Atari Journal - Public Domain

The J or Journal series is another public domain series published by an Atari magazine. Atari PD Journal or later Atari Journal was somewhat unique though because the magazine had a heavy emphasis on public domain. Each issue featured „the catalogue“, where public domain programs were reviewed on one or more pages. New additions to the big public domain series were featured in the magazine as well. The emphasis on public domain was toned down in later years. Atari Journal ceased publication with issue 01/93.

J 001
  • Printing Press - Pictureconverter
    With this converter you can convert PrintMaster libraries to Printing Press .CPG clips.
  • The Printing Press 3.16
    Print program. Features: Full keyboard control, loading and saving of many image formats, e.g. IFF, IMG etc., extended drawing functions, loading of external modules. Many graphics and character sets are included with the software.
J 002
  • Changer 1.2a
    Virus protection
  • Sagrotan 4.14
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
  • Virendetector 2.8a
    Detects numerous boot and link viruses, immunises floppy disks and thus prevents new infections. The program checks complete floppy disks and/or hard disks and forms checksums. With detailed introduction to virus science.
J 003
J 004
  • STrans 1.2
    Electronic dictionary with integrated vocabulary trainer.
J 005
  • Suchsets 1.1
    Utility that allows the Signum! user to determine which character sets have been used in the documents. The annoying error message "Character set not found" can be avoided in an elegant way. Those who work with hard disk will also benefit from search sets. The program shows when a file has actually been created, even if the date in the directory has been falsified when copying with an old TOS version.
  • SM-Shell
    A new desktop for hard drive owners. Up to 45 programs can be accessed at lightning speed via pull-down menus, 10 more via the F-keys.
  • Datecopy 1.41
    Copy program for files, time and date of the copy remain the same.
  • Datebook 2.22
    Reminds you of important dates or birthdays. For this purpose, it looks in a simple text file at system startup. Freely designable. Appointment on a certain day or even in the month in question.
  • Autocopy 2.11
    Copies any files from a drive to the RAM disk (e.g. MAXI-/FLEXIDISK). At system startup, you can choose between ten prepared copy lists and thus achieve the appropriate configuration for each application.
J 006
  • 1st Show
    1ST_SHOW.PRG shows images in sequential order, which are in the formats DEGAS with 32034 bytes or DOODLE, STAD, MONOSTAR etc. with 32000 bytes.
  • Datadisk 5.05
    Datadisk 5.05: Disk management in perfection. If you own many floppy disks, you have to list, comment, mark, update and occasionally reassemble the data inventory. Datadisk handles these tasks quite convincingly. In conjunction with the DD-Copy copying program, optimum use of the existing data media is achieved, which ultimately also results in cost savings.
  • Formular 2.40
    Print letters, postcards, bank transfers and forms of all kinds. Exact positioning of all text fields by millimetre indication. 9- and 24-pin adjustment, calculating, saving
  • Show File
    SHOWFILE.PRG works similar to 1st Show, but shows files that were saved as screen shots with GFA_BASIC using the 'Get' command. This format is also used by MONOSTAR with its 'Objects' and other paint programs as 'Block'. If an extender is specified, only the corresponding files are displayed, otherwise all of them.
  • Survey
    Shows all files of a floppy disk or partition and their info
J 007
  • VKiller 1.0
    George Woodhouse's icon driven virus killer. Includes a full user manual on disk.
  • VDOS
    VDOS is a Virtual to Disk Operating System Shell with a graphical interface. Up to 53 Autoexecute Programs may be defined in the VDOS.INF file (Library), for later execution with a single mouse click or key combo press. The beauty of this feature is that no matter what the nesting of your program is, it only takes a single mouse click once the appropriate pop-up menu is easily displayed.
    Each program has its own little picture.
    Quickly find, mark, copy or delete files on disk and hard drive.
  • Eternal
    Reset-proof RAM disk with source in Assembler.
  • Custom Utility
    The Custom Utility is a file inspection / editing utility. It performs in a similar way to a sector editor. It was written to enable ANY file to be edited ( specifically so I could translate Foreign Public Domain programs into English versions ). It works well for the task it was designed for, and also doubles as a simple file inspection utility. When inspecting a file all the editing facilities still work but no output file is produced.
  • DL II
    DL II is a checkdisk/unerase/diskedit program
J 008
  • SozobonC
    C compiler system, consists of compiler, linker, assembler, optimizer and various tools. With a variety of libraries, e.g. from the following areas: File management, float, memory management, BIOS, XBIOS and GEMDOS. Also all VDI and AES commands for GEM programming.
