor. You must now try to save the ailing company from bankruptcy, you can speculate with grain, steel, gold.
  • Kepler
    Graphical representation of celestial body movements according to Kepler's laws. Variation of mass, radius, time, potential and kinetic energy.
  • Krieg der Kerne
    The Core War is a game in which two computer programs independently play against each other in a predetermined memory area. The aim is to introduce an invalid command into the opponent's code, making his program no longer executable. A game can also end in a draw.
  • Messwert
    Good program for the evaluation and graphic representation of measured values or functions (previous version on S 57). Comfortable user interface, in most cases masters everything in the fields of measured value analysis and curve discussion. Printing with maximum printer resolution, achieving about 10 times higher resolution. The program generates an ASCII plot file with the necessary plotting parameters, so that other output devices are also supported. It is currently designed for 8- and 24-needle printers as well as for HPGL and Kyocera lasers. These "mega plots" can also be loaded into Signum or STAD, the IMG format is also supported. A must for every scientific or mathematical user.
  • Yatzy (Lykkegard)
    The well-known yahoo
Vi 028
    Compresses any files.
  • Diskname
  • Eti-Master
    Label printing for DB-Master.
  • Lable
  • SM-Konverter
    Converts SM-Manager texts to 1st Word texts and back.
  • Themadat
    Associative database with up to 200 records.
  • Urlaubskalender
    Helps to calculate the vacation time optimized.
  • Archive
Vi 029
  • Wischi-Waschi
    Washing aid program for bachelors.
  • Adressen.GFA
    Address management with label printing and simple text processing.
  • Synthi 520ST
    The program SYNTHI.PRG was created with Pascal Plus by CCD. It is NOT a music editor, but it should make work with the sound chip easier. So it is a tool for everyone who wants to program with sounds, who wants to get closer to the sound chip or simply for everyone who just wants to play.
  • Expert
    Simple, eager to learn expert system.
Vi 030
  • Bildschirm-Disposition
    Scrolls a picture sequence over the screen. Ideal for your own slideshows or advertising graphics.
  • Directory Printer
    Prints directories.
  • Hacomini
    Creates hard copies in miniature format (48 x 68 mm)
  • Helper
  • Midi Drum ST
    Rhythm machine with easy and versatile editable sounds.
  • MIDI Play
    Allows you to input, save and output MIDI sequences.
  • Überweisung
    Printing program for bank transfer forms
  • Datobert
    Graphical representation of data as line and pie graphics, as well as three-dimensional bar and area graphics.
Vi 031
  • Reversi (Nebel)
    Conversion of the well-known game
  • Snake
    A snake winds its way through life, looking for food. But sometimes it bites its own tail or bumps into a wall, which is not good for you.
  • Senso
    Stimulates the memory by making it necessary to follow the sequence of colors and tones
  • E-Plan
    Design program for electronic circuits. All electronic components appear on the screen at the click of a button.
  • Kniffel
    Dice game
  • Fuffy
    Yahtzee game with evaluation graphics. The fallen dice and the statistical score of the other players are made visible three-dimensionally.
  • Bomber Bird
    In this game you have to enter a cave with a plane and shoot everything that moves
Vi 032
  • STudio
    Drawing with extras (e.g. measuring)
  • Van Gogh
    Painting, drawing and animation program for all three resolutions with many features. Fast conversion of an image to the current resolution. Processing of three images simultaneously, integrated sprite editor, possibility to create animation sequences and 3D part with rotation and translation bodies.
  • Testbild
  • Iconedit
    Create sprite, mouse and fill patterns. Transfer to your own programs.
  • Printset
    Help for configuring printers. Prints all special characters.
  • Degas Elite Font Maker
    Degas Elite is able to include various fonts, which must be specified in the file ASSIGN.SYS. This file is created automatically.
  • Disk Checker
    Checks a disk for errors. Ideal help when using 'cheap floppy disks'. Formatting and read/write check
Vi 033
  • Astrolabium
    For drawing star charts or specific parts of the sky, at any time, at any place. With data of about 9000 stars.
  • High-End
    Helps with calculations when building your own loudspeaker boxes. A large data collection is included
  • Orbit
    Shows the orbit of satellites as data or as moving graphics over the world map. Therefore e.g. well suited for radio amateurs.
