Delta Labs PD - Public Domain

The DL series was started by the company Delta Labs, publisher of a popular range for Ataris CDs (Alpha, Omega, Transmission and others). This series was started late in the ST’s life cycle and features therefore more modern applications. Delta Labs later went into the business selling ink for printers, but the company never forget its Atari roots: At you can download their CDs, the CD magazine Revolution and various PD series (J, AM, Pool, GFA-Club, DL, Kontrast, TT).

DL 001
  • Fastbase
    Fastbase is a powerful, flexible database for the Atari-ST that incorporates features previously only to be found in expensive commercial offerings. The many features include: * Incorporate 4 different graphic formats * Multiple databases in memory at once * Sophisticated query with relational features * Works in all three screen resolutions * Two password protected access levels to databases * Works comfortably on a 520 ST * GDOS compatible for ultimate on-screen presentation
DL 002
  • Icon-Lib
    Extensive library with over 800 KB icons for Gemini, Ease or TOS 2.xx - 3.xx.
DL 003
  • ACS Demo
  • Everest 3.5
    Everest is a GEM based text editor for all Atari 680x0 based systems. It is great for working with unformatted ASCII files. It can also be used an editor for programmers.
  • Gmap
    The GMAP program examines your hard disks and displays a graphical map of the data contained on the disk. It diagnoses your disk and tells you if optimization (de-fragmentation) is needed on your disk.
  • MDisk
    M-Disk provides - a sizable removable multi-function ramdisk - a floppy disk copy program (with virus detection logic) - a fast ramdisk load/save program - a harddisk backup/restore program - a PS/2 compatible floppy disk formatting program - a boot sector virus destruction program
  • Spex
    Print spooler
DL 004
  • Connect
    Very good software for remote data transmission.
DL 005
  • Mastermind.CPX
    The present CPX is a replacement for the SOUND.CPX from ATARI. The handling is basically the same.
  • MessMaus
    Displays mouse position
  • MyClock 1.09
    Who would have guessed it, another clock! But this time in a window, either analog or digital display, with different display formats, different fonts (with GDOS) and font sizes. Alarm function. GEM compliant, i.e. executable on all computers and resolutions.
  • PATCHX06
    PATCHX06.PRG is a bugfix program for the unfortunately very abundant errors in the BIOS diskette routines of the new TOS2.06 (TOS creation date is 14.11.91) and TOS3.06.
  • PS-Control
    Displays up to 200 processes under MiNT with some parameters.
  • PumpUp (The Volume)
  • SpeedUp
    Program to skilfully control process priorities in MultiTOS; runs as a GEM application, but consumes little computing time and can already be installed in MiNT.Cnf.
  • Tree Check
    The program 'TREE CHECK' is included in the package of the fast file copier KOBOLD by KAKTUS Richstein & Dick GbR, Kaiserslautern. However, it may also be copied further as desired. TREE CHECK checks all files of a source path against the files of a target path and counts the missing or different files. Additionally, their paths can be recorded in a log file.
  • Spooler
  • Take-Off 2.08
    Take-Off is an accessory for the quick start of programs via a so-called pop-up menu. Once configured, Take-Off saves you from having to go to the deepest folder. As an alternative to the icons in Gemini, it should also reduce the icon flood on the desktop a bit.
  • Teleinx 2.05
    With TELIINX.CPX you can easily provide telephone numbers and addresses for retrieval. The telephone numbers can be stored in a simple ASCII file or exported from an existing database.
  • M-Disk 6.94
    M-Disk provides - a sizable removable multi-function ramdisk - a floppy disk copy program (with virus detection logic) - a fast ramdisk load/save program - a harddisk backup/restore program - a PS/2 compatible floppy disk formatting program - a boot sector virus destruction program
    Module for formatting disks, also supports HD and even ED formats.
