PD Pool - Public Domain

The Poolware disks, also known as the P series, is a series from Germany that starts with disk number 2000. Created and curated by various Atari dealers, Poolware doesn’t have a specific focus, covering both games and applications. The series was advertised with full-page ads in German Atari magazines with the cost split between the participating dealers. The dealers also sold the magazine PD Szene. With the disk 2331 the business model of the Pool series changed: The disks now cost 10 instead of 8 DM, for which a 20 percent royalty was paid per disk sold. A condition was exclusivity to the Pool series. Usually such programs contain a note that distribution via other commercial series is prohibited.

P 2001
  • Invasion
    Invasion is an adventure set on a huge spacecraft, lurking behind the dark side of the moon.
  • ST-Adventure-Creator (STAC)
  • Paranoia
    Another text adventure. You are a spy searching out clues. You can be re-incarnated six times. Single letter multiple choice options persist throughout.
  • Shymer
    Adventure, created with STAC
P 2002
  • Star LC-10/LC-24
  • The Printing Press
    Print program. Features: Full keyboard control, loading and saving of many image formats, e.g. IFF, IMG etc., extended drawing functions, loading of external modules. Many graphics and character sets are included with the software.
  • Profitext 2.5
    Word processor. Dictionary with automatic correction, hyphenation aid, phrases, big headlines when printing, character set integration, columns, freely definable printer settings.
P 2003
  • Around the World in 80 Days
    What we would like you to do is, Travel the world in 80 days or less. This is not so easy as there are slight risks involved. The risks are not so drastic that you will be killed but could be diverted to far away places. On your travels we would like you to pick up 17 souvenirs (one from each major city) and return back to London.
  • Dr. Boris
    This is a fast-action arcade game for one player only. You must run about the screen building a wall behind you and defusing the bombs one by one. The bombs count down to zero then explode, so you have to be quick!
  • Laserschach/LaserChess (Mono)
    Laser Chess, as the name implies, is a chesslike strategy game for 2 players. The goal is to manipulate a laser-firing piece and various reflective objects to eliminate your opponent's King. As in traditional chess, there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish this.
  • Life M90
    Fast life simulation with up to 90 frames per second. Certain configurations can be loaded from floppy disk, such as about 30 detonators (moving cultures) and several constant life forms. Using the rules of Conway and Fredkin.
P 2004
  • City
    If you buy land, houses and shares, you will soon own the whole city.
  • Trans-Europa - The Trucking Game
    TRUCKING is a business game for the ATARI 520 ST with monochrome monitor and for entrepreneurs with strong nerves who want to assert themselves as freight transporters in German-speaking regions and neighboring countries.
  • Tycoon
    The playing aims in our games is to make money and loads of it. Various scenarios are planned but the first one is aptly called Tycoon and is based around the idea of Exploration and Mining.
P 2005
  • Queboid
    You must avoid numerous hazards and collect keys as you try to get to the lift to move from one level to the next using either the joystick or the cursor keys. You also have the option of leaving primed bombs in order to deflect your enemy. A fun game with plenty to keep you occupied. 
  • Klondike Solitair
  • Darts
    A very good darts simulation. Includes digitised speech. Can you score the magical 180.
  • Canfield Solitair
  • Ballzone
    Breakout variant
P 2006
  • Board Mouth
    Board Mouth uses a speech synthesizer to read through any ascii text file. After loading, Board Mouth will prompt you for a file name. It will then read the file and begin talking. Pressing the bar will toggle between the picture display and text display (sorry, low res only).
  • Desk_Pic
    This program is located in the AUTO folder and is therefore started automatically. It replaces the usual green background on the desktop with an image with the extension .UK (here: AIR.UK). If you want to have another image as a background, you only have to copy an image with the extension .UK to a floppy disk, where the DESK_PIC.PRG is also located. There should not be several images with the extension .UK on one floppy disk.
  • Face Animator
    Sets the face of a young lady in motion. Each setting can be saved and the whole thing played back as a film.
  • Movie Animator
    Create and animates wire-frame drawings.