Vi 034
  • Stagger
    Reversi conversion
  • ZRef
    Cross reference for C programs. Helps with complicated programs. Output of a list with variables, function calls, types, structs, 'defines', etc. Execution of includes and defines. Output with header and footer lines, line numbers, etc.
  • Werteplotter
    Value plotter for scientific applications. Linear, Lagrange, 3-point interpolation and regression analysis. Numerous design options, e.g. axis division, markings.
  • Nicelist
    Print source code with page numbers, file name and date. There are no problems with special characters, because it is similar to 1st Word.
  • ST-Roulette (RFMC)
    Well-known casino game
  • Hotelier
    Manage a hotel. Your task is to supervise the staff, acquisitions and advertising.
  • Ballerburg
    It's the classic scenario of two armies battling it out with cannon balls firing at each other over a mountain. However, this is one of the better implementations in which you have to purchase ammunition with funds (which often run out!) from the Royal coffers. You can select the fortress type prior to commencement and quite a few other options are user definable. Can be played against the computer or a friend.
Vi 035
  • Video-Archiv 2.6
    Video cassette management, with time and tape position order
  • Maxidisk
    MaxiDisk installs a resetproof ramdisk, which compresses the files stored on it. It is usually possible, to store about 750 kB in a 500 kB ramdisk
  • Time
    Utility to set the date and time. Is called by Maxidisk on request after system start, setting persists after reset.
  • Mononeo/Neosave
    Saves the screen to disk with Alternate + Help, in Doodle or NEOChrome format, depending on the resolution.
  • Autocopy
    Copies any files from a drive to the RAM disk (e.g. MAXI-/FLEXIDISK). At system startup, you can choose between ten prepared copy lists and thus achieve the appropriate configuration for each application.
  • Lohnsteuer
    Income tax calculation program
  • Haushaltsverwaltung
    Control over the private budget calculation. Yearly overview.
  • Datebook
    Reminds you of important dates or birthdays. For this purpose, it looks in a simple text file at system startup. Freely designable. Appointment on a certain day or even in the month in question.
  • ARC
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
  • Konv One.
Vi 036
  • Fontdisk
  • Periodensystem der Elemente
    The periodic table of the elements: chemistry learning program with many options. Contains the data of each chemical element.
  • STatiSTics
    Transfers tabular data from a spreadsheet or text editor and evaluates them statistically. Graphics created with Statist can also be saved as an image or ASCII file and further processed with common DTP and text programs
Vi 037
  • SignumShell
    Shell for Signum. You can now switch between the editor, the different print programs and the character editors via menu.
  • TOPS
    The Other Pascal Shell allows the integration of Tempus, creates cross references and contains commands to copy, delete and rename files.
  • Tempelmon 1.8
    Monitor/debugger. Also for STE/TT. The latest version 2.01 of the Monitor/Debugger by Thomas Tempelmann. Highly recommended for all developers.
  • Führerschein
    About 500 questions for the theoretical driving test.
  • Ramdisk (Böhm)
    Like Maxidisk, but without compression algorithm. With an auto copy program to copy certain files into the RAM disk.
  • Maxidisk
    MaxiDisk installs a resetproof ramdisk, which compresses the files stored on it. It is usually possible, to store about 750 kB in a 500 kB ramdisk
  • CIG-Header-Converter
    Converts files to GFA-Basic and GST-Assembler.
  • Bundesliga
Vi 038
  • ST:Klick
    Multifunctional accessory with alarm clock, notepad, calendar, calculator, etc.
  • Xref
    Cross reference for C.
  • Term-ST
    Terminal program
  • Super-Batch ST
    Batch processor: conditional batch processing / batch protocol on screen, printer, file / branch, error handling
  • ST Dictionary
    Foreign language learning program with large Latin library.
  • Alphaformat
    Formatting program (9-11 sectors, up to 86 tracks).
  • Quiz-Master (Hollfelder)
    Quiz similar to Trivial Pursuit. Contains questions with three possible, but only one correct answer. Custom questions can be included. Contains Atari ST beginner course.
  • Pauk
    Training file with comfortable control, own file input, repetition of wrong questions according to the learning concept
  • Hypervoc
    Vocabulary program
  • Degastar
    The pictures you find in other "painting" programs are often "nicer" than the ones in your own. For this reason, and because I haven't seen this in this configuration before, I wrote the program Degastar. It converts DEGAS pictures to Monostar or Monostar Plus pictures and vice versa.