J 009
  • Silent Diashow
    Images in color or black and white resolution (Neochrome or Degas) are loaded into the memory and displayed from there, the display duration is adjustable. Images from libraries can be selected from freely definable lists.
J 010
J 011
  • Special Paint
    Top-class painting program, many features: independent recognition of many graphic formats, fully automatic conversion of color graphics to b/w graphics, GEM image files can be edited up to screen size (e.g. Word plus, Time Works), etc.
J 012
  • Noname - The Game
    Juggle a soap bubble with the joystick through 27 levels, but be careful: if it touches other objects, it will burst.
  • Playomat
    Therapy help for slot machine addicts.
  • Reaction
    The mouse click is practiced here.
J 013
J 014
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
  • SIGtoGEM
    Convert Signum fonts to GEM fonts.
J 015
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
J 016
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
J 017
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
J 018
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
J 019
  • Signum-Zeichensätze für 24 Nadeldrucker
    All floppy disks contain the program SigToGem, with which Signum fonts can be converted into GEM fonts. This way, these fonts can be transferred to e.g. That's Write or other programs.
J 020
  • ChampWord
    Word processing program. Printout also in graphic mode, loading of 1st Wordplus files, loading and saving of ASCII texts, bookmarks, block operations (also with text columns), small calculator with result transfer, function keys can be assigned with phrases and special characters, spelling correction when writing or later, built-in link virus protection
J 021
  • Curfit 3.0
    Measurement and function plotter. This makes it easier if you often have to adapt theoretical formulas to real measured values. Extensive routines allow easy input and storage of the measured values, mathematical data transformations according to the usual procedures (log, ln, exp, 1/x and basic arithmetic operations), graphical display of the measured values and the function adapted to the values by input of different parameters.
  • Malen
    Paint program with some special features. Raster function, freely definable fill patterns, different link modes. Saving the image as GfA Basic program. Now you can draw the title images of your GfA-Basic programs very comfortably and save them in a compact way
J 022
  • Buchhaltungsprogramm
    Accounting program with freely definable chart of accounts. Automatic creation of an advance VAT return, annual accounts, balance sheet, profit and loss account. Comprehensible documentation.
  • Journal-As
    Small and efficient bookkeeping for self-employed and part-time businesses. Linear depreciation, P&L, graphic success statistics and various tools make working with Journal-As pleasant.
J 023
    Financial accounting program in ST Base III (with Run Only version)
J 024
J 025
  • Mischpro
  • Laborant ST Plus 1.14
    Laborant ST/TT Plus version 1.24 by Jens Schulz - the "Universal Chemistry Package". A high quality chemistry program.
J 026
    Fast program for entering simple texts with direct formatting on the screen. Wrap mode, justified, line spacing, four fonts (including Greek, math and graphic). Printing on 18-pin NEC P2/P3 printers, 24-pin P5/P6/ P7/P2neu printers and Apple LaserWriter (Post-Script)
  • Fakturierung
    Writing of invoices, delivery notes, offers and order confirmations. Working with disk and hard disk with drive selection from the program. Including your own business address in the invoice. Decimal places for number of articles, article price and result can be set separately.
  • Siegfried's Bruchrechnen I
  • Wirtschaftsrechnen
    Mathematical routines for office staff, convenient calculator replacement. Supports basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, conversion of time units, counting masses, English and general length measurements, weight units and body measurements. The following calculation functions are available for bookkeeping: Equity capital, assets, borrowed capital, cost price, cost of goods, profit on goods, calculation of the payment load, linear depreciation, return on sales, profitability, efficiency, productivity, cost of goods ratio and profitability. Finally, to calculate a proposal, you can calculate the weight charges per kilogram, the warehouse interest flow, the purchase multiplier, the administrative overhead surcharge, and much more.
J 027
  • Adel
    Adel: Historical simulation in which 1-9 players fight for the imperial crown. In addition to economic and military factors, this captivating game also requires skillful negotiation with opponents.
  • Evolution
    Life variant, where you can define the conditions for the death or reproduction of a cell. The cells can be distributed by mouse
  • Irrgarten (hbo)
    Find your way through a three-dimensional maze
  • Shogun
    Computer version of the well-known board game. The opponent has to be beaten with pieces that constantly change their step size.
  • X für O
    Strategy game against the computer, which learns from its mistakes and thus becomes better and better. On a square board with nine squares, you and the computer alternately place one of the three numbered pieces. The first player to position the three pieces in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line wins. However, the pieces must be placed in a certain order.
J 028
  • AIDS-Info
    A kind of quiz about Aids, statistical analysis possible.
J 029
  • Cognitum
    Simple link virus detector.