  • VGA Simulator 1.08
    The VGA Simulator is a utility program for the Atari TT. It is designed to simulate the five low TT resolutions (VGA resolutions) with the high TT resolution. The program is necessary because a monitor for the high TT resolution (e.g. TTM 194/195) normally cannot display VGA resolutions.
  • Winni 2.0
    Utility for WinX.
  • WINX 2.0
    Winx by Martin Osieka expands GEM in TOS versions up to version 4.04 to include some of the features which are available in MultiTOS. From users point of view this means (among other stuff) more windows allowed, enhanced control elements for background windows and an expanded user interface. Additionally some bugs and deficiencies of the different GEM versions have been removed or repaired.
  • Wrap-Mouse
    Driver for serial MS-DOS mice, Microsoft, Mousesystems and LOGITECH, on any RS232 port of ST, TT, Falcon and Mega STE.
  • XAcc-Spy
    XAcc-Spy is a kind of "XAcc debugger", i.e. all running applications that support the XAcc protocol are displayed in one window. For this purpose, you get all XAcc parameters (see below), with which you can evaluate such programs quite well.
  • Make CPX
  • SpoolCPX
    Spooler configurable via XControl.
  • Lade Font Utility
  • CPX Reversi
    The initial game allows you to go first. You have the 'O' pieces. You place a piece opposite a piece of the opposing player. This causes all opposing pieces between your newly placed piece and a previously placed friendly piece to 'flip' over to your type. This works both horizontally, vertically and diagonally (all at once). The player with the most pieces at the end wins.
  • ARROWFIX 1.5
    This program fixes some bugs that have cropped up around the AES management of WM_ARROWED messages in TOS 2.06/3.06.
  • Boot-Init-CPX
    Configuration of all parameters of the Falcon and TT, which are stored in a non-volatile RAM.
  • Bootreg
    BOOTREG.CPX remembers the date and time of the last boot processes (in which it was booted).
  • Change Flags
    "Change Flags" is a module for Atari's modular control panel (XCONTROL), with which manipulations can be made to the header of programs.
  • Circinus
    With this program it is possible to change the following file properties: names, date, time, attributes.
  • CKBD
    CKBD Deluxe version 1.3 by Pascal Fellerich - Composed Characters Keyboard Driver plus flexible mouse speeder. Billed as "The ultimate extension for the keyboard driver in TOS computers", this utility program gives you easy access to any special character available in the system character set on any keyboard! Moreover CKBD is configurable so that even completely different character sets like the ISO set can be used.
    CLOCK.ACC runs in a frameless window and displays the time analogously as a dial. The clock continues to run correctly even if it is partially covered by other windows.
  • Clogge
    Menu bar display of time, date, memory (largest block/block total), resolution independent, configurable, XSSI compliant, AOS capable.
  • Kalender (CPX)
    KALENDER.CPX provides you with a monthly calendar in the control panel window. The month and year can be freely selected.  Use the mouse to navigate through the calendar. All public holidays are listed (but not every day is a public holiday in every state).
  • Cookie 2.10
    With SCOOKIE.CPX it is possible to display the existing cookies and, if available, output information about them.
  • CPX-Basic 1.07
    CPX-Basic by Oliver Teuber and Jan Starzynski (based on David Gillespie's Chipmunk-Basic) allows you to program in BASIC in a CPX! With this you can pull up a BASIC interpreter in any GEM program. Includes a 68000 version, and a TT version
  • Disk Formatter 1.0
    Formatting in the background.
  • Fast_Ser
    Fast_Ser by Franz Sirl is a low level serial port driver that provides optomized high speed serial routines AND also provides a way for you to set the SCC driven serial ports to 38400 and 57600. Includes a replacement Modem cpx module and a text file describing a bug in the Mega STe gals that prevents the SCC ports from working properly. The program and all documentation is in German.
  • FastFileFinder 3.0.6
    Fast search of files on disk or hard disk.
