Heim Special Line - Public Domain

Heim Special Line was a series of commercial programs for a small price, which was advertised in ST-Computer, but ran in competition with the special disks of Maxon (editorial office ST-Computer). In contrast to these, the Special Line disks were published on CD - 38 of 51 disks are on the "Very Best of...2" CD from Falke Verlag.

Heim Special Line 01
  • TTL-Bausteine f. ST-Digital
Heim Special Line 02 Missing
  • CMOS-Bausteine f. ST-Digital
Heim Special Line 03
Heim Special Line 04
  • Emula 6.1B
    Monochrome emulator. Emulate the 640 x 400 pixels of the monochrome monitor on the color monitor.
Heim Special Line 05 Missing
Heim Special Line 06
  • Lottokat 4.0
    Lottery program. It is able to manage all previous drawings of the Saturday and Wednesday Lotto. The various statistics are presented very well as diagrams. Furthermore, weighing up between the presumed chance of winning and the stake.
Heim Special Line 08
  • Sport
Heim Special Line 09
  • BuTa ST
    Bundesliga table statistics for all football fans who want to record the results and goal scorers of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and have them displayed in different tables and diagrams. Leagues with up to 24 teams are possible. The possibilities of the program are quite varied and range from the perpetual table to a Toto tip, so that it is also particularly suitable for all Toto players.
Heim Special Line 10
Heim Special Line 11
  • Convert
Heim Special Line 12 Missing
Heim Special Line 13 Missing
  • ST Utilities
Heim Special Line 14 Missing
  • ST Code
Heim Special Line 15
  • ST Look
Heim Special Line 16
  • ST Element
Heim Special Line 17
  • Biorhythmus ST
    DiSc-Biorhythm calculates the biorhythm of every person born after 1850 and before 2100. After entering the date of birth, the age of the day and the biorhythm of the person is calculated, taking into account normal and centennial leap years. The biorhythm can be displayed for one or three months at a time.
Heim Special Line 18
Heim Special Line 19 Missing
Heim Special Line 20 Missing
  • ST Boot
Heim Special Line 21
  • Cauchy 2.0
    CAUCHY is a program for numerical mathematics. It runs on an ATARI ST (min.520 kB). The program is started by double clicking on the icon of CAUCHY.PRG . The program consists of five modules which can be selected from the main menu by clicking on the icon of the desired module. The 5 modules are: Analysis, matrix calculus, fractional calculus, complex number calculation and algebra.
Heim Special Line 22
  • Fractals III
    Fractal program. Calculates enlargements of the Mandelbrot set and the Julia set on screen and on the printer. Fully exploits the capabilities of the ST and has very extensive image processing capabilities. All time-critical program parts are written in machine language, which guarantees high speed. Special options: Display of a finished image in several gray scales on the screen, scrolling through an oversized image, or as a printout on a 9 or 24-pin printer. Three-dimensional display of the calculated depth values as 'lake' or 'mountain' with any setting of the tilt or rotation angle.
Heim Special Line 23
  • ST-Typearea
Heim Special Line 24
Heim Special Line 25
Heim Special Line 26
  • ELT Designer
    ELT DESIGNER is an effect title creator that is very well thought-out, practical and easy to use and has an amazing efficiency.
Heim Special Line 27 Missing
  • Film ST
Heim Special Line 28
Heim Special Line 29
  • Disk-Streamer
Heim Special Line 30
  • Quantum ST
    Quantum ST allows you to quantitatively evaluate scanned images: areas and distances can be measured. Quantum ST accepts images scanned at resolutions from 10 dpi to 9999 dpi. The usual 180, 200, 300 and 400 dpi are therefore included.
Heim Special Line 31
  • ST-Newton
Heim Special Line 32
  • Air-Rifle
    AIR-RIFLE should simulate shooting with an air rifle. Neither humans nor animals are shot, but targets with 10 rings each, the innermost "ring" representing the 10.
Heim Special Line 33
  • MIDI-Paket 1
Heim Special Line 34
  • Mezzoforte
    Mezzoforte is a sequencer program that allows professional recordings without any problems. Measured by the range of functions it is in no way inferior to products in the 100-300 DM class, but offers features that are rarely found there.
Heim Special Line 35
  • KFZ-ST
    Extensive administration and analysis of all car costs. Maintenance intervals, operating and lubrication materials, repairs, insurance and taxes are processed. Not year 2000 compliant.
Heim Special Line 36 Missing
Heim Special Line 37 Missing
  • Ashita
Heim Special Line 38
  • UniShell
Heim Special Line 39
  • UNI-FORMAT 2.6
    With UNI-FORMAT, almost any disk format can be created at any time, regardless of whether it is 3.5" or 5.25" standard or HD disks. UNI-FORMAT generates almost any desired format in combination with the appropriate hardware (HD drives require additional minor adjustments in the computer).
Heim Special Line 40
  • HC216 Pro
    Printer tool for various 9- and 24-pin dot matrix printers
Heim Special Line 41
  • 1st Science plus
Heim Special Line 42
  • Knete 1.02
    KNETE is THE program for effective organization of your private finances! All occurring transactions can be comfortably recorded, sorted by accounts and product groups. For the evaluation of the data several clear and meaningful functions are available, which can be created over freely adjustable periods. The output can be done both on the screen and on the printer. KNETE is neatly integrated into GEM.
Heim Special Line 43 Missing
  • Grundur
Heim Special Line 44
  • Trainer
Heim Special Line 45
Heim Special Line 46
  • Gemplus für Pascal
Heim Special Line 47
  • ST Feld 1.6
    The program is designed to simulate electric fields on the screen in an easy and unproblematic way. Maybe some of you know the field test with the iron filings from your physics lessons. You can see the program as an alternative to this experiment. ST-FELD allows the display of equipotential lines and field lines. Up to 20 charges can be displayed and edited on the screen.
Heim Special Line 48 Missing
Heim Special Line 49
  • Resource Converter
Heim Special Line 50
  • Gemplus für C
Heim Special Line 51
  • Backup

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