  • Hex-Lister
    Lists a file as hex dump to the printer.
  • Zeilen-Nummerierer
    Inserts line numbers in any text. Ideal for programmers who want to print a listing with line numbers.
  • Sweep 2.0
    Sweep searches and deletes unwanted files from floppy disk or hard disk: the program is very useful for maintaining your data files. Sweep is controlled via a dialog box whose elements are largely self-explanatory.
  • Cryptor
    Encrypt files.
  • MEGA-Matic
    Configurable auto-folder program. Resettable RAM disk, printer spooler, disk verify on/off, screen saver, memory test, DESKTOP.INF depending on screen resolution, cold and warm start.
  • Profi-Print
    Prints ASCII files on Epson-compatible printers in a clean format.
  • FORMAT-Accessory
    Accessory for formatting from almost any program. Adjustable tracks and sectors.
  • Epson NL
    Switches Hardcopy print output to 960 characters; it is no longer printed over the border.
  • Dupletten-Finder
    Finds duplicate files on your hard disk, considers either only file names or file names and file length.
  • Drucker
    Setup of Seikosha SP 1000A and compatibles. Special characters, font, sheet length etc.
  • Datei Verschlüsseler/Entschlüsseler
    Encrypts and decrypts files that are to be protected from unauthorized access.
J 030
  • Golem
  • Strukto 1.5
    Structogram generator. The structure diagrams generated from GFA-BASIC programs can be saved as IMG graphics and thus be printed in full size using a graphics or DTP program. The font size can be adjusted. Use of own GEM fonts
J 031
  • Apple Mountains
    Creates graphics similar to the Mandelbrot set, which look like mountains and landscapes. The finished images can be saved.
  • Memory (Werner)
    For two players, four levels and digisound
  • Standard-CAT 4.0
    STDCAT version 5.2b by Bob Silliker is a specialized database that can be used to catalogue diskettes and hard disk partitions. It is a GEM application using 4 windows to display various parts of a catalogue. Each section, disk, path and file can, optionally, have a comment associated with it.
J 032
  • Geomet
  • PlatiCAD 1.0
    Board layout program. Supports the layout of a board like an object-oriented drawing program, no auto-router. Board layouts up to two layers, part overprints of the boards, solder mask templates, drill hole plans, layout plans and part lists can be created. 10 trace thicknesses, eight solder pad sizes and 10 safety distances to adjacent copper areas are freely selectable. Traces can be entered on 1/40 inch grid, parts and pads on 1/20 inch grid.
J 033
  • Knack den Tresor 1.5
    The aim is to purchase 40 old paintings at auctions and show them at important exhibitions. Of course this is connected with complications, because quick decisions, travelling to the right place and also the economic activity at the market and at the stock exchange have to be learned.
J 034
  • Airline Manager 1.03
    Places 1-4 players in the top echelons of internationally operating airlines. They hire pilots and flight attendants, purchase aircraft of various sizes and serve the attractive routes in Europe and overseas. Sabotage, stock exchange speculation, accounting irregularities and scandals also create excitement.
  • Kalender 1.33
    Calculate with the date. holidays, annual calendar on your printer, half-yearly calendar on screen, monthly overview, weekday to date, date minus number of days, date plus number of days, calculation of days between dates, conversion of calendar date to Julian date and vice versa.
J 035
  • Bestellprogramm 2.01
    Complete private or business orders quickly and easily. Most important, always the same key data are saved once and then automatically added to the order. Orders can be saved and, if necessary, modified later or checked upon receipt of the goods.
  • Cassette 3.9
    Printing of inlay covers for music tapes. After entering the artists etc. a cassette label is printed in the correct dimensions, saving of labels is possible. Adaptation to different printers.
  • Download 2.5
    Program that allows the creation of download fonts for NEC P6 compatible printers. Design your own fonts using the full printer resolution and all modes (including proportional font). Send the font to the printer using a special program or a small accessory
J 036
  • RB Life
    Very fast life version in Assembler
  • Tree Search 1.0
    Accessory to search a file tree for specific files on floppy, hard disk or RAM disk. The user enters any start node and the files to be searched (wildcards are allowed) in a file selector box
  • Telephone Manager 1.0
    With this tool you can set up a phone book in which not only the number but also the tariff zone of the conversation partner is entered. If you want to make a phone call, you call the accessory and with a few mouse clicks you can call a stored phone number. Once the connection is established, the call charge counter switches on and displays the duration and costs of the call during the call.
  • StartUp 3.4
    Startup allows to select the relevant AUTO and ACC programs on the floppy disk during booting.