  • Newspeak
    This is a bastardization of a Public Domain Modula 2 program involving a talking head that was posted on a number of other boards.
P 2007
P 2008
  • Kidpiano
    Fades in a 3 octave piano or organ keyboard. After clicking on the keys, the computer plays the respective note. Choose between the sound of a piano or organ.
  • ST Trans 1.2
    Electronic dictionary with integrated vocabulary trainer.
  • Kidgraph
    Simple paint program. You can draw 16 colored pictures in a 19 x 28 grid. With load and save routines.
  • Kidnotes
    Small musical learning program for children. The computer plays a melody, which the child then learns to play on a piano-like keyboard. You can choose from 10 different melodies
  • Kidmusic
    Plays children's songs. The selection is made using large colorful keypads, which are selected with the mouse.
  • Kidgrid 2
    Further development of Kidgrid. Drawing board now enlarged to 468 triangles, color palette now with 16 colors. Furthermore, delete functions as well as load and save functions were added.
P 2009
  • Computer Address Book
    Computer Address Book can store up to 100 entries consisting of Name, Street Address, City & State & Zip Code, Phone number and a small note or comment. In addition, this program can be used as an address label printer.
  • Economy (Spreadsheet)
  • Konto 2.0
    Manages standing orders, debit and credit, entries from current and savings accounts
  • Prime
    Analyzes your name, date of birth, house number, and other personal information to predict your future.
  • STreet finder
    An address database that keeps track of addresses and phone numbers. The emphasis is on the user interface.
P 2010
  • Turtle 2.17
    TURTLE is a fast hard disk backup utility program. It requires no special hardware, and the floppies written are standard TOS disks. To accomplish this speed, certain simple steps must be taken. TURTLE requires just about all the RAM you have (for double sided disks).
  • Superboot 4.0
    This program lets you select which desk accessories, auto programs, and DESKTOP.INF files to use at boot up. You can also set the time & date, write verify, and more. You choose which GEM programs to autoboot (from up to 12 different "pages" of 152 programs on each page). Use function keys to select a setup you desire (have one come up automatically or choose from a number of sets. Protect you hard drive from intruders with passwords. Desktop picture displays and stereo or mono DMA digitized sounds.
  • Profibase ST 0.07c
    Mouse and menu controlled file management, also suitable for professional use. Creation of individual masks, powerful query language. Freely definable fields of various types (text, whole and floating point numbers, date and target field, commercial (number, currency) and images)
  • Mono-Emulator 3.0
    One of the few problems with the ST is it's inability to display all three graphics modes on a normal monitor or TV. The High resolution monochrome display usually needs a special monitor. Some software, such as 'Signum' and 'PCB Designer' only works in monochrome mode, so if you do not a have the monitor then you can not use the software. This small program provides a solution to this. The Mono Emulator make the ST run in mono mode, but provide a picture which is suitable for a normal monitor or TV.
  • IBM-Konverter
    Transfers ST disks to IBM-compatible format.
    This program will rearrange the file system on you disk so that all of the free blocks are contiguous and that the blocks of each file are contiguous on the disk. The reason that you would like a program to do this is that over time, the free blocks on the disk become scattered over the surface.
  • FSCK
    FSCK does a thorough check on the file system to make sure that each file is in a consistent state. It makes sure that the correct number of clusters are allocated for each file, that the cluster chain is intact, and that the . directories really do point to themselves. The only thing it doesn't check for is that .. really points to the parent directory.
  • Code (Digital Image)
P 2011
  • Adressmanager 0.99
    Address management with interface to Label-Expert 5.0
  • Buchus
    Journal accounting that can manage up to 99 accounts. 1000 entries per month are possible. Input tax, VAT and private accounts are created automatically
  • Kartakus 1.1
    Manages any card index with up to 4000 sheets and 12 terms per sheet. The file is kept completely in memory, which speeds up data access.
  • LaserJet II Envelope Utility
  • LQ 500 und LQ 850
  • Printer
  • Record-Master
    Good management program for CDs, LPs and MCs
P 2012
  • Fontenoy 1745, Cowpens 1781, Craonne
  • Empire Scenarios
  • Europa
    Strategy game for 2-5 players fighting for power in Europe. Extensive manipulation possibilities.