    FATSAVER V1.5 was born out of the trouble a virus had caused: miraculously the data on different floppy disks disappeared. The disk monitor brought it to light: Only the File Allocation Table (short FAT) was destroyed, both directory and the data itself were still there.
  • FujiDesk/BeeWatch
    What's FujiDesk? A Fuji symbol that adorns your desktop whenever there is a menu bar present. In monochrome (normal and bigscreen) and ST medium, the Fuji rotates at your chosen preset speed. In TT medium and ST low resolutions, it's a nice rainbow corresponding to all the colors currently set on the desktop (or whatever program you're in). What's BeeWatch? BeeWatch replaces the desktop's busy bee with a ticking watch.
  • Harddisk.CPX
    HARDDISK.CPX is a module for the new XCONTROL control panel. It displays the disk usage (how many bytes are on the disk, how many are free and how many are used ?) It also shows the free memory, divided into normal ST-RAM and alternative RAM.
    The module allows to display the memory usage of the partitions from C to Z. It also displays the main memory usage.
  • HP LJ4
    Configuration of the HP LaserJet 4, 4L and 4P. Package with 3 CPX from Donald Bork: print quality, font type, size, font set, page layout, PCL commands, etc. Five configurations can be stored.
  • HP-Desk
    Hardcopy driver for HP-DeskJet. Numerous options and good user interface. Image contents can be stored as IMG file (clipboard support). Resident program.
DL 006
  • ORCS
    Otto's Resource Construction Set was the first RCS as shareware. All dialogs run in windows, so the program is MultiTOS compatible. With icon editor etc.
DL 007
  • Crack Art 1.30 TT+
    Crack Art is a great paint program from Germany. Includes docs in both English and German.
DL 008
  • BGB
DL 009
DL 010
  • S-Back 4.86
  • ST-ZIP 2.60
    STZip is a program that allows you to compress and decompress files, i.e. to reduce their lengths. You saves space on your disks and reduce the transmission time if you send the files by modem. It also allows you to group several files in one single file, whose extension in general is ZIP. STZip uses files that are compatible with PKZip 2.04 on the IBM PC, and the Unix Info-Zip programs Zip 1.9/Unzip 5.0.
DL 011
  • Teradesk
    Open-souce desktop for the 16-bit and 32-bit lines of Atari computers. A small, fast and simple desktop suitable for the modern multitasking environments.
DL 012
  • FreeMiNT 1.12
    FreeMiNT is a multitasking, multiuser operating system. It belongs to the same family as System V, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NeXT Step, HP/UX, Ultrix, Solaris, QNX, Linux. A large number of Unix software has been compiled for FreeMiNT and is available in source and binary form from FTP services.
DL 013
  • MiNT Utils
  • mintshel
    Here is a sample shell that can be used with MiNT. There's nothing particularly special about this shell (there are plenty of others that also work under MiNT), but it is small and it does understand job control, both of which are useful features.
  • XInfo 1.00
    The Swiss Army Knife of the GEM, allows about a hundred different operations. E.g. packing and unpacking of LZH, ZOO, ZIP, ARC etc., fast load bit for program header, virus check.
DL 014
  • STGB
DL 015
  • Border Bundle
    Border Bundle is a unique program/accessory that will 'build' decorative borders for use in any of your Calamus document. Any desired width and height up to 24" x 24" may be defined using master art previously prepared just for that use.
  • Boule
    Game similar to Oxyd.
  • PowerDOS
    Multitasking capable operating system extension.
DL 016
  • VGA Simulator
    The VGA Simulator is a utility program for the Atari TT. It is designed to simulate the five low TT resolutions (VGA resolutions) with the high TT resolution. The program is necessary because a monitor for the high TT resolution (e.g. TTM 194/195) normally cannot display VGA resolutions.
  • T-Cache 6.4
    Tcache is a good disk cache program on the ATARI. It is configurable in a very wide range and offers features like write buffering, delayed write, extensive statistics functions, different cache strategies, boot sector protection, a ramdisk, virtual drives, load accessories from a folder, write protection for single drives and much more.