  • Schieber (Acc) - broken
    Accessory for a little game in between
  • Register As
    Automatically creates an alphabetical index of any ASCII document. Sub-branches (EU-SOFT: 'fast shipping' also appears under 'shipping, faster') are taken into account.
  • Transfer 1.0
    TRANSFER is a program package that allows you to connect two Atari ST computers with all connected mass storage devices via MIDI interface.
  • RAM-Frei 3.5
    RAM-Frei displays the available, occupied and free RAM memory and the largest contiguous free memory block of your computer in bytes and in percent separated into ST-RAM and TT-RAM and as a total sum.
  • Partition Key
  • NOTIZ-Accessory 2.9
    Notebook as an accessory
  • MiniList 3.6
    Load any text file from disk and display it on the screen (1-column or 2-column in narrow font) Scroll, jump to any page, search text. Print with four different font sizes. Single-sheet and continuous paper processing (automatic perforation jump). Editable file for printer control codes. Freely definable character conversion. Page numbering. Info box informs about the number of required pages before printing starts.
  • DSpeed
    Measurement of the effective speed of a mass storage device. A test algorithm determines the average loading speed of disk drives, hard disks or RAM disks.
  • Budget
    Determines the monthly charge by regularly occurring deductions from your account. Recurring payments are recorded according to amount and payment date and deducted from the available monthly income. Lists or graphics display the calculated figures.
  • Autex
    Runs programs in the AUTO folder in the correct order without re-sorting. Also selection at system startup.
  • Bero's CLI
J 037
  • Chicago
    Sociable pub game. Each of the two players (player and computer) takes 1-3 matches in their hands and then guesses how many both have in their hands together. The winner loses one match. The first player to have none is the winner of the round and gets a drink. Overall winner is the first player with 15 drinks.
  • Die Ratte im Labyrinth
    Learning program or game. You can design a labyrinth and then ask a fellow player or the program to find the way from start to finish
  • Garfield ST
  • Thonatos
    TRON variant for 2 players
J 038
J 039
  • Für Schule
    Program package for physics and mathematics with graphical display of the results.
  • Sprite Editor 1.11
    Sprite editor to easily edit block graphics for GfA-Basic
  • T_I_P_P
    Paint program with source in Omikron.
J 040
  • ARC 6.02
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
  • ARC Shell 2.1
    Shell for ARC. Supports the archiving of whole file trees with ARC 6.02. Furthermore, LHarc can now be completely controlled by the ARC shell.
  • DC Stuffer 0.9
    DC STuffer allows you to load in more than six desk accessories (DAs) into GEM. DC STuffer acts just like the desktop, you can open up any desk accessory, and if it does not take complete control of the desktop (or the program you are running) you can go to DC STuffer again to open another desk accessory. This version has a limit of 32 DAs.
  • HD-File 1.0
    The file manager is intended for the organization of a hard disk or other large storage medium. It reads the directory with all folder contents (even if the folders are nested) and outputs a file that can be imported directly into ADIMENS ST V 2.1. Within ADIMENS, the user then has all possibilities for sorting and searching.
  • LHarc
  • LHARC-Shell 1.0
    Graphical shell for LHarc.
  • PinHead 1.3
    PinHead will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to boot your computer (and load files).
J 041
  • TastTool 1.5
    Driver for a PC keyboard connected to the ST's MIDI port. But also with the normal ST keyboard advantages: Freely installable keyboard tables, display of time, integrated alarm clock, 50/60 Hz switching, automatic or manual screen saver, key macro, enter special characters via ASCII code, warm and cold start via keyboard, invert screen, turn keyboard click on and off. Reset-proof, low memory requirements.
  • Tempi 1.0
  • TETRA - TExt TRAiner
  • Scheme
    Experimental programming language. Especially suitable for symbolic tasks. With editor and source in GFA-Basic
  • ASCII-Zeichentabelle
    Accessory, to select a character from an ASCII table and copy it to the current text as a keystroke.
  • Hot Shot
    Funny accessory.
J 042
  • CoBörse 2.0
    Stock exchange game with the aim of making as much profit as possible on the stock market. Also playable with several participants
  • Imperium 1.0
    Versatile strategy game for 1-8 conquerors. Each player has combat units available, which differ in combat strength and purpose. If you succeed in using land, air and naval forces correctly, you will take more and more cities and win production bases.
  • Kniffel (Stolzer)
    Popular dice game
  • Quiz (Stolzer)
    Guessing game.