  • 12. Jahrhundert
    You have to prove yourself as a ruler and guardian of your religion in different countries and you are given a task beforehand. Afterwards, the actual playing field with a map of Europe around 1150 is built up. The countries were determined at our own discretion, partly due to a lack of historical information.
P 2013
  • Icon
    Programming language similar to Snobol4. Icon is developed at the University of Arizona, interested users receive a free newsletter and comprehensive support from there.
  • Little Smalltalk
    Object-oriented programming language, which has all the properties of the original Smalltalk-80 language except the window properties.
P 2014
  • Dungeon Master Hints
    Detailed maps of all levels, lists of proven spells and insider tips will help you in your time of need.
  • Flight Simulator Scenarios
    Most of these scenarios start with your plane at rest, safely on the ground, but a few begin in motion. There are six files here, numbered F7.001 to F7.006. They all try to mix sceanrio locations - at least one airport from each chart is provided. Most are simple take-offs and explorations, but there are others where you must perform a task.
  • PD-Super
    Olympic game with 4 sports: 100 m, 110 m hurdles, shot put and hammer throw, expandable
  • Segelflugsimulator
P 2015
  • Megablit
    MegaBlit is a hi-res paint program that works in all resolutions on all STs. It is window based, and uses the scroll bars to move around the work area, which is many times bigger than the actual screen.
  • Pearle
    PEARLE.PRG renders 3-dimensional scenes in a world of reflective and refractive spheres, using ray tracing techniques. Movies formed from sequences of frames can be generated, showing reflective balls linked and bouncing in a gravitational field. They resemble a string of bouncing pearles -- hence the name.
  • SuperCAD
    CAD program, with mm-dimensions, own symbol library, several drawing layers and a clean user interface
P 2016
P 2017
  • PC-Write
  • NARC
    NARC is a menu driven de-ARChive facility, written entirely in assembler. NARC allows you to easily move from ARC file to ARC file, with the option of viewing or printing or extracting the subfiles from the ARChive. The program may be operated from the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Cheap Assembler
    CHASM is simple to use and understand. Unlike the Macro Assembler, CHASM doesn't require a second LINK step to produce a working program. CHASM also produces fast loading programs without the use of the utility EXE2BIN.
P 2018
  • D.L.S. - The Game!
  • Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle
    Load up a Degas, Neo or Tiny format picture (several supplied on disk). The program jumbles up the picture into 32 blocks. Click on the blocks you want to swap and they will swap with one another. You are told how long you took to complete the puzzle and how many moves you used up. You can view the picture at any time. The program also supports colour cycling.
  • Geography Quiz
    This GEOGRAPHY QUIZ program contains 100 questions to test your knowledge of the capital cities, national flags and other geographical features of the world. You may copy this version of the program as much as you like.
  • Kidpotato
    KIDPOTATO is designed to imitate the popular toy Mr. Potato Head. Primarily for children ages 2-5, however older children who enjoy Mr. Potato Head may also enjoy the program. Options include: a matching game in which the user makes a potato that matches one chosen at random by the computer and designing one's own potato.
  • Pickpocket
  • Picture Puzzler
  • Trivia Master
    An educational game which can be put to many uses. In addition to the supplied questions, you can create your own.
P 2019
  • Bitte ein Bit 3.5
    Fast copy program, also as an accessory. Ignore empty tracks, automatic format detection, copying from HD disks.
  • Greifer
    Search program for text snippets. Searches in a file or a complete path for single or multiple text passages and writes them into a file if requested. Many options.
  • Label Expert 5.0
    Labeldrucker, für Diskettenlabels (3.5" oder 5.25"), Videohüllen, Paketaufkleber, Briefetiketten, Aktenordner u.a.
  • Peters Börsen-Manager
    Stock exchange manager for all who want to earn money on the stock exchange and need an overview.
P 2020
  • Top 20
    Assemble a music group, find a manager and land the big hit in the charts.
