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Special disks are a series of commercial programs which were distributed by Maxon Computer GmbH at a price of less than 100 Deutschmarks. Unlike the Special-Line-Disks of the Heim Verlag, the special disks were never published on CD. Whoever owns such a disk should archive it immediately. A database with descriptions and screenshots of the programs was published with the public domain database of Maxon.

Sonderdisk 001
Sonderdisk 008
  • Ariadne 3
    Ariadne is an object-oriented drawing program, i.e. graphic objects can be changed at will even afterwards. It also offers the possibility to open any graphic object (with a double click), whereupon a new drawing layer is provided. The objects on this layer can then be opened again, and so on. This hierarchical structure is particularly suitable for the hierarchical representation of complicated things, e.g. block diagrams, circuits, process and program sequences, terms and knowledge. Of course Ariadne can also be used as a drawing program only and offers completely different possibilities than a pixel oriented painting program due to its object orientation.
Sonderdisk 009
  • Legende 2
    Legend is a game in which the primary objective is to successfully manage a kingdom without forgetting that you have certain obligations to the inhabitants. Inevitable are the military actions against other kingdoms, but you shouldn't forget the economic aspect either, because only with this you can defeat your fellow players. At the end of the day, there must be a single kingdom left.
Sonderdisk 010
  • Quinemac
    Switch function optimizer. Indispensable tool for the development of electronic circuits, you specify the input states or logic operators and Quinemac generates and optimizes the corresponding logic circuits, generates schematics (also IMG for export) and Karnaught table.
Sonderdisk 011
  • Patience
Sonderdisk 015
Sonderdisk 018
  • Panda
    Not everyone has two monitors. In our country, color monitors are rare and not everyone wants to have a second one next to their b/w monitor. But nevertheless many would like to run a color game or test during programming if their program would run on color. PANDA offers an ideal solution. PANDA emulates the color mode on a b/w monitor. Once started, your ST wakes up in low or medium resolution: Emulation of medium and low resolution, grayscale conversion, four-frame mode, saving the image in 32K and DEGAS format, variable setting of the refresh rate, display of the original image. Despite the enormous computing work that PANDA has to do in the background, it reaches speeds of up to 90% depending on the image frequency.
Sonderdisk 020
  • Der Motor
    Winning program of the golden disk in 1989. It explains the functioning of a combustion engine with numerous graphics. Very descriptive are the moving graphics, which show e.g. the movement of a piston and the ignition timing. The program contains well-founded knowledge, which is made accessible to the user in coordination with the respective graphics. The knowledge shown is additionally tested in a quiz - the learning success is almost guaranteed.
Sonderdisk 021
  • Special Paint
    Top-class painting program, many features: independent recognition of many graphic formats, fully automatic conversion of color graphics to b/w graphics, GEM image files can be edited up to screen size (e.g. Word plus, Time Works), etc.
Sonderdisk 022
  • Opaque
    How about a functional and original desktop? Opaque offers the possibility to assign an icon to each program. Gone are the days when there were only 3 icons. Each program now presents itself through a meaningful icon. Even the drives can be changed. Furthermore you can define the icons with wildcards, e.g. *.BAS, *TXT, *.ACC or even WORD????.PRG for different program versions. The program contains over a hundred new icons, own icons are easy to create with the included editor and can be assigned to any program or file. Only useful with TOS 1.0, 1.02 and 1.04
Sonderdisk 024
Sonderdisk 025
  • ICSIM 3
    The program simulates the behavior of logic electronic circuits. Blocks and connections are dragged by mouse. Thus a circuit can easily be tested before putting it into practice. ICSIM contains all common devices (e.g. 74xx), a circuit can contain up to 32 inputs and 250 devices. NEW:
    • workspace larger than screen
    • Now with IC generator with max. 8 inputs per device - definition of own devices using logic tables
    • Summarization of a circuit to a device
    • Output of logic tables
    • 9 and 24-needle drivers
Sonderdisk 027
Sonderdisk 028
  • Master Etikett 3
    Prints labels of all kinds. VHS video, Video 2000, floppy disk, cassette, package and folder labels; never again incorrectly labeled stickers. All data is easily entered and can be saved for later use. For floppy disk stickers, the directory is automatically read in on request. Each label can be given a personal touch with different fonts (also SPEEDO) and graphic clips, and additional functions of a drawing program are available. Data loading/saving, data interface e.g. to databases, optimized 24-pin dot matrix printing, new label shapes. Executable from TOS 1.04.
Sonderdisk 030
  • Würfelpoker
    Dice gamblers are very much in demand here. Dice poker can be played with several people (including your computer). The point is to distribute your dice as cleverly as possible and to throw the dice in a targeted manner. In addition to many pairs, you have to achieve streets or other combinations.
Sonderdisk 031
  • EasyStat
    EASYSTAT is used to calculate and illustrate statistical procedures. In addition to descriptive statistics, inductive statistics are also taken into account. It is suitable for all users of statistics (scientists, technicians, students). A built-in simple command language enables users to write test procedures themselves. It includes a specially designed editor and an on-line help system. Excellent graphic output.
Sonderdisk 032
Sonderdisk 033
  • Ultradisk
    Ultradisk is an ultra-fast, resizable, reset-proof and reset-resident RAM disk for all TOS versions. The size and the drive identification can be freely determined, and all this without loss of content and without rebooting the computer. Also included is an ultra-fast printer spooler, which ensures that you can continue working while the computer is still sending data to the printer. Also included are a mouse speeder, a time display and a screen saver.