J 043
  • Transmitter GmbH 1.01
    Takes you to the year 2589, when humans have already settled large parts of the galaxy. Different forms of government and economy coexist here: A merchant guild controls the exchange of goods between the individual planets and is responsible for the expansion of a transmitter network, with which large distances can be covered even faster. Your task: With a cargo ship and some cash, you set out on a quest for fortune and adventure. Digital sound effects, action sequences, very good graphics and realistic simulation sequences! Disk P 2172 is also required
J 044
  • CAD 3D Objekte
    Twenty detailed objects from the Star Trek (Starship Enterprise) and Star Wars (Star Wars) series. You need the program CAD 3D.
J 045
  • Butterfly Artist 1.0
    Paint program with working screen limited only by the available memory. Use of GEM fonts. Complete pattern palette can be stored. Any number of times an object can be placed, for example to draw patterns of circles or rectangles.
J 046
  • Miki Mouse Monitor
    Machine language monitor. Trace function, definable function key assignment.
  • Profiler 2.1
    Profiling system for Pascal source codes. Examines runtime behavior of Pascal programs. Tools for program analysis and optimization.
  • NeoInfo
    Allows NeoDesk owners to install different desktops from different disk partitions at startup.
  • Blueprint 1.2
    Suppresses the output of certain text parts to the printer. You can now e.g. add comments to a text or letter, which should not be printed.
  • Hide 1.0
    Change the attributes of a file, including the hidden attribute. This allows you to organize your disk and hard drive by hiding files that you do not need immediately.
  • Goodies
    Accessory with many features. Setting the system time, printing the directory, creating backup copies file by file, copying files. Recovery of deleted files.
  • ACX
    Program for the AUTO folder to select the accessories. Runs in all three resolutions.
J 047
  • Alfreds Kistenlager Schieberei
    This mono-only program will provide you with hours of challenging puzzles. The rules are simple: With the arrow keys, you control a worker who must shove barrels around a warehouse and place them in the proper locations. You may not spend time leaning against walls. The barrels must be pushed (that is, you must position the worker "behind" them) rather than pulled.
  • Bruch Pro 3.0
  • Psion Editor
  • Schachdato
    Database for chess games. Management and output of chess games
J 048
  • Hüpfer 2.0
    Calculates pretty graphics using a special mathematical method. The stored images can be read in and processed with STAD.
  • ST Handel
  • Apple Mountains (Friedhoff)
    Two programs that calculate mathematical patterns. Apple Mountains generates fractal landscapes of selectable size and shape, while GFA Eggs generates elliptical patterns.
  • Himem
    Memory variant for up to six players, which really requires a good memory, because the overview of 28 x 11 fields is not easy. Visually beautifully designed.
  • Explode 2.0
    Game with two players. The players occupy different fields with their game pieces. If a "normal" field has more than three pieces, it explodes and the pieces surrounding the field change hands.
  • GFA Eier
    Two programs that calculate mathematical patterns. Apple Mountains generates fractal landscapes of selectable size and shape, while GFA Eggs generates elliptical patterns.
J 049
  • Masse
    The program shows the paths of accelerated particles in a schematic mass spectrometer. The input of the parameters particle number, mass of each particle, deflection voltage, magnetic field strength is the same as in the two previous programs. The force lines of the magnetic field penetrate the drawing plane perpendicularly, thus appearing as a point grid.
  • Wien
    'Wien' demonstrates the spectral energy distribution of a black radiator in dependence of its temperature according to Wien's displacement theorem.
  • TUNCD 1.1
    This program in pull-down-menu-technique serves for precise tuning of all string instruments like lyre, harp, guitar, violin.
  • Musikwecker 1.22
    Wakes you up with one of many little melodies. With automatic wake-up repetition.
  • LineAlarm
    Reports the fact that the system has been rebooted after a power failure.
  • Drehstrom
    'Drehstrom' shows the characteristics and phase relations of three chained alternating voltages (in a three-phase motor).
  • Diskkatalog 6.0
    Program and disk management. Automatic reading of all or only preselected file types. Options for sorting and printing according to various criteria
  • Disc-Single-Longplay 2.50
    Managing CDs, LPs and singles, list printing
  • Braun
    The program shows the orbits of electron beams in a BRAUN tube as a function of the deflection voltage, which can take values from -200 to +200 volts. The acceleration voltage is fixed. The manual helps to avoid errors to a large extent.
J 050
J 051
  • Bilanzen 3.3
  • Cuttex
    Convert a text file into a multi-column text that can also be printed. Good user interface with easy to understand symbols. Column number and width as well as column spacing and many other parameters are freely selectable. Block and flatter typesetting.
  • Disky
    Disk and program management with search option for files and folders. Label output with Epson-compatible printers.
  • Uni Dat
    File management with definable mask
  • Varioformat

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