  • ST-Tools 1.93
    Utility similar to PC-Tools for MS-DOS. Display of directory trees and directories etc.
  • Q-Pack
    Good packershell for TOS 2.xx and 3.xx.
  • Manta
DL 017
  • 7up 2.12
    GEM based text editor for the Atari ST. It utilizes all the functions of GEM including drop down menus, windows, dialog boxes, and desktop icons.
  • Autobahn
    Calculates routes within Germany.
DL 018
  • Accessory 1.2
    Accessory (ACC.PRG) is a program that will let you load all of your accessories out of a folder called ACCS on the boot drive instead of loading them out of the root directory of the boot drive. This helps to keep your main directory less cluttered especially for hard drive owners.
  • DigiEdit 1.00
  • Superboot 8.0
    This program lets you select which desk accessories, auto programs, and DESKTOP.INF files to use at boot up. You can also set the time & date, write verify, and more. You choose which GEM programs to autoboot (from up to 12 different "pages" of 152 programs on each page). Use function keys to select a setup you desire (have one come up automatically or choose from a number of sets. Protect you hard drive from intruders with passwords. Desktop picture displays and stereo or mono DMA digitized sounds.
DL 019
  • Atari-Test
    Tests the complete hardware, from the floppy to the monitor.
  • Calendar 6.3
    Cal is a calendar program with a difference - it lets you attach 'events' to any day of the year, either by date or according to a day's position in the month. When Cal loads, it reads the current date from your system clock and checks to see if any events are scheduled for the day. If so, Cal displays an alert that shows you the day's events.
DL 020
  • AHDI 6.06
  • Gemar
    Probably the best backup program for SCSI streamers. Runs on all computers and under any configuration.
  • HDX 5.04
    Partitioning software for the hard disk driver AHDI
DL 021
  • GEM-View 3.17
    This program allows you to view almost any picture format from almost any computer in almost any resolution on any Atari 16-bit or 32-bit machine! The picture is displayed in a GEM window and the scroll bars can be used to view areas not displayed on screen, where the resolution of the picture exceeds that of your monitor. Pictures with more colours than can be displayed in the current resolution go through a colour reduction and dithering process so that the picture can be viewed. You can currently display any picture in the following formats:- GIF, SUN, B&W, PAC, IFF, BMP, RLE, IMG (including colour), GEM, NEO, ART, DEGAS, TINY, DOO, SPU, SPC, XBM, PBM, PGM, PPM, MAC, TGA, TIFF, RSC, PCX, VIDAS, APPLE II, Mac Sartup Screen, Megapaint, CRG, Apple Imagewriter, MGF, Monostar, Printfox, Pagefox, Thunderscan, Inshape, STraight Fax, R24, QFax/Coma-Fax, XGA, PhotoCD and JPEG. Pictures can be resized and resaved in IMG, ESM, IFF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TGA, MGF, Inshape, STraight Fax, R24, QFax/Coma-Fax or JPEG formats.
DL 022
  • Blox
    Place pieces in the centre of the screen to make rings, completed rings disappear. A similar idea to Tetris but with a number of differences. Very addictive.
  • Schadist
    Ball game of the special kind
DL 023
  • Assign
    Assign is a program with a graphical user interface for editing the system file ASSIGN.SYS, which is used to assign character sets to device drivers when using the GDOS (or similar, e.g. NVDI) system extension.
  • Cold Revenge
    Star Trek implementation.
  • FontShow
    FONTSHOW shows all installed GDOS fonts in one window. Including source in GFA Basic.
  • GFA Basic 4.0 Editor
    The editor of the never released GFA Basic 4.0, released as PD.
DL 024
  • Die Uhr
    Nice desktop clock with alarm function.