  • Laserschach
    Laser Chess, as the name implies, is a chesslike strategy game for 2 players. The goal is to manipulate a laser-firing piece and various reflective objects to eliminate your opponent's King. As in traditional chess, there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish this.
  • Droid und Berkwood
P 2021
  • Barcode (Dworatzek/Husen)
  • Database
    This program is designed to manipulate information which can be organized into a variable number of records; each record with a set of common fields. An example of this is a mailing list. With a mailing list, there is one record for each addressee being maintained on the list. Some of the fields of a mailing list would be last name, first name, street, city, state, and zip code.
  • Delta X
    Printing of Zweckform disk labels. Easy to use, large graphics library, STAD-, Degas-compatible, prints on Epson-, or NEC P6-compatible
  • Diskkatalog 5.98
    Program and disk management. Automatic reading of all or only preselected file types. Options for sorting and printing according to various criteria
  • Druck 31
  • Epson NL
    Switches Hardcopy print output to 960 characters; it is no longer printed over the border.
  • Fonts
  • Vizz 2.0
P 2022
  • Wagnis
    Computer implementation of the board game Risk
  • UMS: Wilderness
  • Empire Scenarios: Archipel, Golf, X_River
  • Eamon
    Mixture of role play and text adventure. A total of five different dungeons (adventure games) are available. You have to pass hundreds of battles against monsters and soldiers to reach the riches of the caves.
  • Daleks
    Object: Stay alive. If any Dalek touches you, or you run into a heap, the game is over. Staying Alive: Kill all the Daleks on the screen. This is done by: 1) running them into each other. 2) running them into already existing heaps. 3) The Sonic Screwdriver.
P 2023
  • Feuerwehr
    Feuerwehr is a game for one fireman whose task is to extinguish five fires set by a mysterious pyromaniac.
  • Monkey Business
    Game similar to Donkey Kong.
  • Niemals Nie
    Reaction game for several participants. Opponent is the computer.
P 2024
  • Azarian
    AZARIAN is a space strategy game with arcade speed. You command the LF-9 starfighter, a agile and rugged craft designed for quick attacks. Your enemy, the evil Thraxx, a lizard race that specialize in advanced organics for transport and weapontry, has spread across the galaxy and now threatens to dominate the Terran frontier.
  • Mile Game
    You aim to travel 1000 miles before the opponent does. On the way you can inflict problems on the computer as it can on you. Only selecting the correct menu options will get you out of trouble. Both player and computer get awarded points at the end of each stage.
  • Pac-Manic
  • Space War
    Shooting game for two players with many variations.
  • Star-Battle
    Space shooting.
  • Stone Age Deluxe
    Boulder Dash version with many levels and level editor
  • Traffic Jam Ahead
    A pinball game featuring road signs and a police car. You get 7 balls and an extra one for reaching 36,000 points.
P 2025
  • Graphic Server
  • Sigi Painter
    Drawing program with many functions. Special effects like concentric circles and ellipses, mirrored drawing, flipping and moving the image, drawing polygons.
  • Fine Line
    A very basic but nevertheless impressive line drawing program. You can load and save NEO and Degas pictures. Essentially all you can draw is lines or curves so this program would be of more use to improve existing pictures than create new ones.
  • Colorchrome
  • Amok
P 2026
P 2027
  • 3D-Editor
  • Alert Boxen Generator 0.40
    This program was written as a tool for creating alert boxes in GFA-Basic, Hisoft-Basic, Omikron-Basic, Megamax C.
  • GFA-Editor 1.8
  • PCB-Edit
    Board layout with 180 DPI resolution, with common grid sizes and easy handling
  • Strukto
    Structogram generator. The structure diagrams generated from GFA-BASIC programs can be saved as IMG graphics and thus be printed in full size using a graphics or DTP program. The font size can be adjusted. Use of own GEM fonts
  • Trapper (Friese)
P 2028
  • Weißt du es?