Vi 039
  • Werteplotter 1.7
    Value plotter for scientific applications. Linear, Lagrange, 3-point interpolation and regression analysis. Numerous design options, e.g. axis division, markings.
  • ST Speech
    Speaks every typed sentence
  • Sharp.PD
    Collection of many basic programs for Sharp basic calculators. Suitable for direct transfer (with interface) or simply for viewing.
  • Pro Fortran 77 Shell
    Shell for Fortran 77, conveniently calling the compiler, linker and other programs from a menu.
  • Plot It!
    Curve plotter for mathematical functions. Zero point calculation etc.
  • Life is Life
    Simulation program. Six different field sizes, rotating, moving, copying blocks like in a paint program, setting the reproduction rules, high speed.
  • IR-Spektroskopie
    Infrared spectroscopy, structural analysis. Ideal complement to Laokoon
  • GEMFrac 1.1
    Fractal calculation. From the basic fractal the area to be calculated can be selected by mouse or numerical input. The program then zooms into the depth of the fractal landscape and shows new details. Optionally a task can be started (from GEMFRAC or as an accessory), which calculates a fractal in the background
  • Ganglion
    Simulation of neural networks.
  • FastLife
    Fast Life simulation written in Volksforth. Many generations are calculated and displayed in one second
  • Laokoon
    Simulation of NMR (magnetic nuclear resonance spectroscopy), a method widely used in chemistry for structure elucidation. Determination of chemical compounds and coupling types
Vi 040
  • Digimusic
Vi 041
Vi 042
  • Neo2Mono
    Fast conversion from colour to monochrome images.
  • Zeichensatz
  • STerm
  • Sound.BAS
  • SpriteEdit
  • Music
  • Heifmoon
  • Filecopy.
  • Basicprogramme.
  • Auto
  • Apfel
    Excursion to the land of the Mandelbrot set
Vi 043
  • PrintDir.
  • VT100 Terminal Emulator 2.10 (Demo)
    Terminal program with function keys.
  • Volume Label Changer
    Change the disk name
  • Simple Mouse Editor
    Simple Mouse Editor: create your own mouse icon.
  • Simple Font Editor
  • Shell
    Compile/Assemble/Link/Edit at the push of a button
  • Score Four
    Score Four is based on the commercial game Connect Four. In Connect Four, two players drop checkers into an 8x8-square board which stands upright. The checkers fall to the bottom of whatever row they were dropped into. Each player tries to get four of his checkers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. In the preliminary version of Score Four, the computer will be your opponent.
  • QDate
  • ProfiCopy
  • Extract.
  • MemTest2
  • Kermit
  • GEM Demo
    Many graphic demos with animation.
  • Fonts
  • Fontmaker ST
  • Editor
  • DiscMonitor 520 ST
    Demo of a disk monitor.
  • Compare
  • Accessories
Vi 044
Vi 045
  • ListTheSource
  • XMODEM Terminal
  • Uematics
  • Time
  • ST TeleVideo 924
    A televidio 924 terminal emulator (all codes that we use) for the Atari 520 ST.
  • Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator by M. Weller. This public domain calculator offers a vast array of features that make it an extremely powerful and useful tool.
  • PrintDir
  • Micro RTX (Demo)
    MICRO RTX from Beckemeyer Development Tools is an OS replacement which works with TOS and allows multitasking of TOS programs. It provides the system services necessary for implementing multitasking in your programs. Included with the SHAREWARE distribution is the complete MICRO RTX programming manual describing how to use MICRO RTX in your programs.
  • HI50
  • Dvorak
    An .ACC that lets you use the efficient Dvorak keyboard layout. Originally written by Alex Stevens, it has been modified by Mike Bales.
  • Druckertreiber
  • Diskette
  • Compress
  • Address
  • Accessories
  • Hexcalc
  • A68
Vi 046
Vi 047
Vi 048
Vi 049
  • Digisound
Vi 050
  • Jam Term
    terminal program
  • Murray
    The cartoon conversation partner in your computer. In German and with animated graphics.
  • Ramdisk (Mager)
    Ramdisk with source in Assembler.
  • Schach
  • ST Grafic
    Motion graphics in 3D.
  • Starhelp
Vi 051

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