  • Euler
    EULER, The numerical Laboratory version. It has the following features: Interactive evaluation of numerical expressions with real or complex values, vectors and matrices, including use of variables, Built in functions that can take vectors as input and then evaluate each element of the vector or matrix, Matrix functions, Statistical functions and random numbers, 2D and 3D plots, A built in programming language with a trace feature, and online help.
  • Schoner 0.9
    Good screensaver with different effects.
DL 025
DL 026
  • Paula 2.1
    Amiga MOD file player for STEs and TTs with DMA sound
  • Petra
    Allows the use of Paula also on normal STs. Petra should run on any Atari without DMA sound hardware and under any TOS version 1.0 or higher. However, Petra will not install if the TOS is older than v1.4 *and* the 'FSEL'-Cookie (installed by Selectric or BoxKite for example) is not present.
  • TeX to TXT
    This program turns TeX chaos into readable ASCII files.
  • WSX 2.6
    WSX runs on all ATARI computers with DMA sound hardware, i.e. all ST/STE/MEGA STE/TT/( FALCON with reservation). Note: STs without DMA sound cannot select PLAY. Playing is only possible with the combination MOD-File-Export/Paula/Petra.
DL 027
  • Icon-Patch
  • Terminplaner 6.1
    Extensive program with many special functions: Notepad, calendar, address management, serial letter function, public holidays in Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. With internal help. The dates are displayed in the calendar and you can display the next date.
  • TJPC-Kassette
    Program to create covers for music cassettes, which are saved as GEM metafiles.
DL 028
  • Calligrapher lite
    Fully functional version of the word processor without limitations. Vector fonts up to 120 pt are used.
DL 029
  • Marvin
    Shell for a compiler environment. Fully executable under GEM. Comfortable handling of the GFA system.
  • Bootlaunch
    Boot selector
  • Extract 0.53
    A packer shell for LHARC.
  • Aasgeier
    Programming utility, makes games resolution independent.
DL 030
  • IMG Slide Show
    This .IMG Slide Show program (IMGSHOW.PRG) allows the viewing of monochrome .IMG files on any resolution ST. (Low, Med, Hi & Viking 1) The user has control over speed, titles, slide order and other attributes through the use of an optional script file. You may specify multiple search paths and/or filenames with full wildcard support.
  • Ms.PacSam
    Special packing program for sample files.
  • XY-Maus 3.2
    Extensive multifunctional utility. Runs as an accessory and program.
DL 031
  • Flys - Flydial-Library
  • GFA Pics
    Loading of different graphic formats in GFA-BASIC 3.x: PI3,PI2,PI1,PC3, PIC/DOO, NEO, PAC, IMG. The formats are not converted, i.e. a color image can be displayed in one color resolution only.
DL 032
DL 033
  • DESKCOPY 16.03.1993
    Allows copying files in the background in MultiTOS.
  • DiskView
    Formats floppy disks. Creates folders, searches and deletes unnecessary files on the hard disk
  • FuzzyClock 1.14
    Haven't you always been annoyed by much too exact clock times? Who wants to know whether it is "17:36:25" or "17:37:03"? And anyway, seventeen divided by thirty-six, you have to do some math. The FuzzyClock can display the time either as "five past half six" or as "5 to ½ 6".
  • Selectric 1.03
    Fileselector with many features
  • Spooler
  • StarPlayer 3.1
DL 034
DL 035
DL 036
  • WinRec
    Hard disk recorder for the Falcon.
  • Neochrome Master 2.28
  • Cybernetix
    Cybernetix, a Defender type clone from New Zealand. You fly your spaceship in this horizontal scrolling game, blasting asteroids, collecting crystals, fighting invaders, and more.
DL 037
  • IdeaList 3.404
    IdeaList is a versatile tool used to print out ASCII files and files in Wordplus format or RTF. This when used can save up to 80% of paper consumption. Also when you use this program because it has a printer driver exclusive to your own printer you can control all of your printer functions and you can also print the files in better quality. In other words it takes all the hard work out of printing files.
