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Special disks are a series of commercial programs which were distributed by Maxon Computer GmbH at a price of less than 100 Deutschmarks. Unlike the Special-Line-Disks of the Heim Verlag, the special disks were never published on CD. Whoever owns such a disk should archive it immediately. A database with descriptions and screenshots of the programs was published with the public domain database of Maxon.

Sonderdisk 101
    Scientific calculator as accessory with direct formula input. CALCON works like a modern pocket calculator and offers numerous mathematical functions (e.g. sin, cosh, atan, exp, sqrt, round), as well as logical operations (e.g. AND, XOR, NOT, SHR), conversions (bin, hex, dec, oct), trigonometric arithmetic (RAD, DEG, GRAD) and comparative operands (e.g. <, >= &&, ||). CALCON offers multiple parenthesis levels, which can also contain variables (x, y, M0-M10) and physical constants. The last 8 input lines can be reused at any time. The last results, the memory cells and the physical constants can be inserted into the input cell with a mouse click.For more complex formulas or simple operations, small programs can be written with CALCON. An all-round successful calculator, which is available as an accessory at any time.
Sonderdisk 102
  • Lehrer
Sonderdisk 103
  • Anpfiff
    If you like to know exactly how the positions are in different leagues. ANPFIFF manages in a comfortable way all information about almost every sport, be it football, handball, basketball or other leagues: For every league you can enter results, scorers and spectators. By these entries the program calculates tables, goal scorer lists, spectator lists and many many other statistics. The program can manage up to 16 leagues at the same time.
Sonderdisk 104
  • 1st Aktie
    Chart analysis and portfolio management. High-performance stock program for the ATARI ST: Simple operation, comfortable data input, 1-8 year charts, up to 2000 chart data sets simultaneously in the calculator, freely definable moving averages, oscillator, drawing in the chart, superimposing charts, automatic currency conversions, fundamental data analysis, management of over 1000 depots with any number of transactions each, relative strength index with over 20 indicators in the list evaluation, filter system, fuzzy logic, manual and automatic macro creation, self-definable buy and sell signals, creation of own trading systems.
Sonderdisk 105
  • SKAT
Sonderdisk 107
  • Discovery DTP
    Discovery is a modular, frame-oriented DTP system with a focus on typesetting and layout. The program is 32Bit color-capable, offers its own RIP and virtual memory. Extensive text typesetting options are available, such as vertical wedge, freely definable form sets and free-form columns, as well as eight text attributes. Text frames are freely rotatable. A hyphenation is integrated, it can be supplemented by user-defined exception lexicons. Extensive frame and page editing and auxiliary lines are available for layout. The vector module with vector graphics editor and a module for bitmap images are included, as well as custom fonts and a Speedo font converter. The import/export module includes import drivers for ASCII text, metafiles and IMG files, printer drivers for the Atari laser printer and GDOS. ST, TT, FALCON from 640*400, from 2MB, hard disk required
Sonderdisk 108
  • Magic Picture 2
    You surely know the strange pictures which, after a closer look, result in a three-dimensional picture. Now you can create them yourself - with Magic Picture. You create the motifs with the integrated drawing program, which offers special 3D functions for this purpose. It is also possible to convert already existing pictures (e.g. cliparts) into a spatial image. Also the backgrounds are freely selectable. The program creates monochrome as well as colored images up to Falcon-True Color. Magic Picture offers fantastic effects with which great pictures or even original postcards can be created. Printing on 8/9 and 24-needle, HP Laser compatible and HP PaintJet. Currently no graphics card support.
Sonderdisk 109
  • Discovery Grafik-Extension
Sonderdisk 110
  • WEG
    Ingenious MIDI shooter game according to the motto 'WAY WITH YOU, villain' is the approach of this varied game, which can be enjoyed alone or with computers connected via MIDI. In different landscapes tanks try to drive to a target location. In the computer network, each player sees the landscape from his or her own point of view, sees the enemies driving around in it and tries to get them out of the way. Similar to MIDI Maze, up to 16 computers can be part of the game, and the game was created by the Swiss development crew who also created the MEDUSA computer.
Sonderdisk 111
  • Abacus
    ABACUS is a very flexible and powerful spreadsheet. Due to the consequent integration into GEM, ABACUS runs on all TOS-compatible computers (incl. MultiTOS/MagiC and also MagicMAC) and supports all resolutions from 640 * 400 (monochrome or color, also graphic cards). Predefined constants, very flexible block operations via the clipboard (cut/copy/paste), user definable row/column headers, reloadable printer drivers, recursive calculation, numerous import/export formats (e.g. import of GEMCALC-files and DIF, export as ASCII-file and DIF), cell protection and much more. For graphic output the data can easily be transferred to an external graphic program (e.g. SciGraph).
Sonderdisk 112
  • Pro Minigolf
    A round of minigolf, please. Grab the mouse and away you go. Pro MiniGolf offers 18 holes, some easy, others quite steep. Play alone or with up to three other players, and if you want to design your own holes, there is a course editor with over 200 different floor parts.
Sonderdisk 113
  • Spielesammlung 2
    Sogo: - 4 Wins in 3D,
    InSeries- TicTacToe with extensions
    Square loses - reversal of 'Four wins',
    Babylonian Checkers: - Reversal of the babilon. checkers,
    Old German Checkers - a classic,
    Spanish Checkers - similar to the German Checkers,
    Spanish batting Checkers - ...and the other way around

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