    Multiple choice quiz with 422 questions in geography, art, history, science, sports and general. Extendable
  • Siegfried's Bruchrechnen I
  • Math Quizzer
    Math Quizzer is a quiz generator for the Atari ST. 28 math problems are printed per page, with the option of a separate page which includes answers.
  • Jägerprüfung
    Prepares for the hunter exam
  • Erdkunde
    Queries 59 cities and all states of the Federal Republic of Germany and evaluates the test result. In the remaining query areas: Mountains/Water of the Federal Republic of Germany, cities/countries/mountains/water in Austria and Switzerland, cities/countries in Europe, North America and the world, the program asks only one question each before returning to the main menu
  • Ratlefax
    One has to guess terms provided by the computer according to the Hangman rule; nice implementation for the younger generation.
P 2029
  • Bio 2.5
    Now also analyzes the rythmic harmony of two people in the physical, mental and spiritual area
  • EL-Analyse
    Calculates empirical or sum formulas, molar masses
  • General Ledger
    Cash book, multi-client capable, password, menu control, various evaluation options.
  • MetNet
    The METNET program performs unit conversions between the United States System and the International System of Units (SI), metric practice.
  • Pegafakt
  • PH-Wert
    Calculation for acids / bases, ampholyte, salts and buffer systems
  • Wirtschaftsrechnen
    Mathematical routines for office staff, convenient calculator replacement. Supports basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, conversion of time units, counting masses, English and general length measurements, weight units and body measurements. The following calculation functions are available for bookkeeping: Equity capital, assets, borrowed capital, cost price, cost of goods, profit on goods, calculation of the payment load, linear depreciation, return on sales, profitability, efficiency, productivity, cost of goods ratio and profitability. Finally, to calculate a proposal, you can calculate the weight charges per kilogram, the warehouse interest flow, the purchase multiplier, the administrative overhead surcharge, and much more.
P 2030
P 2031
  • ZAP-Card
    This program will allow you to create and manipulate simple card files, to store, retrieve and update various kinds of information. Zap_Card is not a full-featured database, but it is adequate for many simple tasks, as e.g. cataloguing books or records, or collecting references to literature.
  • ST Writer (Deutsch) 3.0
    On the 8-bit Ataris the Atari Writer was a very popular editor. Less known is its ST counterpart, the ST Writer Elite. Never commercially distributed, the full-screen text editor has been updated several times.
  • KUndenSTammVErwaltung
P 2032
P 2033
  • Air Warrior
    Air Warrior is a multiplayer aerial combat simulation. Using sophisticated software on both the user's microprocessor and the GEnie system, Air Warrior provides the level of graphical detail and responsiveness expected from a video game, yet at the same time the scope and large number of participants of an online game.
  • Labyrinth Master II
    You take the role of Larry in this maze game. Larry is the prisoner of an evil sorcerer and to escape he must survive all the mazes of the magic garden. Unfortunately he can only pass the door of the labyrinth if he has collected all the mushrooms growing in the garden. This in itself would not even be the worst thing. But to make matters worse, the evil wizard has also posted his servants in the labyrinths. If one of these monsters touches Larry, he loses a (screen) life.
  • ST-Rally
    Variant of the Super Sprint car race. 2 players drive against each other on a rally track. There are mean things like mud and icy sections. With track editor.
P 2034
  • Damonoid
    Fast action game with good graphics. You have to survive for 60 seconds to get to the next level.
  • Monkeys & Balloons
    As the monkey trainer, you control which way the monkeys move the trampoline by moving the ST's mouse left and right. The monkeys can control where the clown will bounce by moving the trampoline slightly when the clown bounces. The clown will bounce straight up and down, if he lands right in the center of the trampoline. The further from the center, the more of an angle.
  • Startrash
    A marble madness type game for 1 to 6 players. Each player takes his turn separately, continuing until he loses one of his seven lives. Your character is a bouncy ball and you have to bounce around the playing area collecting objects. As you collect objects, you must get past various guardians and climb the stairs to the next part of the level. A single level is likely to take weeks of practice to complete. Just as well because that's all you get in this demo version. The full version features a further 20 levels for those who can rise to the challenge!