DL 038
  • Laborant Professional
    A universal chemistry package and program for measuring data analysis. It is one of the most powerful programs of its type, being used typically in biology, physics, pharmaceutics and thermodynamics both in the laboratory and the classroom. Features include stoichiometry, data processing, statistical tests, linear equation systems and matrix operations, thermochemistry (incl databases), reaction kinetics, chemical solutions and conversions, chemical calculation methods over a wide range, tables and excercising programs, import and export of measuring data, integration of external programs and TEX support!
DL 039
  • Bug Hunter
    Nice action game in color.
  • Happy Worm
    A sort of Pacman clone in which you play a worm rather than a pacman!
  • Insectroid
    A Galaxians type game where waves of insects swoop down the screen at you and you must defend yourself by shooting as many of them as you can. Once you clear the screen of aliens it's on to the next level where you continue with the destruction. A very addictive game.
  • Pin~Ball~Wizard
    Pinball game with built-in level editor. Runs only in monochrome.
DL 040
  • Kandinsky 2.51
    Kandinsky is a vector-oriented drawing program with all the usual features like box, round box, circle, elipse, line, polygon, arc and bezier curves are there. The control offered over bezier curves is second to none. Text input is supported from 8 point to 20 point using the system font. SpeedoGDOS is supported if installed.  The package includes vector fonts in BGI format and these can be scaled to any size.  Greyscales and shadowing  can be applied to objects and these can be moved, re- sized, grouped, ungrouped, mirrored and rotated as required. Kandinsky is fully MultiTOS compatible and the number of windows available is limited only by available memory. It loads and saves GEM metafiles as well as allowing data to be exchanged between programs using the GEM clipboard.
DL 041
  • JPG View
    Displays JPG and True Color Targa images on the Falcon.
  • Zardosia
    Strategy game in the style of Kaiser
  • Compress
    Configurable packer shell that can be placed on the desktop in Gemini. The files to be unpacked only need to be dragged onto the icon.
    This program is a boot selector program. It can be used to set accessories and auto folder programs, as well as various setups.
  • Frac
    This is a PRG/ACC and CPX for demonstration of DSP56001 capabilities. It calculates a Mandelbrot fractal using 680X0, 68882 or DSP. The DSP sources are provided as a DSP programming example. The .LOD file should be in the same folder as executable just like a .RSC. Written by Brainstorm, the authors of the Atari Falcon DSP debugger.
DL 042
  • Let'em fly 1.20
    System extension: - Flying dialogs: Many dialogs are made flyable. With this you can make hidden things visible. Also the alert boxes can fly now. - Keyboard operability of dialogs: Many dialogs can now be operated by keyboard. - Additional editing features: If a dialog contains editable input fields, additional editing functions are provided.  Among others, the GEM clipboard is supported and a history of the last 20 entries is maintained. - new alert boxes with new icons: The visual appearance of the alert boxes has been revised. They are now only as big as they really need to be. Furthermore you can reload new icons. - Grow-/Shrinkboxes can be switched off
  • PacShell
    PacShell - a GEM shell for various archivers: Zip, Zoo, Lzh, Arc.
  • PicSwitch 1.01
    Very good graphics converter program that can read images in many formats. Printing on dot matrix printers and HP Laserjet. With dithering etc.
DL 043
  • Sound Lab
    This is Sound Lab, dmj software's new sample editor. It has plenty of features, and its edit functions are _very_ fast. You can play and record samples from 5KHz to 30KHz, load and save in .AVR, .SPL, and .SAM format, and it's easy to use. (Recording samples requires either the ST Replay cartridge or Pandaal DaataSound cartridge.)
DL 044
  • Typist
  • Sunclock
    Simple port from SUNCLOCK (by John Walker, Autodesk Inc.) to the Atari. Although not very speedy, it's nice to play with (for a while). It would be nice to have this clock as a desktop background.