Sonderdisk 035
  • FastSectorBackup
    Hard disk backup. Security through data backup. FastSectorBackup backs up entire partitions as well as specific files, which can be conveniently selected (wildcards, date, archive bit or simply by mouse click). Batch files are available for automation. Backed up files can be restored as desired (also individually). Thus, the program is not only used for backing up the current hard disk, but also for archiving programs.
Sonderdisk 037
Sonderdisk 038
  • ST-Himmel
    With this program the view of the starry sky can be calculated for different places and times. It shows all stars (~3000) visible to the naked eye (in good weather) with their names, magnitudes and distances. Furthermore it offers: planets, sun and moon phase, star clusters and nebulae, the constellations, the zodiac and the proper names of 190 stars (e.g. Big Bear instead of Ursa Maior). A zoom option allows a detailed view of the universe.
Sonderdisk 039
  • Länder der Welt
    Geography learning program with easy to understand user interface. Länder der Welt conveys the position of the individual countries on the world map. Where is Togo, for example? Länder der Welt helps and ensures with its training and checking functions that the user does not have to ask this question a second time.
Sonderdisk 040
  • Datist 2.5
    Graphics say more than 1000 numbers, so you should rely on DatiST when evaluating data. DatiST displays your data as cake, row, bar, column and line graphics in several variations, either in 2D or 3D. DATIST also has drawing program functions so that graphics can be labeled or manipulated in many ways. Variable printer adjustment (e.g. Epson 9N/24N, NEC 24N, IBM PPR 24N, IBM AGM 24N, HP Laser, Atari-Laser!...) On Falcon (and only there) an alternative fileselector is needed (e.g. Selectric or the one from Harlekin)
Sonderdisk 041
Sonderdisk 042
  • 1stTrenn
    A fast, automatic and precise hyphenation for 1stWord Plus. 1stTrenn replaces the built-in hyphenation aid completely, i.e. is activated automatically instead of the built-in manual hyphenation (F10). Works in the background (accessory), fast and reliable hyphenation, runs with the German language 1stWord Plus versions 1.89, 2.02, 3.15 and 3.20.
Sonderdisk 043
  • Koala
    KOALA, the monochrome emulator, makes it possible to run software written for monochrome monitors (e.g. SIGNUM!) on a color screen. KOALA has the following features:+ Free adjustment of the refresh rate. So you can choose between high frame rate or high computing power.+ Image build-up during disk access can be switched off+ Screen hardcopy on disk (color and b/w image). KOALA is compact, fast and suitable for all ST- TOS versions (1.0-1.6).
Sonderdisk 044
  • GEM-CALCplus 3.6
Sonderdisk 045
  • Yincheng
    This game is based on the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong solitaire. The object of the game is to clear the board, which is filled with 144 tiles. Only two matching tiles positioned according to certain rules may be removed at any one time. YINCHENG contains a two- and a three-dimensional game variant, which differ in the rules, but hardly differ in the quality of play. YINCHENG is an ideal game for cold winter evenings, which will surely captivate everyone to the computer.
Sonderdisk 046
  • Take 1
    The rules of Take_1 are simple - move all the diamonds to the spaces provided. Unfortunately there are a few problems... The bird you move with the cursor keys can only move one diamond at a time and besides, it can only move them, not pull them - this means that diamonds on the wall or in a corner can't be moved anymore. With the integrated level editor, you can create your own screens, which, depending on the level of difficulty and the number of built-in nastiness, will make even the most cunning professionals shudder. But the game is also suitable for the younger generation, because logical thinking is not only reserved for adults.
Sonderdisk 047
  • Complex
    Quiz with more than 3500 questions from the areas of history, geography, sports, general education, animal world, art, science and theater, the program can be extended with your own questions, thus offering the possibility to create a specialized quiz (e.g. motor world, law, computer science or even foreign language). 1-6 players
Sonderdisk 048
Sonderdisk 049
  • GoBang
    GOBANG is a classic board game in which stones are placed alternately on the playing field. The objective is to place 5 stones in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). Besides loading and saving a game, Gobang has different levels of skill, from beginner to professional. Also the quick game, where each player has only 30 seconds time to think about the moves, offers a special challenge. If you are in a difficult situation, the computer will gladly help you out with a move suggestion.
Sonderdisk 050
    BBAUM is an extremely powerful tool for the program documentation of C, PASCAL and GFA-BASIC programs. Especially the familiarization with foreign source codes is simplified by graphically displaying the function or procedure dependencies in form of a tree. BBAUM examines:
    • C source texts
    • PASCAL source texts
    • GFA-BASIC source code (2.0, 3.0 and 3.5)
    • DMP files (internal tree structure)
    • directories (structure of your hard disk/disk)
    BBaum manages includes or outsourced program parts and automatically adds them to the appropriate places in the main program. Optionally, the routines defined in the system library (e.g., 'printf' or 'getchar') are also displayed. BBAUM also allows to search for a specific name and jumps to that position in the graphic immediately. This is especially useful when creating a directory tree, as it allows you to quickly find a specific file. BBAUM supports all 8-, 9- and 24-needle printers. Depending on the size of the graphic, several matching pages can be printed. For print time optimization, a direct control of the Centronics interface is also implemented. BBAUM also supports the generation of function prototypes, which facilitates the changeover to the new ANSI-C standard.
Sonderdisk 051
  • Ordne HDB
    After frequent writing and deleting on hard disk, the related parts of a file (cluster) are often widely scattered, which leads to considerable delays. The program completely rearranges the structure so that all clusters of a file are directly adjacent to each other. Further functions: rescue or regenerate deleted files, restructuring of directory entries, FAT analysis, occupy defective sectors, show folder structure, change names (disk/folder) and others. ORDNE HDB supports the drivers AHDI, CHDH, ICD, Eickmann-HDplus and Vortex.

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