P 2035
  • Schacharchiv
    Allows the comfortable input and management of interesting chess games. Games in the archive are started by mouse click and displayed on the board. The author offers 3 archive disks with 200 games each.
  • Wall Street
    You start with $10,000 and try to make your fortune on the Stock market. Buy and sell, watch the trends, listen to the conflicting recommendations of Cautious Charlie and Wild Eyed Willie, receive dividends and more. You can watch the history of your stocks (and those not yours) on a ongoing graph. Each game is different.
  • Tactics
    The rules of the game are very simple: Place four game pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row (e.g. from top right to bottom left). Stop the opponent from completing such a row.
  • Hero
    This former commercial release is now available as Freeware due to the generosity of the programmer, and is a must for fans of this genre. The only differences from the full version are the lack of game introduction and one or two minor alterations. The game itself involves the rescue of a number of trapped personnel from a bio-nuclear complex. Radiation is dangerously high and security droids guard many areas but you must reach the trapped individuals in time and retrieve their teleport card. Your character, Jim, is completely joystick controlled throughout the game and can run, walk, jump, crawl and climb as well as fight off adversaries and access the computers that he finds scattered within the complex. A fun and challenging game with a great deal of appeal and a variety of levels for extended interest. Needs 1 Mb.
  • Ship Combat
    Battleship sinking, visually appealing
  • Dominoes
    Requires a lot of concentration if you want to  place the different color tiles correctly on the playing field.
  • 66
    Well known card game, with funny graphics
P 2036
P 2037
P 2038
  • Convert
    Conversion program between different graphic formats (DEGAS, STAD, PWORKS, DOODLE, IMG, ART DIRECTOR, NEOCHROME) and different resolutions (low, medium, high). Packed formats are also taken into account.
  • Little Painter
    Drawing program with great features, e.g. gradient function for all filled objects
  • Mistral
    Drawing program with extensive functions for contouring, shadowing and drawing through sections, with many special painting routines (spline etc.), good magnification function and support for numerous image formats
P 2039
  • Systemkonverter
  • WEB
    Global program structure for programming in Pascal, consisting of editor, TANGLE, WALDI, WEAVE, shell and printer adjustment, as well as explanations and example programs.
  • Zeilen-Nummerierer
    Inserts line numbers in any text. Ideal for programmers who want to print a listing with line numbers.
  • CheckStar
    Input control program for MCI listings.
  • Basic Construction Set
    Basic Construction Set, supports the programming of your own desktops with GFA-BASIC. With a built-in paint program the menus (buttons and decorations) can be drawn on the screen and icons can be placed. BCS creates an executable GFA-BASIC program, which builds up this desktop and queries the built-in buttons
  • Bestshell
    Menu for launching up to five applications by pressing the F key.
P 2040
  • Bausparen 1.0
    Calculates the course of a construction savings contract, based on savings payments of different amounts. This updated version has been extended by the function "General Savings Plans", which allows to calculate credit and interest with annual interest credits, as it is the case for instalment and other savings contracts
  • BigMacc
    Accessory with six useful features.
  • Love & Fun 1.0
    Shows which partner is right for you - in love, sports or at work. The application has its own database with 1000 celebrities that can be used for partner comparison. The PD version allows the partner comparison between five people, the save function is disabled
  • Quick Index 1.4
    Determines how fast your ST really performs. CPU and peripherals are thoroughly tested.
  • Quick Inf
  • Sagrotan 4.14
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
  • Super Sensori
    An adaption of the electronic game "Simon".
P 2041
  • Adressmanager 2.0
    Address management with interface to Label-Expert 5.0
  • Fontmonitor
    Finds the fonts used in a Signum document
  • Formular 2.4
    Print letters, postcards, bank transfers and forms of all kinds. Exact positioning of all text fields by millimetre indication. 9- and 24-pin adjustment, calculating, saving
  • Minitext 2.45
    Word processor with table functions etc.