  • Quantos
    Multitool. Setting and displaying of clock and date, alarm, RAM disk, fast hardcopy (also cutout), disk verify on/off, screen saver, progressive quick mouse.
  • MultiDialog 1.0
    Places all dialog boxes of all programs in a GEM window, so that the programs can also be run under MultiTOS.
DL 045
  • Digital Keyclick
    Are you completely sick of the cheesy ST keyclick? Do you envy those Mac users who can make their keyboards sound like 1929 manual typewriters? Well, wait no longer! This program will let you install a different digital sound for every key on the keyboard! Are we having fun yet?!
  • Multiterm Mini
    MultiTerm Mini is a complete Btx decoder that allows you to get started easily with this system. Extensive display options ensure that the Btx/Vtx image can be displayed in the best possible quality on your Atari. Whether you have a monochrome or a colour monitor, whether your computer has the extended colour palette of the STE or the TT, whether you have a graphics card or a Falcon. MultiTerm Mini recognises this automatically and offers you the optimum display for every hardware configuration.
DL 046
  • Grav 2
    GRAV 2 is, like its prequel GRAV, a game of the type generically known as "rotate and thrust". What this means is easier to see during play than it is to explain, but the basic gist is this: Your ship can only move forwards. To get it to move in a specific direction, you rotate the ship and then thrust. To stop, you turn the ship around and thrust in the opposite direction.
DL 047
  • Protext
    One of the most successful British word processor programs, developed by Peterborough-based Arnor Ltd between 1985 and 1995, Protext has sold over 30,000 copies. Original written for the Amstrad CPC464, Protext was subsequently released for the Amstrad PCW8256, the PC, the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and the Acorn Archimedes.
DL 048
    NOROACH allows you to set the length of time TOS will wait before trying to boot from the hard disk. It also has the useful side effect of guarding against floppy disk viruses.
  • XControl
  • PRG Flags
  • Atari Support Disk
  • ARROWFIX 1.5
    This program fixes some bugs that have cropped up around the AES management of WM_ARROWED messages in TOS 2.06/3.06.
  • 24BIT
    This program switches the TT to using 24 bit addresses. This lets some programs that would otherwise abort, run on the TT. However, normally it should not be used. In addition, if your computer has TT RAM, 24BIT will only load if you run it before loading any program which uses the TT RAM, in other words, run it as your first AUTO folder program.
DL 049
  • 1st Guide
    1stGuide is a program/accessory to view/play various standard file formats in GEM windows on all Atari machines, all system configurations, in all screen resolutions and color depths. Furthermore, hypertext-like links can be defined between files in a simple manner, which provides the possibility to create large information systems to be used interactively with 1stGuide.
DL 050
  • GEM Spooler 2.2
    GEM Spooler is a universal printer spooler for Atari computers. Everybody who prints a lot knows the problem: it takes a long time before the computer is available again because the computer has to wait for the slow printer. GEM Spooler captures the printer output, returns control of the computer to the user, and spools the printer data out IN THE BACKGROUND.
DL 051
DL 164 1 of 3
  • Atari Info Pages
    Address book in ST-Guide format with many addresses of well-known suppliers and program authors as well as more than 700 program descriptions.
DL 164 2 of 3
  • Atari Info Pages
    Address book in ST-Guide format with many addresses of well-known suppliers and program authors as well as more than 700 program descriptions.
DL 164 3 of 3
  • Atari Info Pages
    Address book in ST-Guide format with many addresses of well-known suppliers and program authors as well as more than 700 program descriptions.
DL 181 1 of 2
  • Roadrunner
    Demo version of a program for planning car trips. Included is an expandable road map of Germany with over 7700 nodes.
DL 181 2 of 2
  • Roadrunner
    Demo version of a program for planning car trips. Included is an expandable road map of Germany with over 7700 nodes.

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