  • Suchsets 1.1
    Utility that allows the Signum! user to determine which character sets have been used in the documents. The annoying error message "Character set not found" can be avoided in an elegant way. Those who work with hard disk will also benefit from search sets. The program shows when a file has actually been created, even if the date in the directory has been falsified when copying with an old TOS version.
P 2042
  • Profi-Liga 1.04
    League table management program for the Bundesliga, with examples from the 89/90 season.
  • 12. Jahrhundert 0.4
    You have to prove yourself as a ruler and guardian of your religion in different countries and you are given a task beforehand. Afterwards, the actual playing field with a map of Europe around 1150 is built up. The countries were determined at our own discretion, partly due to a lack of historical information.
  • Fussball ST 1.70
    A strategy game for 1-4 players about football. With a lot of skill and luck the players try to manage a football team. Each player tries to score as many points as possible in the 30 league games, 6 DFB and 6 European Cup rounds. The strength of the team can be determined through selective team formation, buying and selling players. Finances can be regulated by ticket prices, stadium expansion or bank loans.
  • Celestial Ceasars
    Strategy game for 1-4 space cadets in which you explore space, conquer planets, build spaceships and fight the enemy fleets
P 2043
  • Auto-Börse
  • Cave Runner I
    The aim of this game is to collect all the little bottles in each level and of course to stay alive. However, time (and some other things) is against you. While one other version of this game has already been released in another PD collection, you will find the full version with all levels as public domain on the J-disk for the first time.
  • Fuffy 2.0
    Yahtzee game with evaluation graphics. The fallen dice and the statistical score of the other players are made visible three-dimensionally.
  • Glücksrad (Pesch)
  • Lotte
  • Quiz (Stolzer)
    Guessing game.
P 2044
P 2045
  • ASchreib
  • Calamus 1.09 (Demo)
    Professional desktop publishing program, including fonts, graphics, documents and printer drivers.
P 2046
  • 1st Show
    1ST_SHOW.PRG shows images in sequential order, which are in the formats DEGAS with 32034 bytes or DOODLE, STAD, MONOSTAR etc. with 32000 bytes.
  • Clip Art 4
  • IDL-Picture-Show
  • Show File
    SHOWFILE.PRG works similar to 1st Show, but shows files that were saved as screen shots with GFA_BASIC using the 'Get' command. This format is also used by MONOSTAR with its 'Objects' and other paint programs as 'Block'. If an extender is specified, only the corresponding files are displayed, otherwise all of them.
P 2047
  • Virendetektor 2.8
    Detects numerous boot and link viruses, immunises floppy disks and thus prevents new infections. The program checks complete floppy disks and/or hard disks and forms checksums. With detailed introduction to virus science.
  • Texter 2
    GFA tools, with which graphic commands are generated by mouse and saved as merge file
  • Speicher-Spion
  • SM-Shell
    A new desktop for hard drive owners. Up to 45 programs can be accessed at lightning speed via pull-down menus, 10 more via the F-keys.
  • HDSCAN 1.20
    Quickly find, mark, copy or delete files on disk and hard drive.
  • NO-CLS
    Removes "CLS" from GFA-BASIC programs.
  • Hard-Inf
    Lets the user select the desired one from several Desktop.Inf
  • GFA-Editor 1.9
  • CrossRef 2.1
  • BootUtility 2.0
    Brings fast load, 2ms seekrate, time/date, virus protection, software reset and more.
P 2048
  • Kaufmann
    Commercial calculations from small loans to self-made houses up to break-even analysis.
  • KC & D
    Management program for shares and securities. Graphical representation of the share price development. Supports portfolio management, provides a quick overview of the portfolio and presents the figures.
  • MIDI-Pauker 1.0
    Teaching program for reading notes and displaying notes played on the keyboard. Display of notes in treble or bass clef.
  • Römisch PD
  • Terminplaner 3.2
    Extensive program with many special functions: Notepad, calendar, address management, serial letter function, public holidays in Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. With internal help. The dates are displayed in the calendar and you can display the next date.
  • Vermessungsprogramm
P 2049
  • TeX
P 2050
  • TeX-Fonts und Druckertreiber
P 2051
  • TeX Metafont

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